What Will Cancel Culture Cancel Next?

Cancel culture slogans

We’ve all become aware of what is now known as the so called Cancel Culture.

Cancel culture refers to the censorship of opinions relating to commentary on social media, in the press such as newspapers and radio and television.

If views being expressed are not deemed ‘politically correct’, a person or an organisation can be ostracised and their contribution to a debate can be shut down.

It’s particularly challenging when you are a Christian and reflecting a biblical view on lots of current issues, especially around sexuality and marriage.

So it’s logical that we might ask….What will be banned next?
Terri Kelleher, the National President of the Australian Family Association, joined Neil Johnson on Vision’s 20Twenty program to discuss how “cancel culture” is affecting our society and impacting on our freedoms.

“We are continuing to put constraints on a civil society. What we really should be searching for tolerance, so we are all free to express our views”, says Terri. “But tolerance is increasingly under threat”.

Terri continues, “The outline of the pattern of laws being introduced is that it’s shutting down freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom to express our views.

We have to go all the way back to the anti-discrimination laws, sexual discrimination laws and now the changes to the marriage act and conversion ban bills that have been passed in several states. They are so restrictive in what they allow and our freedom to choose is being shut down.”

Terri says, “Even a legally consenting adult is prevented from seeking help when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity. The law prevents this, with or without consent. This means that parental rights are also impacted. There is a limit on the rights of a person to explore treatment options, which even applies to things such as prayer.”

Terri believes the impacts will be far reaching, including the closing down of counselling services or any other type of assistance that may be offered. Anyone offering these services can be charged with an offence, even if they are assisting legally consenting adults.

“Health professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists are affected by this. The concern is that members will step back from offering assistance to vulnerable people. Even those who have de-transitioned are now prevented from telling their stories, in case it induces an LGBTQI person not to transition.”

Terri continues, “In Australia good work has been done by an organisation called Free to Change. They provide support and assistance to people who might have otherwise suicided if they couldn’t find the help they needed. “

Terri asks the question, is this is as bad as its going to get? “The next move is to repeal religious exemptions”, she says.

“The government is effectively imposing an ideology on people, and you can’t disagree. It’s very draconian and creates legal offences. The civil response scheme gives powers of investigation and education to the Human Rights Commission. This includes faith based schools, who could be investigated and told what to teach.”

I feel that we are not far off losing our religious protections. Who knows what will be next?

Terri and Neil continue to discuss the effects of cancel culture on our freedoms. To hear the rest of their discussion, press “play” on the audio file below.

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