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How to Talk to Your Children About Tragic Events

With the recent massacre in New Zealand, how do you talk to your children about tragic events without shattering their innocence?

Self-Harming Goes Further Than You Think

As a parent or extended family member, how do you react and offer support if you discover that your child or teenager is self-harming?

Why Women Shouldn’t Ignore Their Fertility Window

Jeanette Harris shares her story as a cautionary tale of why women shouldn't wait to have the perfect career before deciding to have children.

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Cry Out To God!

‘In my distress I cried out to the Lord.’ Psalm 18:6 NLT There are times in life when the best thing you can do is cry out to God from the depths of your being. Don’t worry about looking undignified, or having people think you have no faith. The psalmist said, ‘In my distress I …Read More

How Could a God of Love Allow the Christchurch Massacre? – Jeff Vines

We have truly suffered a major tragedy in New Zealand. I say, “we” because although I am an American by birth, I lived in New Zealand for ten years and in fact raised my two children in this great country. So, I mourn as you mourn and question as you question.

What Happens After We Die? – Greg Laurie

There is a lot of bizarre and incorrect views of what happens after we die. So what does the Bible really say about the afterlife?

Vision News Stories

Some Weapons Pulled from Sale in New Zealand as Parliament Considers Gun Law Reforms

The New Zealand cabinet will discuss sweeping gun reform, in the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks.

Polling Ahead of the New South Wales State Election

A key issue is voter unhappiness over the government's plans to redevelop Sydney's stadiums, the polling shows.

Police Raid Homes in New South Wales

Another raid was carried out at a second home a short time later in Lawrence, near Maclean.

Royal Commission Into Aged Care Underway in Adelaide

The second public hearing will run until Friday

Ricciardo Retires, Former Team Land Podium Position

The popular Australian could only look on from the garage in frustration as ex-teammate Max Verstappen stormed to third

Taking Courageous Steps to Save Your Marriage

Ann White’s marriage was in desperate trouble, but she was terrified to let anyone know. 

Raising Daughters in God’s Wisdom

Being a parent takes wisdom, courage, heart and love. But, being the parent of a girl requires special care.

Raising Godly Children in Today’s Culture

In today’s culture with so many external influences in your child’s life, raising your children to walk with Christ is easier said than done.
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