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Evangelist and Bible teacher Stu Millar of ‘Train To Proclaim’ fame, was a recent guest on Vision radio to address the much-discussed topic of fear.

But there was no mention of fear in any shape or form when Neil Johnson strayed off the narrow path right from the outset.

Neil showed no mercy. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing Neil went straight for the jugular. The benign radio talk show host did a Jekyll and Hyde, flicked on the ‘shock jock’ switch and verbally assaulted poor Stu Millar on his latest mission – allowing his son to learn and play the bagpipes – at home!

Did Stu Millar flinch when Neil demanded to know the health and well-being of Stu’s long-suffering neighbours? Was Stu in a stew?

‘Learning the bagpipes by Skype doesn’t help the neighbours’

“We’ve got great neighbours,” Stu confirmed as he revealed his sharing and caring nature. And as for his son Sam’s bagpipe practicing. “I just think it’s too good for just us. So why not share it with the whole neighbourhood!” Stu exclaimed with Trump-like exuberance.

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(Will some kind soul gift-wrap the book ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’ as a token of their love for Stu Millar this Christmas?)

And due to the wonders of technology Stu’s son Sam is being taught the bagpipes by his grandfather via Skype from New Zealand. So there you go. Even the teacher ‘across the ditch’ is spared from what Stu Millar’s neighbours are having to endure.

Should we be a little louder in expressing our faith to man?

But onto the topic of fear of God and man, and a question that links the bagpipes and the subject. Should we be a little louder in expressing our faith to man as a way of showing we are less fearful?

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Stu Millar said part of the fear of evangelism stems from a wrong understanding of what evangelism is.

“Evangelism is simply sharing the Gospel message and the Gospel is good news. You are sharing the good news of Jesus.”

“And when you do that you don’t need to be standing on a platform or in front of a big crowd,” Stu explained, saying this is a hangover from decades of crusades and tent meetings.

Introverts can share the Gospel too

“Particularly through the 80’s and 90’s,” Stu said. “We’ve got this impression we need to stand up in a front of a big crowd and yell. Be loud.”

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“But hey, you can be very soft. Having a coffee with a friend and say, ‘can I share something with you,’ be very gentle, and I tell you what, I think some of the introverts are the best people to share the Gospel,” Stu revealed, saying they can do a better job than the extroverts.

Stu Millar said this is because they’re non-assuming and they have a lovely way of communicating the good news of Jesus.

“I’d say whatever personality type you’ve got, it takes all types to reach all types, so go for it.”

‘I try and give people good tools to be able to share their faith – for example the G7 app’

Stu Millar said that when he visits churches he tries to draw those people out because many fearful and introverted people have written themselves off. It’s in the too hard basket. ‘It’s for those who have the gift of the gab’ the evangelist and loud people.


“Part of what I do when I go into a church is to try and give people good tools to be able to do it and make it easy for people to be able to share their faith,” Stu said, saying that’s why he uses the G7 app.

“It’s just so easy with a phone. To put the phone in front of them and say, ‘Hey, have a look at this.’

“It’s very natural in our society to talk about games and apps and show people photos of your family everything on a phone. So why not show them the Gospel?”

‘No eye contact, no fear, no cold confrontation’

“It’s actually very relaxed. And because you’re looking at a screen, there’s not that eye contact, that fearful, cold confrontation that’s often there when you start talking about the Gospel, eye to eye with someone and it can get a bit tense. This removes all that,” Stu explained and adding that it makes it a lot easier.


Stu Millar gave instructions on how you can download the G7 app by going to the app store. Just type in gospel-in-7.

As far as the fear of man is concerned Stu said the need is to understand that we can do it in the way that God made us.

“We’re all different and we’re all a team here and I’ll never be able to reach some people that you’ll be able to reach. We’ve all got our own networks and personalities that will appeal to different people,” Stu said saying this is an exciting thing.

“We’re all around the world uniting in our mission to reach the world for Jesus Christ.”

Stu Millar, the seasoned evangelist, admits his Gospel sharing fear

“I’ve been a fulltime evangelist for 23 years and I still experience fear when I talk to people,” Stu admitted, saying he doesn’t know how people are going to react and there’s always this little bit of apprehension when he approaches someone.Related image

“I don’t think that goes away. You’ve just got to be courageous and push through that (fear), and if you’ve got good tools and confident about sharing the Gospel then you don’t have a fear of saying the wrong thing.”

“The only fear you’re going to have is how is this person going to respond to me,” Stu said before headlining the major statement of the message.

“Ultimately again, if you know who you are in Christ, you’ll say, ‘I fear God more than I fear man, I’m going to do this.”

Stu Millar shared how he’s found most non-Christians are very nice.

“Ninety-nine percent of the people I approach thank me at the end when I share the Gospel with them. If they don’t want to hear they say ‘no thanks’ and I say ‘hey, have a great day.’

Stu said it’s not as bad as sharing the Gospel in some other countries.

“It’s not like overseas where you could be imprisoned or killed for trying to share your faith. You know we really have it easy here in Australia.”

Stu Millar said this just takes a bit of boldness and knowing who you are in Christ.

As for the future Stu said we don’t know where Australia’s going to be in 20 years-time. We’ve already hate speech laws and who knows whether Christians are going to be completely muted from sharing what they believe.

Freedom of speech is under threat at the moment.

Footnote: For more information on Stu Millar, go to his website –

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