Are You Your Spouse’s Biggest Competition or Biggest Cheerleader?

Dave and Ashley Willis

It’s been a long time since Dave and Ashley Willis have been on Rise and Shine, and we are so happy to have them back in 2020 for a new series on marriage.

The new year is well under way with summer holidays wrapping up and kids now back in school.  So, what better time than now to set up some healthy habits in your marriage to help you remain focused on each other through the business of life.

Getting back into family routine can be good, but it can also “be really hard” Ashley shares.  “It can be challenging to a marriage because things can automatically get a lot busier.”

“My number one thing for couples,” Ashley continues.  “Especially couples who have children is to make time to talk about your hopes, your dreams – not just the business [of life] talk but also what’s going on in your heart and mind.”

“I think we’ve got to make time for that every day.  I know for some people they have different shifts with work, and the kids are going to all these different places and it can be really hard.  But it takes being intentional.  We are the masters of our schedule, I mean we as adults often have more control than we think we do.”

“So if we want to have a strong marriage we have to be willing to say maybe for this season we’re going to put a pause on this one thing so we can have time together as a family, and also as a couple.  Maybe after you put the kids to bed, whatever time works for you.  Maybe it’s in the morning before the kids wake up. But having a moment to focus on just the two of you.”

Dave & Ashley’s Naked Marriage Podcast on Healthy Marriage Habits

Dave agrees with Ashley adding, “As you’re talking, I think one of the most important things is to talk with encouragement.  To be your spouse’s biggest encourager, to speak with tenderness in your tone.”

“We’ve been around so many couples where they’ve clearly fallen out of that habit, and they’ve become experts in everything the other one does wrong.  So, there’s this constant tone of negativity and criticism.  Pride really sets in because you start thinking that every way your spouse is different from you, they must be wrong.”

“Instead, celebrate each other’s differences, that God made you different and that’s a good thing.  Learn from each other’s perspective and celebrate that you have different opinions and ways of doing things and preferences instead of making everything a contest or opportunity for criticism.”

“It might sound simplistic, but it really just comes down to being nice to each other.”

Continue listening to Dave and Ashley’s tips about forming healthy habits in your marriage in the podcast clip below.

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