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Farmer sows $200,000 seeds of kindness to bring hope during the drought

$200,000 in practical help, and priceless encouragement to those Australians living in drought affected communities.

The Spirit of Australia – Ken Duncan

“It was just so amazing! I shot this shot which is virtually impossible to get. I did what they call a stitch….I’m more interested in God’s awe than man’s ordinary.” Ken Duncan, photographer.

Asia Bibi Escapes from Pakistan?

“But in Asia Bibi’s case and many others (acquitted of blasphemy), this law is used wrongfully as a way of trying to get back at people who are following Jesus.” Ashley Saunders – CEO Barnabas Fund.

Understanding Your Child

‘Nothing about me is hidden from you!’ Psalm 139:15 CEV The psalmist wrote: ‘Nothing about me is hidden from You! I was secretly woven together out of human sight, but with Your own eyes You saw my body being formed. Even before I was born, You had written in Your book everything about me.’ (Psalm …Read More

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Indivisible – Sarah Drew

This movie “dives head first into the problem of pain, how we work through it and how we come out the other side.”

Seven Strategies to Combat Teen Porn Use

Pornography is pervasive, and can quickly become an addiction. Here are seven things you can do to help your teen either not access pornography or begin turning away from needing to access it.

Vision News Stories

Matildas Trounce Chile At Second Attempt

Matildas turn on stunning second-half to earn a five-nil win over Chile

Small Business Fund Welcomed

Small businesses welcoming announcement of two-billion-dollar fund to help them secure finance

Brexit Deal Breakthrough

Britain and Europe arrive at a Brexit Deal – but will it get through UK Parliament?

Dreamworld Engineering Under Scrutiny

Dreamworld’s head of engineering is today set to return to the stand

MyHealth Opt-out Option Looms

Tomorrow is the deadline to opt-out of the My Health Record system

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD – Rosemary Burke

“I always remember that Jesus is with me and most of the time these days, later on in the day I’ll forget what I was worried about in the first place.” Rosemary Burke on coping with OCD.

‘I Just Wanted to be a Rock Star!’  David & Rosanna Palmer  

David moved very quickly and popped the question to Rosanna. “Will you marry me?” No answer…for six years! She was 15 David 17. “I just wanted to be a rock star, I wasn’t thinking about relationships.” Rosanna Palmer.

Living Well Through a Terminal Illness – Bill Brown

“Jenny and I would have loved to have seen that physical cure (from cancer) and I remember Jenny saying, ‘I’ve still got more love to give.” Pastor Bill Brown.

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