The God Revolution – Tony McLennan

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

“More and more people are coming to the Lord…I get the impression God is on the move….things are happening!”

“I believe the early signs of revival are being generated by the Holy Spirit.”

“The supernatural nature of the conversions I’ve been seeing, particularly over the last 12 months and longer, indicates to me that these things are unprecedented in my experience.”

‘God is calling Aussies to a God Revolution’

These observations from a remarkable man of God who’s front and centre for The God Revolution.

At its core is a group called ‘Australia for Jesus’ that believes God is calling Aussies to participate in a Revolution of Righteousness – a God Revolution.

With all that is happening in Australia, the advance of lawlessness, the shift towards secular humanism as the default ‘religion’, the corruption of family life and the distortion of morality into anything, this is a new initiative to address the challenges.

‘The cry for people to be more effective’

Its leader is Tony McLennan who has just transitioned from his role as CEO of the Bible League.

It was during his travels with Bible League, particularly to churches in Australia and New Zealand, Tony heard many pastors crying out for their people to be more effective in bringing others to Jesus.

“So Bible League ran quite a number of ‘Bringing Others to Jesus’ seminars. These were actively supported and well attended,” Tony confirmed but said it identified a vacuum in the area of soul winning, witnessing and evangelism.

‘A tremendous opportunity to tell others’

“The reason for this I can’t quite fathom. But we only have to look upon the state of our nation today to see that other doctrines have filled the vacuum…”

“…Whereas we who know the Lord, who have been brought into a real and living relationship with Him, have a tremendous opportunity to tell others about Jesus and bring them to faith,” Tony explained.

But he said that people have held back sharing their faith to others saying that some are ‘caught up in the thorns’ as mentioned in Mark chapter 4.

“Or others are frightened off or have tried and failed,” Tony said.

‘Brighter times are coming’

“Whatever the case we believe that brighter times are coming and there are strong signs people are responding to the Good News.”

Tony McLennan said they’ve produced resources with the technology for people to learn how to present the Gospel from their i-Phones or by other means.

“It enables them to present the Gospel in a certain way that encourages responses from people.”

“That in itself will help them be much more effective at winning others to Christ,” Tony related.

‘A revolution that puts the Gospel in the hands of individuals’

But 20Twenty host Neil Johnson suggested many Christians believe the Gospel need only be proclaimed from a pulpit. But that’s not what Tony McLennan believes.Image result for cafe al fresco images pics

It’s soul winning on the streets or across the table over a cup of coffee.

“You’re talking about a revolution that puts the Gospel in the hands of individuals who are going to be witnesses for Christ,” Neil stated.

Tony McLennan’s response was from the Book of Hebrews, saying many voices have gone out into the world.

‘They don’t know how to present it to others’

“None of those voices are insignificant,” Tony replied, “But the Gospel has been dulled and confused because people very often don’t know how to present it properly.”

“They know they’ve been saved but they don’t know how to present it to others in a way that’s engaging, compelling, but also compassionate and clear,” Tony expressed.

“So if people know how to actually present the Gospel in an atmosphere of prayer beforehand then they’ll be remarkably blessed to see people coming to faith,” Tony declared.

‘The Holy Spirit has just fallen upon them’

“Oddly enough people don’t realise there is a great receptiveness out there,” Tony said, saying that when he’s been on buses, trains, or planes people have come to the Lord sitting alongside him.

“There have been other times when I’ve met people in other contexts and shared the Gospel with them and the Holy Spirit has just fallen upon them while I’ve been speaking,” Tony commented.

Some have responded to Tony remarks saying he’s especially blessed. That’s not how he sees it.

‘Look and see what God will do’

“I put it down to this, God watches over His Word to perform it. And if we share that word clearly to others, and give them a proper presentation of the Gospel, then look and see what God will do,” Tony announced before giving an example of what it means for God watching over His Word to perform it.

“A young man was sent to me by a relative to have a discussion about his direction in life, because I used to be a business coach.”

(Tony was a management consultant for many years before his role with Bible League.)

“During this conversation I noticed he gave himself a virtual zero for spiritual development. Mental and physical development etcetera was very good.”

‘Suddenly the Holy Spirit fell upon me and upon him’

“So I said, if you’re going to advance in your life you’re going to need to have a spiritual basis. What I’d like you to do is allow you to evaluate this little presentation of the Gospel,” Tony said telling the story.

This man went to the Scots Church next door to a particular café and in a quiet spot in the chapel Tony showed him ‘The Way of Life’ presentation.

“Now he was a non-believer all the way through to slide no. 22. And when I asked him if he could believe that Jesus died for him, suddenly the Holy Spirit fell upon me and upon him,” Tony shared, saying he was delighted because the presence of the Lord always brings joy to the believer. But not this tough young man.

“He was terrified!” Tony declared, “and he cried out’

‘What’s happening to me? What’s happening to me?’”

Tony told him it was the Holy Spirit convincing him of sin and the need for righteousness and the judgement that will otherwise come.

“I said that calmly and in a compassionate way. And he said, ‘What am I to do, what can I do?’”

“I said, do you want to receive God’s gift of eternal life and he said, ‘I certainly do,’” Tony outlined, saying this man went from being a non-believing atheist to a believer in about 30 seconds.

‘God is on the move – things are happening’

This led Tony McLennan to report what he’s been noticing over the last 12 months in particular.

“More and more people are coming to the Lord under those circumstances. So I get the impression God is on the move.”

“Things are happening,” said Tony. “And if the saints get into the action of sharing God’s Good News with others there’ll be a season of transformed lives in greater rapidity,” Tony declared.

But a key to sharing the Gospel is preparation and Tony knows something about that.

‘First of all God starts to move on His people…’

…and then He moves through His people to bring about revival. And what we recommend in our ‘Bringing Others to Jesus’ seminars and talks, is that first of all we come to Him,” Tony said, saying we come to Jesus in prayer for the lost.

“God will lay people on our hearts and we’ll pray for those people and at the moment in my church we are meeting each week to pray for people by name.”

“God has laid these people on our hearts and it’s our intention to approach these people eventually, and in the right order, to share the Gospel with them as God gives us opportunity,” Tony shared, saying that’s just one thing.

‘He is watching over His Word to perform it’

“The second thing is, we present the Gospel and God attends on that action because He is watching over His Word to perform it.”

“It’s God who actually supervises and generates the interest and passion to do that, and to give us clarity in our delivery,” Tony revealed, before going to a third thing.

“We want to be parenting spiritually those who are coming to faith. Everyone who comes to faith is a new babe with needs, and this is something not to be begrudged.”

‘The early signs of revival generated by the Holy Spirit’

Tony said people he has parented spiritually over the years have gone on to lead their whole families to Christ and many others besides.

“You see a real harvest of righteousness building,” Tony shared. “I believe the early signs of revival are being generated by the Holy Spirit.”

“The supernatural nature of the conversions I’ve been seeing, particularly over the last 12 months and longer, indicates to me that these things are unprecedented in my experience.”

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Tony McLennan would be the worst person for a non-Christian to sit next to on the train—if they wanted to stay a non-Christian, according to Eternity’s John Sandeman. That’s because Tony is a gifted personal evangelist. Now heading up The Australia For Jesus Network Tony was formerly CEO for Bible League International. But it was evangelism he talked about when he shared a train trip with Eternity’s John Sandeman. – See more at:


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