“We Want A Marriage Plebiscite!” Wendy Francis

Message to Australia’s politicians:  “We Want A Marriage Plebiscite!”

As of writing, it doesn’t look as though Labor’s going to support the government’s bill for a plebiscite – a national referendum for Australians to decide whether or not the marriage act should include homosexuals who want to marry.

Wendy Francis is the Australia Christian Lobby’s Queensland Director and spokesperson for the rights of children and women.

Wendy spoke on Vision Radio recently when the politicians in Canberra were still ‘umming and aarring’ as to whether the proposed plebiscite on same sex marriage would get the go ahead from the Senate.

The Labor Party in particular had not made up its mind whether to support the bill.

Wendy was still hopeful Labor would allow the plebiscite bill to proceed

“I think Australians should be letting their politicians know, particularly the ALP politicians, that we do want a plebiscite, although it wasn’t what we wanted 12 months ago.”

“But family values are so important and our politicians should stand up,” Ms Francis declared, adding that this comes after 16 plus votes so far have gone through the parliament with a NO to homosexual marriage.Related image

“We’re really praying that God will overrule and we will actually get the opportunity to have a say,” Wendy said.

It’s thought that Labor doesn’t want a plebiscite because it might not go their way. That being the case Wendy Francis agreed that Labor’s position was undemocratic.

The ‘ugliness’ is all coming from the side of the YES campaign

“And the longer we go with this conversation the more obvious it is that it’s not necessarily going to go their way,” Wendy said, adding that Labor keeps on citing the ugliness of the conversation, yet the ugliness is all coming from the side of the YES campaign.”

Wendy noted the cries that a plebiscite will be divisive and the dangers that are manifesting where traditional marriage meetings are being held, are both coming from the same camp – the YES campaign.Related image

Wendy Francis spoke about the Sydney meeting planned for the NO campaign that had to be moved because of the pro-gay marriage lobby’s threats to the hotel where the meeting was to have taken place.

Then there was a book launch for David Van Gend, who’s authored a book illustrating the dangers of same sex marriage and its negative effects to children.

Related image

David Van Gend

Wendy Francis said there was a protest outside the gate of the venue that turned quite ugly.

“Police were there and we had to hire security. And so it’s becoming very dangerous to actually have the opinion that marriage is between a man a woman.”

‘If the plebiscite doesn’t go ahead the same sex marriage idea gone for years to come’

Attorney General George Brandis meantime has said that if the plebiscite doesn’t go ahead then the same-sex marriage idea will be gone from the agenda for years to come.

Related image

George Brandis

Wendy Francis believes he’s right but possibly only for the term of this current parliament. She said the prime minister’s made it very clear that it’s either the plebiscite or nothing as far as parliament concerned under his leadership.

“But I don’t think it will be off the agenda for the people who’ve been pushing for homosexual marriage for many, many years. And I think it’s important for Christians not to take ‘their foot off the pedal’ either,” Wendy said, saying the issue is not going to go away.

Related image

Malcom Turnbull

“It will re-visit the next parliament if it doesn’t go ahead in this one,” Wendy warned, advising Christians to maintain the campaign to get Australians to fall back in love with marriage between a man and a woman before adding this caveat.

“And understand the importance that it has for family and particularly our children.”

The attack on clergy using Tasmania’s discrimination laws

Related image

Bishop Julian Porteous

Already there’s been a legal stoush in Tasmania where the same sex advocates have used discrimination laws to ‘bash’ the Catholic Bishop of Hobart Julian Porteous.

He put out a document titled ‘Don’t Mess With Marriage’ so the pro-gay folk then messed with him. They didn’t like the contents that explained to the children attending Catholic Schools why marriage was between a man and a woman. Since then the Australian Christian Lobby has been working to have the discrimination laws amended.

Wendy Francis said the laws need to be changed to safeguard the right to speak freely about what we believe.

“The proposed amendment that’s been put up in Tasmania would allow religious freedom which is a fundamental human right,” Wendy said.Related image

“When you say it’s just a small group of people, such as religious people, what you’re actually saying is that these people are marginalised people and we’re going to let them say things that are offensive to other people,” Wendy attempted to explain, adding that that is not what the Christians want.

“What we want is for all Tasmanians to be able to have free speech because it’s not only Christians who are worried about a change to the definition of marriage.’

Wendy Francis is adamant that people should be able to express a point of view in public and not just the religious community.

If a bigot is someone who doesn’t tolerate another’s opinion, then who’s the bigot in the same sex marriage debate?

Related image

Lyle Shelton

Then there’s the lack of tolerance from the pro-homosexual lobbyists, and their perceived hypocrisy for lambasting Christians as bigots, when a bigot is someone who doesn’t tolerate someone else’s opinion.

Wendy has defended Lyle Shelton. She said the ACL leader has shown many times that he is prepared to listen to the other side and to put forward a defence as to why he believes what he believes.

“That is not being a bigot,” Wendy Francis stated. In contrast it was reported a pro same sex marriage MP who attended a traditional marriage meeting opposed to gay marriage, said he was treated graciously.

Wendy Francis said it’s so important threatening actions from same sex marriage exponents are not reciprocated.

“Jesus said we’re to speak the truth in love. So tone really matters and we need to understand this is all part of the Gospel.”


Wikipedia reports – Wendy Francis is a lobbyist on social issues and is the Queensland state director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

In July 2015, Wendy lodged a petition with the Queensland parliament complaining about the Safe Schools program. The petition incorporated wording from a Safe Schools student resource, OMG I’m Queer, intended for children aged 11 and up.

However the Clerk of the Parliament would not permit the wording on Queensland parliament’s website because of the “intemperate” language. The 10,891-signature, petition was subsequently tabled with the “intemperate” wording censored.

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