‘A Whirlwind Sweeping the World’ – Dr Kameel Majdali

The First Ten Days of the Trump Presidency

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Dr Kameel Majdali

“I don’t know if Donald Trump even sleeps. He has just been the proverbial whirlwind or hurricane. It’s a very, very energetic administration.”

“It appears that Donald Trump is determined to fulfill all his campaign promises, yesterday! The amount of activity has been enormous. The lack of a honeymoon period is also notable.”

And as for that controversial refugee immigration crackdown…

“There were apparently 325 thousand people entering the United States on that day. Of that 325 thousand, a mere 109 people were held up as part of this term called ‘extreme vetting,’ so we need some perspective here.”

“But what people don’t understand, there is a war going on…… it’s often times involving Jihadists, it’s often times involving your own people…..there is a war going on.”

These observations from global trends expert Dr Kameel Majdali who gave an overview of the first ten days of Donald Trump’s presidency on the Vision network recently.

‘I’ve never seen such frenetic activity coming out of the White House. Ever!’

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President Donald Trump


Dr Majdali, who hosts his Faith and the Future program weekdays on Vision, was in the States at the time of the leadership changeover.

He said that although it’s reported, but not by main stream media, over 80 percent of evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump, whose headline statements have the world either cheering or whining over every Twitter.

On the ground in the US, Kameel said he’s never seen such frenetic activity coming out of the White House, ever, on the scale of what occurred over the first ten days.Related image

‘President Trump is going to have an America First policy and this is what he’s trying to do. Give him A for effort. He just doesn’t sit still!’

Kameel reminded listeners Donald Trump has come into office not as a traditional politician nor part of the establishment.

But only time will tell whether the rapid changes taking place have been a good thing, according to Kameel.Related image

“Just the fact that he’s determined to fulfill his promises, and that he has a broad platform of what he wants to achieve in the country, and as far as he’s concerned he only has eight years to do it,” Kameel said, adding that it’s not a lot of time considering the massive size of Donald Trump’s agenda.

“So being that he always is a high energy individual to begin with, he’s now putting that ability that he has as an entrepreneur businessman to work in the Oval Office.”

But Dr Majdali admitted that there’s a need to budget in mistakes and miscalculations as the president is still a human being after all is said and done.

‘Think of it like a whirlwind coming to Washington. How do you process a whirlwind?’

20Twenty host Neil Johnson posed the question as to whether the Christians who voted for Mr Trump would still be onside after his decisions made so far.

“Think of it like a whirlwind coming to Washington. How do you process a whirlwind? It’s been boom, boom, boom for the last ten days. And it’s not just Trump. There’s been the women’s march that was the amalgam of all kinds of causes, not just women’s,” Kameel declared, mentioning the march was followed by The March for Life.Related image

“He has shown himself to be pro-life and signed a prohibition of funding abortions overseas. Something President Reagan did, something Bush the second did, and now Donald Trump has continued that. Both Obama and Clinton reversed those decisions but now Trump has reinstated them.”

Past history aside Dr Kameel said Donald Trump has a very solid marriage and a very close family life.

“Amazingly close. So there’s no new news. The 2005 lewd comments are not a factor at this point.”

‘Christian refugees particularly out of Syria who have suffered a lot and been neglected, to be given priority’

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Syrian Christian refugees

Kameel Majdali believes conservative Bible-believing Christians are heartened by Trump’s actions. Kameel also mentioned the president has said something Christians have been waiting to hear for a long time.

“That priority will be given to Christian refugees particularly out of Syria who have suffered a lot and been neglected,” Kameel announced.

Another matter raised was the election issues at the heart of America’s strong Christian community. They were not being reported during the election by America’s and the world’s main-stream media outlets.

“Main-stream media in America would be similar to Australia. Therefore Christians in America would look to cable TV, Fox News is one, although not pristine either, but they (Fox News) have a model that’s fair and balanced,” Kameel observed.Related image

“But you don’t even look to them. You look to alternative media for information. But Trump very shrewdly, reached out to evangelicals and they listened to Trump and rallied around him. You can see him on u-Tube videos receiving prayer from high profile Christian leaders in America,” Kameel said, saying that Trump won them over.

One of the biggest issues was the Trump policy on immigration and the ban against certain Muslim refugees entering the US.

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Syrian Muslim refugees

“They happened like a surprise, deliberately, on a particular day when the bans were put in place. This was so the bad guys couldn’t hurry up and get in,” Kameel explained, a reason the main-stream media hasn’t conveyed.

“There were apparently 325 thousand people entering the United States on that day. Of that 325 thousand, 109 were held up as part of this term called ‘extreme vetting,’ so we need some perspective here.”

Dr Kameel Majdali is no stranger to immigration as he himself is a migrant.

“While we should be open to immigration, I myself am a migrant and I know many people who are, but it’s got to be legal and proper. We are people who are under authority and under the law so it’s has got to be done right,” Kameel stated before adding that we need to be committed to truth and getting the facts right.

‘But what people don’t understand, there is a war going on.’

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rebels destroy buses in Aleppo

“Let’s face it,” Kameel observed, “If we’re only getting our information from one source, and it’s a highly biased source, then that’s not really helping the situation. Remember there’s two sides to every story and we need to do our homework before we make a judgment that could be erroneous.”

Kameel said immigration is important and that many positives come from it. Most immigrants do it the right way and make a proper contribution, but….

“But what people don’t understand, there is a war going on. It’s across the north of Africa, it’s across much of Asia, it’s often times involving Jihadists, it’s often times involving your own people. And that’s part of the thinking here. There is a war going on.”

“And if we understand it that way we might have a different perspective than pretending that there isn’t a problem. We owe it to the side of truth to get it right, and show appropriate respect for authority, even though it doesn’t mean we have to always agree with them either,” Kameel implied.

‘The concern about terrorism in the US is real and valid.  The same goes for Australia as well.’

“It’s a valid concern and it does need to be addressed. And its part of the duty of civil governments to protect their people. That is one of their fundamental duties.”


Stephane Charbonnier (1967-2015)

“I don’t think we should be living in torment and fear. But at the same time, being in a state of denial is not the way to do it.”

Kameel then brought up Europe and the horror headlines over the past two years. This started with the Charlie Hebdo cartoon attack and the kosher supermarket atrocity.

“That’s now two years ago,” Kameel announced before mentioning the attacks in Europe since then such as the Nice attack.

“84 people killed by a rogue driver. That’s 84 people! And that’s not counting the Christmas attack in Berlin!” Kameel exclaimed.

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Nice truck attack

“Americans and Australians watch this and they say, OK, what are we going to do about it to secure our community and our families?” Kameel said, saying it’s a legitimate concern.

As far as genuine migrants are concerned Dr Kameel needs no convincing that we’re open to receiving strangers.

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Berlin attack 2016

“Of course we welcome strangers. But who would welcome a stranger with a menacing appearance and who might be wanting to rob your house, or do worse? There are limits.”

Kameel said he heard one commentator say there needs to be a time of tough love.

‘The threat is still there. It hasn’t gone away after all these years.’

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Orlando night club attack response

“We just can’t be leaving ourselves vulnerable to the kind of attacks that are happening. Remember this is the land of 9/11 and that kind of mindset doesn’t go away easily. That was over 15 years ago.”

It’s reported that since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have carried out as many as 30,215 deadly terror attacks. (TheReligionofPeace.com)

“The threat is still there. It hasn’t gone away after all these years.”

Back to the Donald Trump presidency still in its infancy and some closing remarks from global trends specialist Dr Kameel Majdali.

‘The joke is he’s done so much we don’t think he sleeps. Look at how much activity is going on at the White House!’

“I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this. I don’t think there’s going to be a dull moment for sure. The guy didn’t even finish dancing at the inaugural ball with Melania and he’s signing executive orders, doing interviews, meeting heads of state.”

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Trump election protest

Dr Kameel quickly reflected on the shock elections over the last two years. The experts, the pundits, the pollsters, the elite.

“They predicted a certain outcome in elections and the exact opposite happened. And everyone was in shock. Including sometimes the winner of the election,” Kameel said with a chuckle.

“It happened in Britain. Twice. It happened in Sri Lanka. It happened in Israel with its election. And of course it happened in the United States.”

“Let’s remember, up to the day before the 8th November 2016 election, the polls were saying everywhere, Hillary Clinton was anywhere from 2 to 6 points ahead. And yet, that’s not what happened.”

‘You have ignored the average individual for too long. The middle class.’

“So, this trend of the shock elections may be a great extent to what it means, is that certain people in key places, the cultural elite, who have a narrative they want to promote, but against them now is this populist trend, and Donald Trump represents that,” Kameel explained.Related image

Kameel said what the populists are saying to the elite – ‘You have ignored the average individual for too long. The middle class. You’ve ignored them and they’re going to be ignored no more and therefore, we’re responding’.

“Brexit was exactly like that as was the election of Trump. So there’s this populist revolt. That’s exactly what it is. We watch and we pray.”


Kameel Majdali is a much sought-after Bible scholar, author and speaker who drew large crowds across the nation recently with biblical insights into current events during his Understand the Times tour of Australia. Like the “sons of Issachar” who understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32) the many who attended were informed on what’s happening with Israel, Turkey, Iran, mass migrations to Europe and the rise of populist politicians like Donald Trump. Dr Majdali has dedicated his life to studying the intersection of Scripture and world trends.

Kameel is an ACC ordained Bible Teacher, former Principal of Harvest Bible College in Melbourne, has a ministry called Teach All Nations, and travels regularly to the Middle East and Europe.


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