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40 Day Prayer & Worship Relay

The National 40 Day Prayer & Worship Relay is making a big impact on Australia, and Vision is proud to be part of it. Beginning on the 1st of March, churches and gatherings across the country have been praying day and night. Check out our prayer map and calendar to see all the action, and …Read More

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‘The Fate of Children Caught in Marriage Breakups’ – Stephen Potts

“One of those really big risks of asking children for their views is that it directly draws them into the dispute between their parents.” “How old does the child have to be before they can choose where they live when their parents separate?” Family law specialist Stephen Potts from Neumann and Turnour lawyers in Brisbane …Read More

Taming the Black Dog – Dr Kevin Donnelly

Grief, loss, and hardship unaddressed can often lead to serious depression and illness. “It’s a matter of not giving up. So literature for me has been one of the foundation stones on which I’ve had to work through, losing my son James, and also working through growing up as a young boy in a violent …Read More

The Wonder Of Grace

‘For by grace you have been saved through faith.’ Ephesians 2:8 NRS Some of us live as if God has a big performance chart with our name on it and, at the end of each day, He grades us to determine if He will love us more, or less, or at all. You say, ‘If …Read More

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Bible Bee Game Gains Millions of Viewers

A bible contest has gained millions of viewers at its premier launch on Facebook Live The National Bible Bee Game Show started in 2009 – challenging young people’s memory skills on scripture while competing for a cash prize of US$100,000. Since then over 40,000 young people have participated, memorising over 800 Bible verses in preparation. …Read More

Christianity Gives British PM Strength

British Prime Minister Theresa May is praising the role of Christianity and defending the right of people to speak about their faith, even as British Christians are facing growing government oppression around the practice of their beliefs. In her Easter message to the nation, Mrs May said British people should be confident about the role …Read More

God’s Message Alive in Charred Bible

Franklin Graham has revealed that while visiting the charred remains of a church that had been burned and destroyed by ISIS, he found the pages of a Bible bearing a timely verse. Mr Graham, the leader of Samaritan’s Purse recently visited the city of Qaraqosh, in Iraq. The city used to be home to some …Read More

Foster Children Removed Over Easter Bunny

Foster parents in Canada have had two children removed from their care for refusing to tell them the Easter Bunny is real. The Christian couple told the National Post a child support worker insisted they tell the two girls aged three and four, that the Easter Bunny is real. Derek Baars said they explained to …Read More

The gunman in the Paris attack identified

The gunman who took the life of a policeman in Paris has been identified by French media as Karim Cheurfi. Reports say the 39-year-old French citizen had served a lengthy jail term in 2001 for 3 counts of attempted murder. Two of his victims were police officers.

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