Martyn Iles on 60 Minutes ‘Gay Conversion’ Undercover Exposé

Martyn Iles 60 Minutes
Martyn Iles being interviewed by Sarah Abo on 60 Minutes Australia. (Photo: Channel 9)

60 Minutes Australia undertook a ‘hidden camera’ exposé of churches in Australia that offer counselling for people struggling with same-sex attraction, and who don’t want to be.  The mainstream media refers to this as ‘gay conversion therapy’ and deem it to be harmful.

Heavily featured in this program was Martyn Iles, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, being interviewed about the Christian theology behind this.  He spoke with Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program about the controversial topic.

“Believe it or not of the people who watched it, there were a number of people who are quite upset by it because of the evidence bias and the agenda that was there.  If you go to the Nine Facebook page at the moment, they’re actually getting pilloried by people who are saying, ‘Listen, this kind of bias and anti-Christian stuff has got to stop’.  I was very interested to see that.”

“I was relieved because I was the person who did that interview. The word ‘hostile’ doesn’t even begin to cut it – it was very, very tough.  I was interviewed for over an hour with very repetitive and angry questioning.  I was somewhat apprehensive about how they might edit that.  We of course got our own copy of the [full] interview just in case there was any shenanigans.”

60 Minutes Undercover filming
Pastor being filmed undercover by 60 Minutes. (Photo: Channel 9)

“I was pleasantly surprised that what I said was not manipulated greatly.  Huge sections were omitted of course, to be expected.  But the reason I did it was because I knew there was an agenda at play.  I knew they were going to track down some real fringy type stuff, like those in the ‘Boy Erased’ movie.  The man behind that was featured and interviewed, but that’s not part of any mainstream Christian practice and never was.”

“I thought we’ve got to get in there and just tell the truth about what is going on here. They say conversion therapy, that’s their terms, not ours.  That’s the first significant point.  Conversion and therapy don’t belong together.”

Conversion is an act of God and therapy is something that we do to each other.

“You’re either converted or you’re not, therapy is something completely different.  Conversion is something that is in Christ.  Conversion is very real, where anyone in Christ is a new creation. The old has passed away and the new has come.  Every one of us that is a Christian, that is true.  We have been changed by the spirit of Christ.”

Continue to listen to Martyn and Neil’s weekly catch up below, where they also discuss the New South Wales pro-life rallies over the weekend and the proposed changes to prostitution laws in South Australia.


You can stream the full 60 Minutes episode here.

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