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The Banyans ‘Overcoming the High Cost of Success’ – Ruth Limkin

‘A luxurious, holistic, and tailored approach to therapy and nutrition at a stunning location’ “More than 60 percent of Australians identify with Christians. In one sense it’s refreshing to know they can go to a place where they can feel comfortable.” “One in every three women, in their 30’s and 40’s, are drinking at dangerous …Read More

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Dr Kameel Majdali

2017 Australian Speaking Tour

Lessons from the Life of David (2)

‘Imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.’ Hebrews 6:12 NKJV Here are three lessons from David’s life: (1) God makes the choice. When Samuel the prophet came to David’s house to pick Israel’s next king, David wasn’t considered. But God chose him anyway—just like He chose Deborah to lead the nation in …Read More

‘A New Creation’ – Bel Thomson

“Others (songs) have been written from places of real pain. After having ‘Mikey’ I had post-natal depression.” “There were songs written in that period while I was holding him in the carrier, sitting at the piano just pouring my heart out, a part of my own journey of healing.” Vision Radio’s Robbo (minus Becci) was …Read More

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Damaged Church To Re-open

St Mark’s Anglican Church in Picton, New South Wales will reopen tomorrow after it was devastated by storm water during the June floods last year. The Picton church will host a celebration event to mark the completion of stage one repairs. The re-opening service will start at 9:30am followed by a barbecue lunch, history tour …Read More

Opponents To Assisted Dying To Lobby

Opponents to assisted dying laws in Victoria are planning to lobby MPs ahead of a conscience vote. A ministerial advisory panel has made 66 recommendations to safeguard law change. AMA Victoria President Dr Lorraine Baker is among those opposed – she says doctors must also have a choice. Dr Baker says doctors should not be …Read More

Divide Between the Rich and Poor Widening

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has declared he’s prepared to reach into the “too-hard basket” on tax reform, to address rising inequality The Opposition leader used an address in Melbourne to call for a re-think of subsidies and tax increases, previously considered too difficult He says the divide between rich and poor is widening. Mr Shorten says the …Read More

Pastor Memorizes Isaiah

To preach verse-by-verse through Isaiah – from 2008 until February of this year – Pastor Andy Davis memorized all of the book’s 1,292 verses. It’s a discipline he developed while working as a mechanical engineer for several years after becoming a Christian. The US Baptist pastor’s sermons have been described as “carefully reasoned presentations of …Read More

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Jason’s Australia Day switch to Vision

This is Jason’s testimony of what happened when he changed to another station on his radio. It was another Australia and Jason was attending to his usual habits – drinking and smoking and listening to the national broadcaster. No doubt no different to many other Aussies when January 26 comes around. But Jason wasn’t a …Read More

Margarite from Brisbane Promotes Vision Radio

This is Margarite who called Vision Radio recently to share about her faith and her work as an evangelist with Operation Mobilisation. “Whether I’m sitting in the gutter talking to somebody in India or in a millionaire’s home somewhere in America, we all need Jesus. He’s the answer.” “We as Christians need to have the …Read More

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