‘The Hidden Half’ Women In Islam – Dr Stuart Robinson

Thursday, April 20th, 2017
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Dr Stuart Robinson

“In Islam there is no such a thing as human rights, there is only Allah’s rights.”

“Muslims regard Mohammad as being the perfect man and his life, what he said and did, is the example.”

“Women are the most harmful trial and affliction to men. Child marriage is permissible.”

“Some of things that come out in these Muslim texts include statements that ‘men are superior to women, or that women are dangerously evil.’”Image result for Muslim women in veils images pics

Dr Stuart Robinson made these statements in a discussion on Vision Radio’s 20Twenty program that focused on women and Islam.

‘Women are mostly silenced in public places’

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Stuart has lived, worked and travelled in Muslim countries, planted churches there, and written numerous books on Islam including ‘Mosques And Miracles’ published in 2003.

Stuart Robinson has authored 11 books all up, the latest being ‘The Hidden Half’ that reports on the treatment of women in Islamic countries.

In countries where Islamic law is imposed, women are mostly silenced in public places and rendered effectively invisible by the clothing they’re obliged to wear.

The women are also frequently condemned to suffer abuse and indignity where males determine their role. The males are also permitted to discipline their wives and in a recent Australian video a Muslim woman agreed the discipline is sometimes necessary to promote tranquility in the family home.

‘The source of male Muslim behaviour towards women’

The Hidden Half : Women and Islam - Dr Stuart Robinson


Stuart’s about to travel overseas again, firstly to the Middle East before heading for Germany and the town of Herrnhut, the birth place of the Moravians. That’s the township where at one time they had more than 100 years of continuous prayer.

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The Hadith

But back to the book ‘The Hidden Half’. Stuart said it covers all the issues complete with illustrations depicting the treatment of women in various countries. He said importantly it gets back to the source of what gives rise to these sorts of behaviours.

“The principle source in Islam that validates everything, there are actually three of them. There’s the Quran which most people know of its existence. But not many know of the Hadith,” Stuart outlined, saying the Hadith contains the traditions.

‘Muslims regard Mohammad as the perfect man’

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The Quran

“Then there’s the Zither, the biographies of Mohammad. These biographies and traditions contain tens of thousands of these anecdotal traditions, some of which have greater authority than others,” Stuart informed, saying it’s the contents of these two books that flesh out the theory of what’s in the Quran.Image result for Muslim mosque praying pic image

“They show how Mohammad lived, what he said, how he related it, and everything about his daily life. That’s important because Muslims regard Mohammad as being the perfect man and his life, what he said and did, is the example,” Stuart said, just as Christians do with Jesus.

Dr Robinson mentioned that what Mohammad said and did is followed through to the minutest detail. It’s not just about war and having people murdered, but it goes right down to personal matters.

‘Mohammad ordered his 13 wives to be veiled’

“Mohammad had a beard therefore I have to have a beard if I’m a male. Then Mohammad ordered his 13 wives to be veiled after a particular incident, so today we must have our women veiled.”Image result for Muslim woman beating pic image

“So it’s those three sources of information, the Quran, the Hadith and the Zither with their traditions and biographies, that underlie and validate Muslim activity, Stuart stated.

Dr Robinson commented that in the West there are many people who would claim to be Christian but never get around to reading the Gospels, never confess Jesus as Lord, never go to any church, but would still say they are Christians. Likewise there are many who say they are Muslims but don’t strictly follow the teachings and examples that are in the sacred text.

‘The traditions, the biographies lead to Sharia Law’

“That partly explains why you can have various responses as Muslim women did so in Australia as portrayed on video.”Image result for Muslim women in veils images pics

Then there’s the word used by Muslims to describe their god who’s named Allah. Stuart said the word Allah revealed through Mohammad can never be changed.

“It is the basis along with the traditions and biographies that are called Sharia law. And in our countries, Western democracies, in Christian situations where church and state are separate, our parliaments can change laws, they can do what they like.”

“But in Islam, Sharia law, extrapolated from those major sources, that’s not up for change or debate. You might apply or interpret them slightly differently but you cannot change those laws. They are immutable because it’s claimed they have come from Allah. They’re his laws.”

‘In Islam there is no such a thing as human rights’

“There is only Allah’s rights,” Stuart explained, saying Allah’s rights are not up for review or amendment.Image result for Muslim women in veils images pics

What was revealed and cemented back then, 14-hundred years ago in the seventh century, is applicable for all time.

That means, as far as women are concerned, how they are treated by men was all set out in these sacred texts.

Dr Robinson discussed Muslim men and their treatment of women and their wives, saying he knows many who treat their wives in a gentle and loving manner.

‘The texts say men are superior to women’

“Some (Muslim husbands) are my friends and they’re wonderful people!” Stuart exclaimed, saying they treat their wives with honour and respect.Image result for Muslim woman beating pic image

“However, if a husband chooses to implement literally what is in the sacred texts then different things emerge. So when someone chooses to do that you can’t criticize that person because the validation of his behaviours is in the sacred text,” Stuart admitted.

He said some of things that come out in these texts include statements that ‘men are superior to women.’ Or that women are dangerously evil.’

“Women are the most harmful trial and affliction to men. Child marriage is permissible. A wife needs her husband’s permission to fast, attend a mosque, have guests in the home, to go out in public,” Stuart said, saying the Islamic inheritance laws discriminate against women.

‘A woman is equal to a dog and a monkey’

“Women are not supposed to be in leadership in organisations and there are spiritual implications for the women as well,” Stuart informed.Image result for Muslim women in veils images pics

Mohammad said if a man is praying and a dog, a donkey, or a woman walked in front of the person who was praying while facing towards Mecca, then the efficacy of his prayer was annulled.

“Correlating a dog which is the worst insult you can have in Islam, with a woman, is not a very nice thing. Similarly there are spiritual implications not just for this life but the next life, Mohammad said that he stood at the door of hell and the majority of people in hell were women,” Stuart Robinson mentioned, saying they were there because they were ungrateful to their husbands.

‘Islam goes through cycles as does Christianity’

Dr Robinson said all of these rulings are mandated within the sacred texts.

“But whether the Muslim next door is implementing them or not is not the question. They will be implemented somewhere at some time because Islam goes through cycles of reformation and resurgence,” Stuart said just as Christianity has its cycles.

“We in our reformations go back, and Muslims in reformation mode go back to these basic texts.”

But Islam’s teachings on how men can treat their women is a far cry from what the Bible teaches.

‘Jesus treated women with love and gentleness’

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Jesus and Mary Magdalene

“In Christianity it’s very clear right from the book of Genesis onwards that we are made in the image of God. We, as men and women, are made as complementary equals. We have different functions but in God’s sight we are equal in value, equal in status,” Stuart highlighted, describing Jesus as our model.

“You see the way Jesus treated women and again He is our model. And one of the things that deeply touches Muslim women is when they come across the story of how Jesus dealt with the woman who was taken in adultery,” Stuart shared, saying Jesus didn’t follow the religious line of the day for the woman to be stoned.

Then there was the woman with the issue of blood who was sick for many years and who secretly touched Jesus garment and was healed.

‘Muslim women gob-smacked by Jesus kindness to women’

“Again, women in Islam regard it as impure with their monthly cycles. They’re not supposed to touch the Quran or engage in any of those activities. They’re unclean,” Stuart  said.

“Well, here’s a woman who’s been unclean for many, many years in terms of the blood issue, but Jesus heals her! Stuart exclaimed.

“So when Muslim women read the stories about the way in which Jesus treated people, they’re gob-smacked. They become so appreciative.”



If you would like to listen to the audio interview click play below

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Dr Stuart Robinson is the Founding Pastor of Australia’s largest Baptist Church.   (Grew to 6500 under Stuart and is now 9000 strong)

Before that he worked for fourteen years in South Asia where he pioneered church planting among Muslims.

He travels extensively as a speaker at Conferences.

He is the author of 11 books including best-selling titles, Mosques & Miracles, Defying Death and The Prayer of Obedience.

He is regarded as one of the premier Preacher / Teachers of his generation.

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