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Truth and Wellbeing

One of several truth grabs that emerged recently when Neil Johnson was speaking with women’s wellbeing coach Stacey McBride who hails from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Stacey, a Christian health and wellness author, said it’s not true when the world tells us the outside is important. What’s true is that God works from the …Read More

Salvation, Just in Time

Today’s society confronts us constantly with temptations. Our culture encourages us to pursue the things we desire most, but self-fulfilment can only lead to self-destruction. It’s our mission to save people from the emptiness of that life, by bringing them God’s truth and hope. Tammy, from Albany, WA, was living through the lowest of lows …Read More

Champion Blokes Learn To Love – Ian ‘Watto’ Watson

Quotes from Watto’s recent interview on Vision radio: “I’m here because you called me up,” Watto said, “So it must be what God wants to happen today.” “That was our wedding text. Margaret chose it. I wouldn’t have known where 1 John 4:7 was and it’s short, ‘love is of God’ but, it works!” Watto …Read More

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Write It Down—Then Tear It Up!

‘Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.’ Philippians 3:13 NKJV There will always be people who speak ill of you. ‘She’ll never amount to anything… His parents were nothing, his grandparents were nothing, and he’s going to be nothing too!’ The question is: who are you going …Read More

‘Alien Intrusion’ (movie coming soon) – Gary Bates

(Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, is the only Creationist book ever to make the top 50 bestseller list) “The Christian sometimes subtly falls for the idea, why would God have made the universe so big if we’re the only ones here?” “The thing we need to realise is the concept of God creating …Read More

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Italians Protest Against Abortion & Euthanasia

Thousands of Italians turned out on streets last week to march against abortion and euthanasia. Bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church joined priests, students and Christian organisations for the country’s annual March for Life. Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen encouraged the young people to embrace chastity – and for pro-lifers to be “unashamed of Jesus”. …Read More

Saint’s Relics – An Historic Breakthrough

The relics of Saint Nicholas are being viewed by thousands of Russian Orthodox Christians in Moscow in an historic breakthrough in Orthodox-Catholic relations. For Russian Orthodox Christians – the saint is behind much of the Christmas tradition and is a celebrated figure. Many churches and Russians have taken the name of the 4th century Greek …Read More

PM Trusts US Over Security

The Prime Minister says he trusts the United States with our intelligence material, following leaks about the Manchester bombing. The UK has stopped passing information to American authorities after sensitive details were released. It’s understood the suspension has now been lifted after receiving assurances from the US. MALCOLM TURNBULL says the leaks were regrettable, but …Read More

Major Sporting Arenas Assess Security

Big Brother style CCTV cameras – enabling authorities to also make announcements – are set to be rolled out across the city. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says the system would help direct people to emergency relief centres like the MCG – which has this morning been the centre of an emergency drill for a week-long …Read More

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