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Staying Positive During Difficult Times

It can be challenging to stay positive during difficult times. But as Christians, we can rest in the knowledge that God is always working.

What if Jesus was not born that first Christmas?

Have you ever thought of what would have happened if Jesus was not born that very first Christmas? Our own Gregorian calendar based on the birthday of Jesus. What about schools and hospitals? What could the world be like if Jesus, the Son of God, did not incarnate as man?

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Deadly Attack On Christians Adds To South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis

28 people have been reported dead after suspected Islamic extremists attacked a Christian village and burned down 60 houses in South Sudan, near the border with Sudan. Aid workers told Worthy News “huge numbers of villagers were left with nothing but their clothes.” They appealed for “urgent supplies of tents, clothing, medicines, and especially food ...Read More

Further Crackdown On Christianity In China, Strict New Rules For Online Content

Christian-run Bible apps and social media accounts removed and searches for words like “Christ”, “Bible” and “Gospel” blocked.

McGowan’s Border Backflip Leaves WA Isolated Indefinitely

The premier had promised to reopen the borders once the state's double-dose vaccination rate reached 90 per cent. It is currently at 89 per cent.

AO Day Four Results

The Aussie contingent at the Australian Open is down to four.

World’s Most Dangerous Countries For Christians in 2022

"Christians are facing a war against hatred and discrimination on two separate fronts.”

United Nations General Assembly Approves a Permanent Commission Of Inquiry Into Israel

"The UN has fallen to a new low and approved a budget for a despicable and biased commission that has no right to exist.”

AO Day Three Results

Ash Barty pleased with how she's playing.

What Pastors Say They Need Most To Run A Church

"One of their biggest worries is congregational apathy and lack of commitment."
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