What to Do When the World is Sick with Hurry

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Robbo and Becci caught up with Sheridan Voysey to talk the importance of reflection in a world sick with hurry…

After facing the year we’ve had and now heading into the Christmas season, Sheridan says many of us are mentally and spiritually regrouping. Our spirit and our soul need some care.

“Hurry sickness is literally killing us, and we need to slow down.”, Sheridan adds. “The culture of rush has infiltrated the western world. Yes, there are seasons when things have to be very busy. But the problem is that we have taken that on as a badge of honour, and it becomes expected of us by society.”

Sheridan believes it is important for us to speak against turning busyness into a culture, especially for our children. “People enrol their children in extracurricular activities to give them a head start at a very early age. But the real danger with this is that our kids grow up thinking their lives are meaningful because they’re always busy and doing something. What we are actually doing is paving the road to burnout. A healthy soul must learn how to take time to pause and reflect.”

So how can you incorporate reflection into a busy life? Sheridan has 3 tips to help us do just that.

1. Simply pause. Find a moment in your day that you know that will be easier for you to stop and pause and have that reflection time. Spend your lunch hour under a tree or try late at night when kids are in bed or maybe even early in the morning. We must make time to pause, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

2. Find some stimulus material. Start off with something like a verse of scripture or go out into nature. Reflect on God’s good creation. People who reflect on nature have greater levels of well being and lower levels of anxiety, and as little as 20 seconds a day can make a difference. Stories and devotions are also a powerful stimulus to reflect on because they contain a very human element that helps us connect.

3. Add prayer. Recollect the day, collect the pieces and bring them all together before God. Prayerfully reflecting on the day opens our eyes and ears to God’s invisible and powerful nature. Ask Him to show you something you need to see and hear.

“In the Christian view, humanity’s great purpose is to love God and love others.”, says Sheridan. “Everything we do to serve others is an act of love. If we want to live meaningful lives, we need to see our work as an opportunity to love and serve. Then our everyday tasks become holy enterprises.”

Listen to the rest of Sheridan’s message below.

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