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Ian ‘Watto’ Watson

Quotes from Watto’s recent interview on Vision radio:

“I’m here because you called me up,” Watto said, “So it must be what God wants to happen today.”

“That was our wedding text. Margaret chose it. I wouldn’t have known where 1 John 4:7 was and it’s short, ‘love is of God’ but, it works!” Watto exclaimed.

“Love is only four little letters but it’s the most sought after thing on the face of this earth.”

“Ezekiel 36:26 ‘God said that He’ll remove the rocks from around your heart and give you a new heart.”

That’s four ‘you beaut’quotes from Ian Watto Watson who’s recently completed his latest book ‘Champion Blokes Learn To Love’.

‘There’s gold to be discovered in ‘them there’ hills of matrimony’

When you are going through the challenges of married life Watto’s one ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie who hasn’t held back on the hard yakka needed to complete the betrothal marathon.Champion Blokes Learn To Love (Ian 'Watto' Watson) PAPERBACK

This is the ‘shed happens’ man. A man who’s gone the distance. And there’s gold to be discovered in ‘them there’ hills of matrimony. That’s if you have the right tools to dig it up.

In fact, after a half century on the marriage frontlines, Ian ‘Watto’ Watson said what he’s dug up are ‘nuggets of gold’.

So it was no coincidence that another man with an eye for a gem, Vision’s Neil ‘Opals’ Johnson, spotted Watto’s new book and had a quick flick through it. Next thing you know, Watto’s discussing the contents of the book ‘Champion Blokes Learn To Love’ with Neil.

‘I had to let it go – my body needed some chemo’

Now, if you’ve heard ‘Watto’ before you’ll know he has a really ‘down to earth’ way of communicating and this conversation was no exception.Life starts with trust

Watto described his appearance on Vision as a ‘Godly moment’ because he’s had a rough trot with his health lately.

“Again with this whole book, I had to let it go the past 18 months with my body needing some further chemo treatment,” Watto shared, saying he’s been through a ‘letting go’ period.

“I go Lord, ‘I let it go’. And if nobody rings me up to speak at a shed night or Vision radio never calls me again, ‘Lord I let it go’, so I’m here because you called me up,” Watto said, putting Neil on the spot.

‘Watto’s wife Margaret – she’s grouse and he loves her heaps’

“So it must be what God wants to happen today.”SHEDNIGHT//SHEDHAPPENS

Neil Johnson acknowledged Watto’s capacity to be able to communicate, hence the ‘Shed Happens’ ministry and Watto’s books that are available at Vision’s bookstore.

But back to the topic and that’s Watto’s 50-year romance with his wife Margaret. She’s grouse and he loves her heaps.

Watto said it was God who gave him the gift of encouragement and when it comes to encouragement it just comes out easy for Watto.

‘I had to learn to love myself – my personality is actually lonely’

“The closer I’ve been drawn to trusting in God, I’ve learned to love God more and to be more who He created me to be so I can be me. I can give you a man-hug, I can listen to you, encourage you,” that’s Watto’s overview of his ministry, but it comes with a caveat.Getting rid of the gunk

“I had to learn to love myself because my type of personality is actually lonely in Australia because you can cop criticism by being just natural.”

But there’s no stopping Watto.

“So I love it. I love every day and I look forward to every day and say a lot of thank you prayers to God and nothing’s going to happen that God and I can’t sort out and I love to meet people,” Watto shared, saying he loves going anywhere and just start talking to people.

‘1 John 4:7 … it’s short, ‘love is of God’ and it works!’

Back to the book, ‘Champion Blokes Learn To Love’ and Watto’s of the opinion there aren’t too many blokes who Learn How to Give Encouraging Turbocharged Wordsdon’t need to learn how to love. Their lives are like a mile of unpaved road so to speak.

Watto said that when you come to know love is of God, as laid out in 1 John 4:7, then that’s the whole guts of what this book is all about.

“That was our wedding text,” said Watto. “Margaret chose it. I wouldn’t have known where 1 John 4:7 was but it’s short, ‘love is of God’ and it works!” he stressed.

“I never ever thought that love, meaning in bed, in the sexual part of your being, was where God was,” said Watto.

Say that again?  Nope….he didn’t.

‘Love – the most sought after thing on the face of this earth.’

The sexual part of your being was where God has never been mentioned in a church Watto has sat in.

As for that particular part of a bloke, Watto said he grew up knowing it was where lust was manufactured, manipulated, abused and used, all because of certain things that happened to Watto when he was growing up.

“The influences (of this) to men takes hold of the heart. They rip you apart and take you into unhealthy places. And then when you go to meet the girl of your dreams these things can come back and bite,” Watto commented, saying they bite the person you love the most.

“Love is only four little letters but it’s the most sought after thing on the face of this earth.”

‘A lot of us have got to get cleaned out from the past’

“And the men I know in Australia, they all want to love. But they want the dinky di, fair dinkum real deal stuff,” said Watto in his true blue truckie lingo.Image result for unhappy heart images pics

“Not the pretend stuff not the shonky stuff, but a lot of us have got to get cleaned out from the past and the shonkyness of our love.”

Watto revealed in his book that he was sexually abused as a child and that affected the way he thought about love.

“For me it built anger, bitterness, resentment and hatred, and the sort of bloke I am, outgoing and extrovert, had angry consequences, but I locked up my heart and I learnt to tell a story that got me love in one sort of way,” was how Watto described it.

That was the sexual interference whammy that hit Watto. Later came another whammy.

‘You build up these rocks around your heart’

“When I was 15, I found my mother dead on the floor from a washing machine that was faulty. That put grief into my heart.”Related image

Watto said he had guilt and shame from the abuse in his heart and then came this load of grief on top of that.

“And then I met this beautiful girl Margaret but there’s this perverted way going on in your heart and you build up these rocks around your heart,” Watto revealed, saying in contrast to his spiritual state, God had given him a treasured Godly beautiful woman.

At that time Watto was 16 and Margaret 15. Then yet another whammy.

His 21 year-old sister dropped dead and his grief was so intense it damaged his heart.

‘This is what men all around the country want to find out’

Tell dream-makers your dream

Margaret and Watto

“And I’m clinging on to Margaret with what I think is love, but it’s not really God’s love,” Watto recalled.

“It’s a mixture of the world’s stuff and you don’t get the pure love of God in the relationship where both are loving God and loving each other.”

Watto said this is what men all around the country want to find out. But he questioned whether counseling was the answer.

“You can go and get all the counseling you like and there’s plenty of people whose shoulders you can cry on. But if you deny the spiritual part of who you are or you don’t even know about it, then you don’t get to find out that in the Bible and Ezekiel 36:26 ‘God said that He’ll remove the rocks from around your heart and give you a new heart.”

So Watto with the rocks still around his heart trots off to a men’s camp.

‘Many Aussie blokes are starved of God’s love’

“It was one bloke from Townsville. He read this Bible text. Ezekiel 36:26 it was as if God said, ‘Hear it man’”.Encourage another bloke who doesn’t think he’s good enough

In short, what Watto was saying was that Aussie men are no different to how he was. They’re starved of God’s love.

He also mentions in the book about the marriages where the couples are unequally yoked. There’s an unequal struggle unless both the husband and wife are on the same page in the spiritual sense.

The first big hang up for Watto was the bitterness and grief he was harbouring from his mother dying suddenly all those years ago. He said it came to the surface when a young woman at his church died. Watto said he was so angry he didn’t want to go to the funeral.

‘Watto’s first big hang up – his mother’s sudden death’

Next a Christian mate confronted Watto to find out what his problem was.Image result for old washing machines

Watto unloaded on him, specifically his mother’s sudden death when he was a boy because of the faulty washing machine.

“He said, ‘Watto, you haven’t given over your mother’s hand from when you were a boy and put it in the hand of God’. They prayed for me and I distinctly remember that God did something to me in my heart, and I reached forward and said, ‘God, take my mother’s hand.”

Watto said he was in his 30’s when this happened and his wife Margaret was with him and she’d loved him all this time since she was 15. So the love between them had been pretty much one-way traffic.

‘I had to physically let go in my heart and give it to God’

“I didn’t realise I had been still holding Margaret away from my heart because I don’t want anyone to come in and break my heart. But I actually had the healing that day,” Watto confessed and said there was nothing emotional about it. It just happened.Ian Watto Watson - A prayer for Men in 2017, at @visionradio

“It was a genuine thing that I had to physically let go in my heart and give to God,” he said.

It’s partly because of this ‘giving it over to God’ experience that Watto carries a burden for the men of Australia.

‘Aussies need God’s gift of intimacy’

“Have they come from a family of love, or have they come from a world of pain and shame and hurt that they didn’t even deserve as kids?”Getting free of the past

Watto said the ones carrying the hurts get into a relationship and try to engage in God’s beautiful gift of intimacy, but they don’t do so well because of the hurt and pain.

But there’s more to it as Watto shared his story and experiences with Neil on 20Twenty. So take a listen to the full interview.

Also check out Watto’s new book –  ‘Champion Blokes Learn To Love.’ Directions below.

As for Watto, at Vision we reckon his blood’s worth bottling.

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


About Watto in his own words.

“I’ve never see anyone go backwards with encouragement. I want to encourage you to get fair dinkum and live a joyful life!

I’m a coach, a teacher, a father, a student, an uncle, a mentor, an author, a motivational speaker and I want to be your mate and help you on your journey.

I hope this blog and my books inspire you and help you become a real-deal CHAMPION!”

For more on Watto, visit the following websites:Listen and cruise!

And if you want to go shopping for Watto’s great books for blokes, visit Vision’s bookstore.

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