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Bill Newman

Bill Newman, arguably Australia’s best known and most loved evangelist, has returned from India where he was part of the Billy Graham team.

Bill was invited to speak at a crusade in Nellore north of Chennai in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Bill said he was working with Robert Cunville, a veteran associate evangelist on the Billy Graham crusades.

“He’s being doing this for years, and in fact, Billy Graham would not make a major decision without consulting Robert Cunville. He’s a godly man and a wise guy,” Bill shared, saying it was fantastic just to be with him.

“Robert was the keynote speaker every night and I was there to support him and do the spin-off meetings.”

Robert Cunville

Robert Cunville

‘The whole field was just packed with thousands of people’

Bill said it was in these meetings where hundreds of people came to the Lord, and every night the whole field was just packed with thousands of people, and when the invitation was given, people would flood forward to give their lives to the Lord,” Bill said, reporting the numbers were easily ten thousand or more every night.

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“You’ve got to set your sails where the wind is blowing and that’s where it’s happening. India is one of the great emerging nations of the world and that’s why we’re giving it a lot of impetus at the moment and working hard in that nation,” Bill declared, stating that mass evangelism is just a platform for personal evangelism.

Bill Newman spoke about the Christian Life and Witness classes held in India and said the pastors could see the value as people were trained in evangelism.Image result for Bill Newman evangelist images pics

“If we have good meetings I always say it’s the cream on the cake but I love to see people trained in evangelism,” Bill said, likening the evangelistic meetings to the tip of the iceberg.

It’s about preparation, proclamation, and preservation.’

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Narrabri Post Office

“The tip at the top, well that’s the meetings, but you have preparation, then proclamation, and then you have preservation.’

“We want to prepare people, get them ready to know how to share their faith. And then the proclamation. We do that as well as we possibly can. We do it in a contemporary style,” Bill informed, before mentioning the next major outreach in his diary, Narrabri, NSW.

Bill headlined the event by saying it’s going to be an exciting time.

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Steve Grace

“Steve Grace and Darryn Brown are coming. And we’ve a top young evangelist who’s great with children and we’re going to have a huge children’s rally. So we’re praying the whole of the Namoi valley around Narrabri will be really touched by the Lord,” Bill said in his inimical evangelistic style.

‘People will travel long distances to attend the meetings’

The Narrabri crusade is coming up soon. It’s on for three days, 24th to 26 March and it’s expected people will travel long distances to attend the meetings.

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Bill Newman spoke about the lengths people have gone to in the past to attend these outreaches. He mentioned Tasmania a number of years ago when they went right along the north-west coast.

“They later told me that forty people went to the mission fields as a result of those meetings. So there’s a lot of things that will be happening at Narrabri. Not just the proclamation meetings.”

“People’s hearts will be touched. And the pastors then see that they can evangelise and give similar invitations for people to come to Christ,” Bill informed, saying there’s many things that can happen.

‘We’re a hand-maiden to the local church. We’re not trying to build our own mini kingdom’

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Swan Rock, Narrabri

Vision Radio host Neil Johnson described the preparation that happens ahead of the meetings taking place. He pointed out how the ministers in a region are friendly to one another and that they unite to help make the outreach or the crusade a success.

Bill said they don’t want to go anywhere where there’s division. “We’re a hand-maiden to the local church. We’re not trying to build our own mini kingdom. We’re trying to build the kingdom of God. It’s a fabulous thing.”

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Bill Newman

“When God looks at any area, He sees His body (the church). We see it fragmented, but He sees His body,” Bill exclaimed, saying that his team has to see it that way as well.

“We need to be kingdom-minded. And it’s good to see local loyalties and we all know we have different ways, personalities, and the way we like to do things. But it’s wonderful when we come together, joining hands.”

‘The Spirit of God touches a community when we have that oneness together in sharing Christ’

“It’s like flood time. The waters come up, you can’t see the fence, we need to go that way,” Bill said, emphasizing how they really want to see the Body (of Christ) coming together.”

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“I believe the Spirit of God really touches a community when we have that oneness together in sharing Christ,” Bill stated.

The oneness and the unity with the believers in those communities is vitally important in the lead up to a Billy Graham outreach or a Bill Newman crusade, and absolutely essential is the need for prayer.

Bill Newman is adamant prayer is the key to evangelism.

Three things that are necessary – ‘prayer, more prayer, and much prayer’

“The more I’ve gone on in this life I see that prayer is the key. More prayer more power,” Bill highlighted before sharing about a man named Willis Haymaker who used to set up Billy Graham Crusades.

“He said there are three things that are necessary. ‘Prayer, more prayer, and much prayer.’ And he was right.”Related image

“We need to be praying. Praying is the thing that really stirs up the enemy. We’re fighting spiritual battles here. We see things physically outside, but really there are demonic powers that don’t want to see these communities touched for the Lord,” Bill informed.

“The way we blast ‘that’ down is through prayer. And I think it will only be when we get to glory (heaven) that we’ll see the importance of our prayer here on earth,” Bill said.

“The earth is the realm of Satan. Now in order for God to intervene in the affairs of men it must be at the request of man.”

‘You could smell this beautiful fragrance in the air’

“So we need to be really praying and asking God to touch these communities, and it happens!” Bill declared, saying there’s a lot of excitement in Narrabri right now before recalling the time he went to Bendigo, Victoria with the team.

“Because the pastors were together, God really commanded a blessing. In fact you could smell this beautiful fragrance in the air,” Bell recalled.

Finally, Bill concluded with his expectations for the Narrabri outreach.

“What we’re trying to do is to train young people on proclamation evangelism. And so when we go to Narrabri that’s is one of the key things I want to do. Take young people there, get them up on the platform and get them to proclaim Christ.”


Bill Newman Ministries is an evangelistic ministry with the sole purpose of reaching the whole world through the simple preaching of God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Narrabri event, hosted by the Combined Churches of Narrabri, will be held at the Crossing Theatre, Narrabri on March 24 to 26

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