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We are now being encouraged to practice ‘social distancing’ and avoid gathering in large groups to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  But there is one person you should never practice ‘social distancing’ with – your spouse.

Over the coming weeks and months, you are likely to be spending more time with your spouse than normal.  Perhaps you are both also now working from home together and in each others company 24/7.

In China, where families were forced into lockdown recently, there has been a sad outcome – a spike in divorce filings.  Don’t let this happen to your marriage.

In this two part Focus on the Family podcast (video and audio below), you’ll learn how to properly communicate with your spouse to help you navigate this uncertain time as ‘one flesh’, not two separate adults stuck under the same roof fighting.

Dr. David Clarke explains why men often clam up during deep conversations, and why a woman’s typical strategy to act as a crowbar and pry him open almost always fails.

He will help you work toward healthy communication in your marriage, so this period of lockdown will be a time for strengthening your marriage – not destroying it.

Part 1

Focus on the Family provides relevant, practical support to help families thrive in every stage of life.  Listen to their daily radio show weekdays on Vision. Find your local times here.

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