Pornography .. God’s Digital Rescue Mission

“Essentially with the neuroscience there are a number of ways to get inside the brain and have a look at what’s going on,” Brad explained, saying the most common way would be through MRI scans.

“In the case of pornography, these extreme areas light up in the brain, signaling that it’s receiving way too much stimulation,” Brad described.

“Husbands who begin to get addicted to porn, begin to lose feeling towards humans, which includes their spouse and their children,” Brad said, saying these husbands become distant and they stop taking and interest in their kids and raising them.Man, Business, Cartoon, Businessman

Brad Huddleston’s no stranger to Vision Radio. The respected speaker, teacher and author has exposed pornography for the satanic monster that it is. Brad has done the research and run out the stats on its young victims. He has also thrown down the gauntlet at those responsible for the lives of its victims and its victims-to-be, to not stand idly by and let these demonically influenced or possessed people steal their children.

‘9 out of 10 boys and 6 out of 10 girls are exposed to pornography before the age of 18’

Take a moment and consider these very disturbing facts about the way things are changing and shaping the lives of children as reported on Brad’s new DVD series ‘Porneia’.

Brad Huddleston told Vision Radio’s 20Twenty listeners why he chose the word porneia as the title for his latest DVD.

Bestiality – ‘we’re seeing children becoming involved in these sort of things’

“Porneia is a Greek word that appears 26 times in the New Testament. God created sex, He created it to be beautiful, between one man and one woman and obviously that’s been perverted,” Brad explained, saying the word itself means ‘illicit sexual intercourse’ and relates to the opposite sex, same sex and all kinds of vile things.Image result for children with laptops tablets pics images

“Bestiality and a whole host more have sprung up and we’re seeing children becoming involved in these sorts of things,” Brad said, saying the word also means adultery, and that it’s most commonly translated as fornication, but the term is a bit broader.

“It can mean homosexuality, lesbianism, and another thing unfortunately that we’re seeing a tremendous rise in is incest,” Brad stated. Brad’s just arrived in Australia from Los Angeles where at least two people confessed to the temptation of incest.

‘Children as young as 10 brought in for counselling for pornography addiction’

Brad Huddleston confessed that these very vile things are becoming much worse and mentioned a church in South Africa that called on him for help when children as young as 10 were being brought in for counselling for pornography addiction.

Image result for children with laptops tablets pics images

“These children would stumble across it accidentally or it would find them on tablets in their bedrooms, and the church there didn’t quite know how to handle all of it so they asked me to come in and deal with it,” Brad said.

It was this calling that pushed Brad to look into neuroscience and the Word of God. It was this study that led to the five-part DVD series Porneia.

“We geared it toward individuals, as well as small groups and the next endeavor for me will be to write a work book for it,” Brad said before expanding on neuroscience and how it has helped immensely with understanding the reaction of the brain to pornography.

‘Scientifically it can now be proved that porn is extremely damaging’

Brad said Christians only need the Word of God to know pornography is a bad thing and to stay away from it. But many others need the scientific proof.

That’s where neuroscience comes in.

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According to Brad Huddleston, scientifically it can now be proved that porn is extremely damaging.

“Essentially with the neuroscience there are a number of ways to get inside the brain and have a look at what’s going on. The most common way would be through MRI’s,” Brad informed.

He said the specialists now have these helmets with sensors that are attached to the scalp.

“You can have people when undergoing an MRI, do things in real time, such as look at pornography, do social media, or google, and play video games, and in real time you can look at the brain’s reaction to these various stimuli,” Brad said, saying you can see where some things help and where damage is being done in others.

‘Pornography affected brains are comparable to cocaine addicts brains – it is that toxic’

“In the case of pornography, these extreme areas light up in the brain, signaling that it’s receiving way too much stimulation,” Brad described before mentioning his previous DVD and book ‘Digital Cocaine’.

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“When you talk about digital stimuli it’s most often detected in neuroscience circles when people overdo it and misuse it. Porn-affected brains are comparable to cocaine addict’s brains,” Brad said, saying when scanning the two it’s hard to detect the difference between them because stimulation is stimulation.

“Both the addiction and the stimulation happens in the exact same area of the brain. But when it comes to pornography, the neuroscience community have labelled it a poly-drug effect,” Brad said.

“It not only resembles the extreme stimulation of cocaine but it’s as though they’ve mixed heroin with it. It is that toxic,” Brad highlighted, saying this has led to a host of problems for the porn addict.

‘Neuroscience reveals little highways form in the brain called ‘porn ruts’

“A porn addict unlike a video game addict, does not necessarily need to have greater quantities of the porn. What they end up doing is to seek out something that is novel or new, and it has to get progressively taboo, or as we Christians would say, perverted,” Brad said.

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This has led to discussions in neuroscience circles about what they call ‘little highways that form in the brain called ‘porn ruts’.

“Think of it as a little filter. Say if you’ve been looking at straight pornography and you then come out into the real world, and you’re a straight male and you look at a female, you’ll find it very, very hard or difficult to look at that female in her purity. That’s because it will go into that ‘porn rut’ and all that porn will be transposed over the top of her image and you will lust and you will not be able to not wonder what she looks like underneath her clothes,” Brad explained before giving detail to the next stage of this perversion.

He said that particular ‘porn rut’ fantasy will wear off and the porn addict won’t be able to be stimulated.

‘Young people are turning to gay porn …  the straight porn doesn’t stimulate them anymore’

“And so the desire for a more despicable taboo enters and drives you to search out another sub-genre of pornography. Once underway you don’t have to look long to jolt the system to keep it excited as it builds up a resistance just like drugs build up,” Brad said, describing the urgency to press harder and harder so that the porn addict can continue to generate large amounts of these chemicals, mainly dopamine.

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Brad said what they’re finding is very disturbing. Many young people are now turning to gay porn. It’s not that they’re necessarily gay, but the straight porn doesn’t stimulate them anymore. So in order to be stimulated they will look at gay porn.

“Next the addict becomes very disturbed as the ‘porn rut’ goes from bad to worse. A boy becomes the object of desire. They find it very uncomfortable, especially if they’re not homosexual or gay,” Brad said, adding their torment worsens as they now look at their friends who are male and struggle with lust toward them.

“They start to really get troubled,” Brad said. “But what scares me is knowing the desire won’t last. Their brains will get used to that too and they’ll have to jump to something even more taboo,” Brad said.

‘One of the sub-genres of porn is child pornography’

In Brad Huddleston’s research from conversations with law enforcement and various others, is that what they do know, one of the sub-genres of porn is child pornography. He said it’s led to discussions about the deep web.

“The FBI in America has parked in the deep web at these porn sites, and if an IP address from a home visits these sites more than twice, the home will be raided,” Brad said.

“The parents will be arrested, all the hard drives and devices will be confiscated followed up by an investigation,” Brad said, saying the porn problem is worsening and the demand for his services has grown as a result.

It was at this moment of the discussion with 20Twenty host Neil Johnson that Brad made a comment about the church.

‘The church is a little late to the conversation, but God is bigger and so we tackle this’

“I have to be honest with you, but the church is a little late to the conversation as we often are. But God is bigger and so we tackle this,” Brad said, saying the increasing problem of pornography is not getting mentioned enough from the pulpit.

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Brad mentioned, that because porn is not being discussed much from the pulpit, the number of females exposed to pornography is growing to the extent that it’s becoming ‘the norm’. The rule rather than the exception.

“Normalisation is happening and because it’s not discussed, people have a tendency to say there’s nothing wrong with this. ‘It’s helping in my marriage’ and so couples are turning to it,” Brad illustrated before delivering a warning.

‘These husbands and fathers are stimulating themselves with pornography’

“At the same time you seek out stimulation a very hideous thing happens alongside of it. It results in anhedonia, a numbing of the pleasure centre. And the way this condition manifests itself in society, and with Christians, is that husbands who begin to get addicted to porn, they begin to lose feeling towards humans, which includes their spouse and their children,” Brad explained, saying these husbands become distant and they stop taking and interest in their kids and raising them.

Image result for fathers distant from children pics images

“Outside of work these husbands and fathers are stimulating themselves with pornography and often video games are tied to that as well. “The average age of a video gamer is 32, although it’s predominately a teenage problem,” Brad informed.

“So this numbing effect happens and when you numb yourself this also numbs spiritual pursuits,” Brad said.

‘We need to distinguish between God’s anointing and dopamine’

“Those moments when the Holy Spirit comes and the Word of God jumps off those pages and becomes rhema and life to your spirit. You’ll find those activities boring because you’re numb to things less stimulating and so your brain wants to have extreme stimulation,” Brad said as he described how feelings are greatly diminished toward normal things when you’re not being stimulated.

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So, pornography or no pornography, what are churches having to do today to match this constant bombardment of the senses and the sheer over stimulation of technological gadgetry?

“Churches have had to up the ante with the fog machines and the lights, and I know I’m treading on dangerous ground when I say this, I’m not against anything, I don’t want to bring legalism into this, but we really need to distinguish between anointing and dopamine and make sure that the anointing is greater than the entertainment values.”

“Nothing wrong with entertainment but we should value spiritual things above that. But we’ve had to entertain people because they’ve saturated themselves so much at home, that when they get to church, we as ministers feel we have to up the entertainment because they find us boring,” Brad admitted.

‘God is on a digital rescue mission – He wants to heal us’

“Pornography is the number one thing that causes anhedonia. Anhedonia only used to be found in schizophrenics, people with major depressive disorders, and severe drug addicts. But now it is prolific in people who are addicted to pornography and is rife in children whose parents use these devices as babysitters.’

But as Brad Huddleston concluded his message he apologised saying he was not intentionally wanting to scare parents or condemn them.

“I believe with all of my heart that God has given me the task of creating these videos and writings for His purposes. That’s because God is on a digital rescue mission.”

“He loves us. He misses us and wants to heal us and restore the feelings. So please don’t think that I’m just throwing this out there to shock people.”


Brad Huddleston is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher and author on the important issues such as technology and culture. He has worked with universities, schools, churches and law enforcement, and spoken to tens of thousands around the world on both the advantages of well-used technology tools and the dangers of the growing trend toward technology addiction. Brad has an on-going collaboration with the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) and its Neuroscience Division at the University of South Africa. Brad has a degree in Computer Science and a Diploma of Biblical Studies. He’s also a frequent guest on radio and television and author of Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance and The Dark Side of Technology: Restoring Balance in the Digital Age.

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