Praying for an Unbelieving Spouse

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Friday, June 25th, 2021
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How many times do you hear of those in church life who turn up on a Sunday and are alone, yet they are married? But they have a spouse who doesn’t attend church and can sometimes even be antagonistic towards the Christian faith. There are things that the Bible teaches about how we are to continue in a relationship, even though it might not be an equal match.

In this 20Twenty discussion, we spent some time talking about how we might pray for a spouse who is an unbeliever. We had a chat with Robin Johnson, the founder of ‘The Million Praying Men’.

Robin agrees that it can sometimes cause great heartache when your spouse is not a believer and sometimes tries to take you off track. It’s a challenge to a lot of people. “It’s a reality of life,” says Robin. “Especially if people come to Christ later in life, and they’re already in a relationship. They’re a married couple, one of the partners becomes a believer and the other one doesn’t.  That brings a new dynamic into the marriage.”

More often than not, it’ll be a wife who will come to church and a resistant husband and stays home. “We try to target the husband as it were,” continues Robin. “When you’re doing outreach and evangelism, generally speaking the wife tends to get saved. Then of course, she goes home and shares it with a husband, who may just accept it or may be really antagonistic.”

In his latest article that was released just a couple of days ago, Robin tells the story of a man who came to faith thanks to the faithful prayers of his wife. “I saw him make a commitment to Christ. He prayed and was counselled. Then he went back to his seat and joined his wife, who had been in that church for quite some time. She’d been a faithful wife praying for her husband, even when it seemed that he was most antagonistic, but he came to Christ.”

Robin goes on to say that he wishes he had answers to some of the mysteries of faith; why there’s one who comes to the Lord sooner than another, but we all have free will. “As much as we want it to happen now, the key is persistence. It’s not only the praying – it’s also the doing. I think that’s an important point that we need to know. We pray – we believe – we have faith, and we hold onto that. But our lifestyle has to match our prayers. You can’t just pray for a man and then show no Christlike qualities.”

Robin says that we must be authentic believers, both in church and at home. “Sometimes people think maybe I should stop praying because I’m getting too frustrated. God won’t answer my prayer because I’m not doing it right. I don’t think God is easily offended. We can’t walk away from Him who loved us and died for us and has given us eternal life. We’re not talking about religion here. We’re not talking about a conflict of some theological debates. We’re talking about the life, the terminal state of human beings.”

“My encouragement is to simply keep praying, and keep your prayers simple. The most powerful thing you can do is pray a blessing in Jesus’ name upon that person and let God do what God does best. Surrender before the cross. Simply bless the person. There is power in blessing, and if you don’t know how to pray just allow Holy Spirit to lead you in your prayer. ”

“Look at the word of God and just pray a blessing. Something good will happen to that person if you just keep praying and keep believing.”

To listen to the rest of Neil’s encouraging chat with Robin about praying for your spouse, click below….

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