Ray Hadley a Fan of Christian Country Music?

Ray Hadley and Dr Joe Romeo
Ray Hadley and Christian songwriter Dr Joe Romeo. (Photo credit: 2gb.com.au and reverbnation.com)

If you have a special gift or talent you don’t have to be held back by your career choice.

There is a great story emerging around the musical talents of an Aussie country doctor.   A GP working in Narrandera in New South Wales who loves to write songs – mostly Gospel country songs.

Song writing has been a serious passion for most of Dr Joe Romeo’s life and he’s found a way to bring his songs to life and share them even though he doesn’t think of himself as having a great singing voice.

He joined Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program to talk about his music and an unlikely Australian celebrity fan.

Dr Joe Romeo first shared with Neil about how he is able to bring his music to life without actually singing the songs he writes.

“There are a number of studios in [Australia] and overseas that will if you send them a rough song and pay them a fee, about $1,000 per song, you get a very good recording of that song with an excellent singer.”

Music studio recording
(Photo credit: Shutterstock.com)

“I can’t tell you how special it is to go from a rough song to a really beautiful version of the song. It really warms your heart the first time you listen to it.”

One interesting fact is that often the singers that record songs in this way actually choose to remain anonymous, especially when it comes to artists already in the industry who don’t want their names associated with singing Christian music.

“With the studio I used in Nashville for this last album, the singers prefer not to be mentioned because some of them have their own careers. And they want to choose the songs they’re identified on, rather than any ‘Tom, Dick or Harry’ like me sending songs to a studio.”

“They’re willing to put their talents onto a song, but if they’ve already got their own career, management and so forth, they don’t necessarily want to be associated with a song that may not progress their career.”

“I learnt this the hard way. There was a little bit of upset when [Little Pearl] got played on the radio and I wanted that person to be interviewed as well, and they weren’t willing – which I respect very much.”

The person who played Dr Romeo’s ‘Little Pearl’ song on the radio was none other than Ray Hadley on 2GB who loved the song because it reminded him of the sentiments he feels as a grandfather.

Joe said he wrote the song after the birth of his first granddaughter. “The term ‘Little Pearl’, which is not her name but can be applied to most grandchildren, particularly female grandchildren. I just tried to put down the feelings that were in my heart when I first met her.”

Ray Hadley discovered the song before it had even been officially released. And after people heard ‘Little Pearl’ on the radio, they started asking who was this mysterious singer behind the beautiful country song.

I’ve never had a song played on national radio. This was totally unexpected from my point of view.

After the sudden popularity of the song, Dr Romeo wanted to release the song onto an album, but was given a firm ‘no’ from the singer’s manager who didn’t want to be associated with the song and asked for it not to be played again.

Listen to the full interview in the podcast below to find out what happened next…

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