The Frontline of Truth Journalism – Caleb Stephen

What does it take to be a politically active Christian and is it a calling? Caleb Stephen is a young Christian activist who is definitely moving in that direction.


Caleb Stephen

Caleb is described as a conservative commentator and has cut his cloth for some years working behind the scenes for the Christian Democratic Party.

But Caleb’s strongest testimony to his commitment and dedication is the recent emergence of his newswire website – We took a look and our response was, to use the Aussie vernacular, ‘It’s a beauty mate!’

The home page, the layout, the content, especially the content, says it all. Caleb’s tagged his conservative news stories and commentaries as ‘the frontline of truth journalism,’ and rightly so.

Caleb Stephen must be riding a winner here. So when he agreed to appear on Vision Radio’s 20Twenty, the first question was, ‘What can you tell us about the website?’ – ‘although in its infancy it’s so professionally done you wouldn’t know’

Caleb Stephen believes it’s Australia and the Asia Pacific’s only true, free and independent conservative news-wire.

“We live in a day and age when there’s so much trash on the internet and anything and everything can pass off as news and certainly as breaking news,” Caleb said.

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“So it creates an opportunity for people like myself to change the way we do media and to actually curate news stories and commentary that matters,” Caleb stated, adding that he’s endeavouring to do it from a conservative biblical Christian point of view.

He said what they’re doing with is unique and in a way, powerful.

‘We’re redefining what news is – an alternative for those disillusioned with mainstream media’

“We’re redefining what news is and how that news is delivered to the public. We want to provide a formidable alternative for Christians, conservatives and others who may be disillusioned with what they see in the mainstream media, particularly with all the bias and the lies that are fed to them.”

Caleb said people can sign up for daily newsbytes from the website and they can follow his news service on social media, Facebook and Twitter as well.

The number of mainstream news choices is prolific. It’s ‘misinformation overload’ to the extreme

Caleb’s list included the likes of Google, Yahoo, and MSN online news, also the bigger institutions such as CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and in Australia, Fairfax, the ABC, Australia’s Yahoo version, plus there’s Reuters, AFP and a ton of other news wires. But they all come with a catch.

Mainstream secular news is filtered to fit the editor journalist’s left-wing progressive worldview

Caleb described the differences between mainstream news websites and a conservative website such as he’s now providing.

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Joseph Goebbels

“By the time this news gets to the average Joe on the street, it’s been filtered, it’s been edited by journalists with their own views they bring to the table, and a lot of it just doesn’t make it out to the public.”

“Much of it is skewed, there’s a lot of bias applied and people don’t actually get to see and hear the truth of what actually is really going on in our society, also in the political sphere, and they don’t touch upon many other aspects of our lives,” Caleb explained to justify the birth of his news service as an alternative.

“People like myself in the alternative media industry are frowned upon by most in mainstream. They don’t consider us to be genuine. What we are doing is cutting out the middleman and instead, we’re looking for the stories that actually matter.”

‘Our stories filtered to remove bias and display truth to make our newswire reliable and trustworthy’

“We’re taking those stories, curating them on the website and delivering them in a format that people can actually use as a reliable service and pass on to others,” Caleb informed.

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Just to backtrack momentarily, Caleb Stephen’s journalistic goal is to capture news headlines from around the world, write opinion pieces, and to apply a Christian worldview to news stories.

So, how much manpower is needed to provide a reliable and credible conservative news site of the calibre that Caleb has established, and to maintain that standard?

Right now Caleb appears to be going it alone.

‘I’m looking for other like-minded contributors to help me with this project’

“I do this by myself most of the time. I do have a small editorial team that passes on news to me and sometimes contributes. I’m looking for other like-minded contributors to help with this project.”Image result for CV job application images pics

“I’m certainly open to collaborating with other Christians and conservatives who are interested in this industry and would like to get a foot in the door so to speak,” Caleb said, giving a job description for any would be, future contributors to the Caleb Report.

Caleb said he’s open to people working with him to get the truth in news and current affairs into the public arena.

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Matt Drudge

(It was at this point of Caleb’s interview when he mentioned another website that the writer of this article is prone to visit on a daily basis.)

“Matt Drudge of is one of my main inspirations. He said anyone with a modem can report what interests them, what is important to them, and that’s what I’m doing.”

“I firmly believe in keeping the press free, open, unbiased, unfiltered, and actually putting some balance back out there,” Caleb described, as he emphasised again how the mainstream media is full of bias, full of lies, and exposes its leftist progressive slant to its journalism.

Caleb Stephen’s vision is to provide a conservative and truthful news service

Mainstream media is considered by many to be left wing biased propaganda and this is a major driving force behind Caleb Stephen’s objective to provide a conservative and truthful news service.

“We aim to be a formidable force against what is known as mainstream media. 99 percent of people or the greater majority, source their news from the mainstream and consider it as fact without thinking twice,” Caleb said with disdain.

But who is Caleb Stephen? Who is this intelligent young man? And how did the ‘fifth estate,’ the online news, become his passion?

“As a Christian I look to the Bible, God’s inspired Word as the source for my beliefs, my inspirations, and my views on particular issues and that is something that is very important to me. But first and foremost, always in line with the Word of God,” Caleb said faithfully, but admitted he may not get it right every time.

‘There are very few commentators who write articles on issues of the day without compromising’

Caleb does have some checks and balances. He said he consults with others in the conservative community and in Christian circles. But as for those in his line of work, they’re in the minority.

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“There are very few leaders and commentators in the world today who are willing to stand by the Bible and actually put out comment on issues of the day that matter without compromising. This is something I’m seeking to do to the best of my ability,” Caleb stated before confessing to an addiction common to his vocation.

“I’m a bit of a news junky. I wake up in the morning and I’m checking dozens of top news sites around the world, Reuters, AFP, AP Newswire, New York Times newswire, Sydney Morning Herald,” Caleb itemised before reeling off his job qualifications.

“My job as editor is no easy job. I’ve spent half a decade honing the skills needed to be a website designer and a content creator. Many people think I’ve got a knack for it and I think they might be right,” Caleb said confidently before passing on the credit to someone else.

‘God has blessed me with a talent and a gifting and I need to use it for His glory’

“I think God has blessed me with a talent and a gifting here and I need to use it for His glory and the work of His kingdom, and be a light that shines in everything I do in life.”

Caleb provided more information as to the content of his website, admitting to carrying a great deal of mainstream news that he mixes in with conservative  commentary.

“Commentary from the likes of Bill Meuhlenberg from Culturewatch, Michael Brown from the US, and a number of other top commentators. Mixed altogether people get to see a large smorgasbord of news that I think is quite reasonably balanced and I get to put in my conservative views.”

Caleb has yet another arrow in his news quiver.

“I might tweak the headlines to give readers an alternative to the majority of news that’s out there.”

Caleb’s online newswire – ‘What has been the response so far?’

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Republican elephant and Democrat donkey

The website has been up and running for only a short time. Has Caleb been able to gauge its impact at this early stage?

“I’m surprised by the amount of support I’ve received so far both from here and abroad. People have been very positive and are saying, ‘this will be my news website.’”

“I think this is something that is well overdue. We don’t have anything that is really and truly conservative in Australia that’s in the format of a newswire.”Related image

Caleb Stephen said there are US news sites such as Breitbart, Info Wars and various other alternative media sites, but here in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific there’s very few in this category.


Caleb Stephen is an independent commentator, columnist, opinion journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Caleb Report. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @CalebSOfficial

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