Kevin Sorbo Goes ‘Against the Tide’ to Prove Christ’s Existence

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2021
Kevin Sorbo and Dr. John Lennox
Kevin Sorbo and Dr. John Lennox (Photo credit:

Kevin Sorbo joined Robbo and Becci on Rise and Shine to chat about his new documentary, Against the Tide, which aims to prove the existence of God in a world of science.

“It’s a pretty amazing educational look at proving God”, says Kevin. In the making of the documentary, he spent three weeks in Oxford, England with Dr. John Lennox, a retired professor. Some of John’s words were used in the movie “God’s Not Dead”, and Kevin and John decided to make a documentary and talk about the people he’s debated. “John has debated some of the great atheists of the world, like Dawkins and Hitchens,” says Kevin. “He’s just an amazing man.”

The documentary includes their three weeks in Oxford, and then two weeks in Israel. But it’s John’s love for the Lord and his passion for the Gospel that shines through. “I call this documentary the apologetics for dummies,” jokes Kevin. “You learn how to defend your faith and it doesn’t matter where you stand on religion. It’s a wonderful documentary, and it’s educational. You can form your own opinions on everything, but it’s also a great travel documentary.”

Kevin says it was fantastic to be a part of such a timely documentary, because it seems like we have to defend our faith more and more right now. “That’s happening in the world right now. It’s just shocking to me that we’re letting the violence continue, especially here in my home country of America.”

Kevin recently released another documentary, “Before the Raft”, that is about the Book of Revelation. He believes that maybe we’re entering those times now. “Ionically, I’m going to start directing and acting in the next ‘Left Behind’ movie as well.”

Trailer: Against The Tide

While it would have been easy for Kevin to stay in Hollywood as an actor, it’s his love of documentaries, and his love for God that drove him to explore something different. “I’m a big fan of documentaries, and I find them very educational, and very informative. But being a Christian conservative in Hollywood, it’s like being a double leper. My agents after many years said they couldn’t work with me anymore. Tolerance and freedom of speech is a one-way street there.”

Kevin says he’s happy making documentaries and will be heading back to Israel to shoot another one next year. “They just unearthed the oldest temple that they’ve ever found in an archeological dig. So I’ll be over there doing a documentary around that as well.”

‘Against the Tide’ will be released in Australia online for a week on July 19, and then will come out on DVD later in the year. As well as featuring Dr. John Lennox, it explores the connections between CS Lewis and Tolkien, and viewers get to virtually sit on the same seats that they sat in when they were having some of their most historic conversations.

“I’m a fan of both those authors,” says Kevin. “To meet there and sit down with John held so much history. This documentary has some great bits and pieces of the debates he’s had against Dawkins and Hitchens and Singer, and it was such an honour for me to be invited to be part of it.”

To find out more about the upcoming release of ‘Against the Tide’, go to and to listen below to the rest of Kevin’s interview with Robbo and Becci.

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