What the Chistchurch Gunman’s Manifesto Actually Says

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The memorial set up outside the Christchurch Mosque where the shooting happened. (Shutterstock)

The eyes of the world have been on New Zealand after the dreadful terror attack at a Christchurch Mosque last Friday that left 50 people dead and many more wounded.

People are beginning to ask questions about the character of the alleged killer.  There is a 74-page manifesto that the gunman was distributing before the attack took place.

Dr Augusto Zimmermann, a legal philosopher who is the Head Of Law at Sheridan College in Perth, joined Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program to discuss the contents of the controversial manifesto and the misrepresentation of his political alliances by mainstream media and high level politicians.

Augusto Zimmerman

Dr Augusto Zimmermann

“What I find quite concerning is if they had read the [manifesto], they wouldn’t have qualified the gunman as an extremist right wing terrorist,” Augusto shared after reading the full manifesto.  “That’s not the message he has manifested in this document.”

Typically, when it is a white man attacking Muslims, the first thought we might all have is that he is some sort of extremist right wing political agitator.   However, the contents of the manifesto, which was personally written by the gunman tells a very different story.

“It’s very clear that he sees Muslims as degrading the environment.  He calls himself an ecofascist. He also calls himself a feminist in many ways, because he says what really triggered him is the appalling treatment of women by some Muslims."

What is an ecofascist?

Wikipedia defines ecofascism as: "Ecofascism is a theoretical political model in which a totalitarian government would require individuals to sacrifice their own interests to the 'organic whole of nature' and which would rely on militarism, expansionism, and possibly racism to defend the land. Throughout human history there has never been an ecofascist government."

Zimmerman goes on to dispel the belief that his political values align with the conservative right. “Another thing that he says is that he abhors conservative policies and values.  He says very clearly that he wants no part with conservatives at all. He also says in this manifesto, he deeply admires communist regimes.  In particular expresses his admiration for communist China.”

Listen to the audio below for the full discussion on the manifesto’s contents.

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