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 FREEDOM – Australia’s Most Endangered Liberty – Wendy Francis

The marriage NO vote: “There are hundreds-of-thousands of people involved. Over a million people have downloaded the Freedom app and people are getting involved.” Sexual harassment – “Harvey Weinstein actually acted out everything Hugh Hefner taught.” The NT anti-discrimination policy: “They are moving towards a genderless society in anticipation of what may come following the …Read More

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Learning To Lead (2)

‘I have great confidence in you.’
 2 Corinthians 7:4 NIV When people feel ‘used’ they begin to drop out, but when they feel appreciated they’ll follow you anywhere. Paul, one of the finest leaders of all time, told the Corinthian believers, ‘I have great confidence in you; I take great pride in you. I am …Read More

The Jereton Bible Interpretation Method

Vision radio’s Robbo and Becci were all abuzz recently when Jereton Edwards made a live appearance on the Rise and Shine show.  The main purpose was for Jereton to explain why he has presented three ways of looking at covenants in his video. It was also to point out that no matter how you look …Read More

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Trawler Recovery Operation Continues

Two bodies have been recovered from a fishing vessel that capsized and sank off the Queensland coast with six crewmen on board.

Catalonia’s Bid for Independence Targeted

Spain’s prime minister says his government will unveil specific measures to halt Catalonia’s independence bid but refused to confirm if that included plans to hold a regional election in January.

New NZ PM to Tackle Homelessness

New Zealand prime minister-elect Jacinda Ardern says homelessness, child poverty and having wages that match inflation would be some of the new measures for the new government.

Reward in Serial Killer Cold Case

Police are offering a $6 million reward for help solving the murders of six women in Melbourne during the early 1980s by a suspected serial killer.

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The Outback Struggle – Liz Howland

One woman’s lifetime mission brings a ray of hope to the Outback. “As I just drive I’m praying and asking the Lord, ‘Where are the greatest needs?” “You’d be amazed at the number of times I’ve turned up at these places and the owner will say, ‘You’re just here at the very right time.’” “They …Read More

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