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A New Attack on the Chinese Church

China is becoming a new heartland for Christianity, with estimates suggesting that there are between 70 and 100 million Christians spread throughout the continent. But the communist party, perceiving a threat to their power, have recently published strict new regulations on religious freedom. 20Twenty’s Neil Johnson caught up with religious liberty analyst Elizabeth Kendal, to …Read More

Alcohol, Drugs and the Philippines Solution – Shane Varcoe

“It’s the single greatest harm-causing substance primarily because it’s legal, socially acceptable, and entitled in our culture,” Shane Varcoe stated, saying it’s these three drivers that infamously label it as being the most dangerous drug in our society. Shane enlarges on this damaging and lethal drug and others in this article. Shane Varcoe is the …Read More

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To Be Faithful Is To Be Successful

‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ Matthew 25:23 NKJV God wants you to succeed in life (See Joshua 1:8). And He will give you the tools, strategies and relationships necessary for success. David started out as a lowly shepherd boy, but God made him King of Israel. The Bible says, ‘In everything he did he …Read More

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Little Support for Change in Begging Laws

There’s little support for a proposal from the GREENS to de-criminalise begging on Melbourne’s streets. Shadow Attorney General JOHN PESUTTO says the GREENS proposal is irresponsible. The Salvation Army also says there’s no need for a change in the law. Major Brendan Nottle says while many beggars are people who have fallen through cracks – there …Read More

Calls for Midwife Ratio Review

The nurses union is calling for mandatory minimum ratios between midwives and patients – as a coroner investigates how a baby girl died during birth on the GOLD COAST. It’s understood the baby was born unresponsive on Wednesday and died later in the Gold Coast University Hospital. New South Wales MP MICK DE BRENNI says the …Read More

Concerns for Priests in Myanmar

Villagers in Shan state – Myanmar – are increasingly concerned that two assistant priests have been killed. Morning Star reports that the Burma army arrested the two assistant priests after they helped journalists report on a school and Catholic church building bombed by Burma forces in Mong Ko. The clergymen – were arrested after they …Read More

Timely Fashion for Centrelink Claw Back

The Federal Government insists welfare recipients are being given plenty of opportunities to clear-up issues with Centrelink as it claws back debt. A Reach-TEL poll shows more than 78 per cent of people think Centrelink should have to prove its claims, rather than placing the burden on individuals. Human Services Minister Alan Tudge says they’ll …Read More

No Change Needed On Begging Laws?

The Salvation Army says there’s no need for a change in begging laws in our city – despite claims by the Greens they’re “unjust and cruel”. More the 800 people have been charged with begging in the last 5 years . The Salvo’s Major Brendan Nottle says while many beggars are people who have fallen …Read More

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