The Harsh Reality of Covid-19 for Kids Living in Developing Countries

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Compassion Child

Clare Steel from Compassion Australia joined Robbo & Becci on Rise and Shine to share some of the unique challenges faced by families in poverty-stricken nations.

Here in Australia, we have learnt to face the challenges of isolation and social distancing by adapting to a “new normal”.  And while it’s been difficult, can you imagine what it would be like for those in developing countries who are already living in abject poverty?

Clare Steel explains, “This has been a particularly tough season for Compassion. A lot of our donors are no longer in a position to support us financially, and social distancing has meant that our children’s programs have had to close down”.

But like the rest of the world, Compassion has found new and innovative ways to continue helping families. “Our social workers have been visiting children at home, checking in on their situations and talking to them about how life is at the moment”, Clare continues. “Many of these families no longer have an income, which means no food or water.”

Developing nations simply have no means to offer support for the unemployed.  This crisis is bringing more and more families to the brink of starvation every day.

It is estimated that 40-60 million more people will be heading for poverty in the wake of Covid-19. The devastating effect of this disease is being felt by children and families, and Governments don’t know how to respond.

“We have 7900 churches that are part of Compassion”, Clare says.  “We are asking every single one of them to get involved and pray.”

If you would like to help support these children and their families, please visit

Listen to the rest of Clare’s interview below.

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