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The Loneliness Epidemic

40% of Australians surveyed say they have never felt lonelier. We are facing a loneliness epidemic. There is no shame in feeling lonely. But what is the solution?

Building Blocks for Biblical Money Management

We deal with money every day. It is a practical thing but it is also deeply spiritual. What are the building blocks for biblical money management? Alex Cook from Wealth with a Purpose shares his views on 20Twenty.

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Thousands of Miracles Witnessed at Gospel Crusade in Pakistan

Evangelist Chris Mikkelson swarmed by people wanting to give testimonies of being healed and delivered from demons.

Archaeologists Find Remains From Ancient Sanhedrin in Israeli City

The Sanhedrin relocated to Yavne from Jerusalem after the destruction of the Second Temple nearly 2,000 years ago.

Pop-Up ‘Nap-Pads’ For Homeless Includes ‘Vital Life’ Sensors

Each pad is self-contained with toilet and wash facilities, a security door, window, power point, heater and LED light.

Court Drama As Family Forgives Drunk Driver Who Killed Pastor

The judge said he had never seen such a gracious response. The County Attorney wept.

United Nations Passes Anti-Israel Resolution Over Temple Mount

“It is morally, historically, and politically wrong for the UN to support language that denies both Jewish and Muslim connections".

Pakistani Christians Have Unique Book Of Psalms To Support Faith

Many Pakistani Christians have a unique resource to draw upon at the heart of their worship. A century ago, the Book of Psalms was translated into Pakistan’s predominant language, Punjabi, in a versified form. These poetic metrical songs are now the most sung, read, recited, and memorised part of Scripture by Pakistani Christians. Corporate worship ...Read More

How Faith And Love Saved Baby Given A Slim Chance Of Survival

Premmie Cornell Cranham weighed just over 700 grams at birth and spent his first 6 months in hospital.

Christian Teacher Cleared After Suspension Over School’s Transgender Policies

Tanner Cross would never lie to his students about their biological gender because it's against his faith.
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