What To Do When You Feel Let Down By Christian Leaders

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Carl Lentz and Ravi Zacharias
Carl Lentz and Ravi Zacharias

Pastor Ken Legg shared with Robbo and Becci on Vision’s Rise & Shine program his thoughts about what to do when we feel let down by our Christian leaders.

Ken thinks at some point we will all be let down and hurt by church leaders and those in authority. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big name either. It could also be our local pastor or home group leader. But one thing is for sure, it’s going to happen.

Your gift will get you there, but your character will keep you there.

“You have to be willing to take heed to yourself and to your ministry. It is all too easy as a leader to care for everyone else, and then neglect our own soul and walk with God.”

So how do we respond to and deal with the negative emotions that come when our leaders let us down?

“We seem to either deify or demonise our leaders. The person may have been a great teacher and had a profound influence through their teaching and ministry. But we shouldn’t reject that teaching and ministry, or the impact it had, because the person had a moral failing. Biblical truths still stand,” says Ken.

Ken believes we can also use these things as an opportunity to reflect upon our own dependence on our leaders. Is it healthy or unhealthy? Is this person’s teaching the only thing we listen to? We need to make sure we have a balanced and grounded variety in the teachings we choose.

“Pray for the fallen leaders,” continues Ken. “One of the things we rarely see is anybody reaching out in a biblical way to restore them. Most often they disappear and become isolated. That is exactly where the devil wants them.

We need to reach out in love, compassion and humility. We want to be part of their journey towards restoration. Don’t discount the blessings that have come through that person just because they have let you down.”

God is a God of restoration.

Ken says, “We look to God to restore people who have fallen. He can use this as an opportunity to see them humbled and cleansed. Are we willing to care and pray walk with people? The Bible tells us not to shoot the wounded. There are so many examples of God using broken people for His purposes.”

Listen below to the rest of Pastor Ken Legg’s discussion with Robbo and Becci on what to do when your leaders let you down.

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