Power in Prayer – 40 Day Prayer and Worship Relay

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Vision proudly supports this year’s 40 Day Prayer & Worship relay, which is now well underway. We want you to join us, and pray for Australia, in hope of bringing people to Jesus, and bringing revival to our nation.

Every day until the 9th of April, a church somewhere in Australia will pray for twenty-four hours straight. There’ll also be prayer meetings and events across the country. Check our map and calendar to find an event near you.

You can also register your church or prayer group as part of the relay. Even if you’re praying on your own, you’re never alone in the body of Christ, and your prayer counts.

When you sign up, you’ll receive daily devotionals to inspire your worship. There’ll also be daily video clips which you can share with your friends to spread the word.

Many of our family and friends might die without ever knowing what they’ve missed out on. In these forty days, we’re praying so that they can encounter Jesus, living through us, his Kingdom on Earth. And through our prayer and worship, we’re hoping to awaken a new generation of young, passionate prayer warriors, who will receive and give the gift of his love in the future.

In 1727, a small Moravian community started a twenty-four-hour prayer watch which would continue for more than a century. From Saxony, Germany, they sent hundreds of missionaries all over the world to spread the good news, and transform lives.

Recently, the Light of the World Prayer Centre in the US has been trying out the Moravians’ approach. Founder Dr Jason Hubbard says it’s amazing what God has been doing through this strategy. In his county alone, more than 8,000 people have been baptised, and 85 churches planted in the last 8 years.

If small communities can achieve so much, imagine what our whole country could do. Imagine a continuous canopy of prayer across our nation. That’s what Dr Hubbard envisioned for us. “We really hope that God will do more in Australia than he has done in America,” he said.

Psalm 133 says that where brothers dwell in unity, God commands his blessing, life forever more. So let’s unite all the Christians and churches of Australia in prayer, so that God can command his blessing on all of us, and bring revival to our nation.

Click here to join the Forty day Prayer & Worship Relay now. Every prayer makes a difference.

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