‘A New Creation’ – Bel Thomson

“Others (songs) have been written from places of real pain. After having ‘Mikey’ I had post-natal depression.”

“There were songs written in that period while I was holding him in the carrier, sitting at the piano just pouring my heart out, a part of my own journey of healing.”

Vision Radio’s Robbo (minus Becci) was honoured to host a very special guest in the studio recently.

‘Bel’s not going to panic. She’s the consummate performer’

Think about it. When you have an award-winning singer, songwriter and speaker on your show, the show in this case being Vision’s Rise and Shine program, there’s really not a lot you have to do.

All host Robbo had to do was open the guest mic, quietly exit the studio, go and have breakfast somewhere, and leave the rest to Bel.

Why not? After all, Bel’s not going to panic. She’s the consummate performer who’s done the hard yards. This would be a stroll in the park for Bel.

And just who might this Bel girl be you may ask? Bel Thomson of course!

‘You mean you don’t know who Phil is?’

And did you know Bel just happens to be married to Phil? What do you mean you don’t know who Phil is? Hey, Phil thomson profile hdhe’s THE Phil Thomson of course!

And what you really may not know is that Bel’s husband Phil also happens to be the Executive Officer at Willow Creek Australia. True story. AND…he’s also Phil Thomson MBA, a skilled and talented Christian leadership coach, a trainer, and a speaker, AND, get this.

He’s certified with the John Maxwell Team, AND he has lots of speaking topics.

‘Can he talk the leg off an iron pot?’

So, does that mean he can talk the leg off an iron pot? Maybe. Best ask Bel to confirm that. We won’t.Phil thomson preaching

All that to say Phil cannot be accused of just being Bel’s ‘handbag’. He’s much, much more.

Next, Bel Thomson will soon be recording her new album, album number six, in Nashville, Tennessee.

As for ‘A New Creation’, that was Bel’s fifth, and has been well received and doing the rounds for a couple of years since its release.

‘Roadrunners Bel, Phil, and Mikey’

Right now it’s also timely to mention Bel and Phil have their own new creation, he being their first and only child Michael. Or Mikey as he’s commonly called,  and he’s recently turned the big numero uno!

Plenty has happened of late in the Thomson family. And there’s plenty more up ahead. Here’s what Bel had to say to Robbo.

Firstly, it’s been a matter of where the rubber meets the road, literally. No mention of road kill stats, but they’ve been touring all over Australia and Bel wanted to compliment her husband for the roles he’s had to fill to make that possible.

‘We literally lived out of our car some of the time’

“My husband is pretty amazing. He really felt that God was calling us to step out and do more than just a fewImg 9969 0790 1 weekends away at a time.”

“So he changed his work around and we literally lived out of our car for some of the time and we’ve played at churches of all different denominations, and schools and conferences,” Bel shared, saying they’ve had some crazy adventures in doing all of that.

For Bel this experience has been the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

‘When you’re just willing to go’

“I dreamed since I was a kid of becoming a musician and as my faith grew as I became older of just wanting to combine the two.”

“To have a music ministry is pretty powerful. So getting to do that all over the country over the last few years, sharing the songs and seeing what God can do through music and when you’re just willing to go,” Bel said.

And now there’s the new album to record and produce. But there was another new experience that contributed to their spiritual growth. It was all to do with a word called ‘Sabbatical’.

‘Does God really provide for you to have a rest?’

Both Bel and Phil were not too sure about the validity of this.

“We took this amazing period of sabbatical which was such a step of faith for us.’

“Is this like a thing? Does God really provide for you to have a rest? And it turns out He totally does!” Bel exclaimed, saying God blessed them far more than the one day a week Sabbath.

“We had a quite a few months being refreshed after doing some full-on ministry and that was so good,” said Bel, the Sabbath leading up to the birth of their baby.

The baby – ‘We’ve somehow kept him alive!’

“Nothing could have prepared me for the life-changing event of having a baby!” Bel shared with much animation.

“He’s turned one and we’ve somehow kept him alive! Really, the songs I’ve written during this period I feel are very special because some of them have been written on mountain tops,” Bel confessed.

But not all the songs that will feature on Bel’s next album were composed from a place of rejoicing.

‘I had post-natal depression’

“Others have been written from places of real pain. After having ‘Mikey’ I had post-natal depression.’

“There were songs written in that period while I was holding him in the carrier, sitting at the piano just pouring my heart out, a part of my own journey of healing.”

“I feel like there’s going to be many women, and men, who can really relate to that,” Bel declared and rolling straight into prayer for those going through a similar experience.

‘The Thomsons are off to Nashville – ‘Yawrl come!’

“God, I’ve experienced your faithfulness in the past and I desperately need you now, and Your Word says You’re faithful,” Bel shared.Image result for Nashville city streets music country pics images

But it’s time to pack the bags and hit the road again..to the airport. The Thomsons are off to Nashville and Bel’s one excited mum.

“Yeah! We’ve got the little man’s passport. He’s coming with us! It’s like the cutest passport ever. It’s on my Facebook page if anyone wants to see it,” Bel said exuberantly.

And, last but not least, why Nashville?

‘A hub for Christian and country music’

Image result for music producer Ed Cash pics

Ed Cash

“The reason we go to Nashville to record and I’ve done quite a bit of recording in Australia too, there are great musos and producers here. But firstly a producer we’re super excited about is based there.” (Maybe that’s  Grammy-nominated producer Ed Cash.)

“It’s also such a Mecca, a place where people who are musicians gather particularly Christian musicians. It’s such a hub for Christian and country music.”

“So you never know what might happen when you’re there!” Bel highlighted.

Is Bell excited or what?

And there’s more! Just listen to the following podcast and hear Bel singing a couple of songs that will feature on her new album to be recorded soon in Nashville.

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below 



Bel Thomson loves to share a message of encouragement through her inspiring songs and real-life stories of faith & hope. Bel shares at conferences, events, women’s gatherings, schools as well as churches of all denominations and traditions across the country.

Bel is currently working on a new recording project, due to be recorded in Nashville, USA in 2017. Bel is once again teaming up with Grammy-nominated producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Amy Grant, Casting Crowns and Kari Jobe) to produce this exciting new project, building on the success of Bel’s last release, “A New Creation”.

The DVD features a collection of inspiring music videos, and the stories behind the songs. This ministry resource was created as a direct response to the many requests we have had from fans for a product that will capture not only Bel’s songs, but the powerful stories that she shares about each song. Filmed in various locations on the East Coast of Australia, we pray that this DVD moves many to know God’s love.

Bel and Phil’s website:



Phil & Bel Thomson
ph: 0402 161 836
Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaFor booking enquiries, please use the Booking Enquiries Form.


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