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Ron Ross

Ron Ross

‘God said He was going to do it, and in His time’.

‘He’s doing it and He’s preparing a people who are prepared to stand up for the Word of God.’

Ron Ross, who lived in Israel for many years, was a special guest on Vision Radio’s 20Twenty program recently.

Ron is a correspondent and regularly contributes to Vision Radio with the latest breaking news from the region.

‘Ron’s work in Israel’

Ron opened the conversation with a backgrounder to his stint in Israel after he became National director for Bridges for Peace here in Australia. That led to an invitation from the Board for Ron to move to Israel to conduct a radio program that was broadcast internationally.

“It was broadcast into the United States, The Philippines, the United Kingdom, across Europe and even here in Australia,” Ron informed, saying it was a wonderful opportunity to weave a life into the Israeli fabric.

“It gave me the opportunity to mix with the politicians and the leaders and the journalists from all over the world.”

‘Word of God commitment’

“I think it’s got the biggest journalistic representation of any capital city in the world, Jerusalem,” Ron commented, adding that he traveled with the Israeli army into some locations.

“It was an eye-opener. But that impressed me most was their commitment to the Word of God, the Bible and their knowledge of it,” Ron stated, saying if anyone wants to see the Bible come alive a trip to Israel is the answer.

When Ron is asked why Christians are so interested in Israel he refers to a book by Derek Prince that describes Israel as God’s timepiece.

‘Israel God’s Timepiece’

Image result for Derek Prince images

Derek Prince

Ron said he’s heard many preach on Last Days ministries during his life.

“But Derek’s advice was if you’re interested in the Last Days you need to know what’s going on in Israel.”Image result for Jews praying tears images images

“There are Scripture like in Jeremiah 50:4-5 where the Lord says ‘In those days at that time’ declares the Lord, ‘The people of Israel and the people of Judah together will go in tears to seek the Lord their God,’ Ron quoted saying it inspired him to want to be there in Israel on the day it happened.

‘Jews return to Israel’

“I wanted to be there when the Jewish people had the scales removed from their eyes and saw the Messiah. And we also saw evidence from the Old Testament where there are promises that the Jews from the four corners of the earth would return to Israel and this would be a sign,” Ron shared.

More specifically Ron has seen this happen. He’s seen the Jews arriving in Israel from around the world and recovering their Hebrew language, take charge of the nation and run Jerusalem exactly as was predicted in the Old Testament.

In essence we’re watching a story unfold of God’s faithfulness to His people.

‘He’s doing it’

Ron Ross said it’s a fulfillment of prophecy. God said He was going to do it, and in His time. He’s doing it and He’s preparing a people who are prepared to stand up for the Word of God.Image result for Jewish Rabbi images

Ron recalled an incident in Israel when he and his wife were invited to the home of a rabbi.

“Rabbi Riskin was introducing my wife and I to his family during a Shabbat. His grandson was to give the message that night and the message was not to go more than fifteen minutes,” Ron said, saying he was blown away by what the young man had to say.

‘He’s a Baptist pastor!’

“And I said to Rabbi Riskin, ‘How amazing is that!’ And he said, ‘That’s the way we train our young people.’”

“And then he sat me between two students from their college and he said to them, ‘You can ask him anything, he’s a Baptist pastor!’” The rabbi was referring to Ron.

Ron said those two young men had memorized and knew the Word of God in every detail.

“I so admired that and I felt so guilty that we’re not reciprocating that in our own society.”

‘Cave of the Patriarchs’

A recent headline that drew reaction from Israel was UNESCO stating Palestinian ownership of the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron even though all those buried in it were Jews.Image result for Tomb of the Patriarchs Hebron image

Ron Ross applauded Israel’s prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu for his reaction. He opened the Bible at a cabinet meeting over the issue to express his point of view.

“He said, ‘I would like to read from Genesis 23: 16-19 in response to the UNESCO decision to declare the cave of Machpelah a Palestinian heritage site.’”

UNESCO ‘delusional’

Image result for Benyamin Netanyahu images

Benyamin Netanyahu

As the Scripture informs, Abraham bought the site to bury his wife Sarah and their descendants thereafter.

Ron said Prime Minister Netanyahu quoted that and said, “The connection between the Jewish people and Hebron and the Tomb of the Patriarchs is ‘one of purchase’ and of history that maybe without parallel in the history of all the nations.’’

Prime Minister Netanyahu said UNESCO’s decision was delusional.

“How many leaders stand up and quote the Scriptures back at UNESCO?”

‘Israel’s heritage museum’

The United Nations attitude towards Israel could be construed as anywhere between non-compliant to hostile. So much so that Benyamin Netanyahu has ordered funds designated for the UN be diverted elsewhere.Image result for Benyamin Netanyahu images

Ron Ross confirmed the decision by quoting the prime minister.

“In the wake of this resolution I have decided to cut an additional one million dollars from Israel’s UN membership dues and transfer the funds to the establishment of the Museum of the Heritage of the Jewish People at Kiryat Arba and Hebron.”

Israel’s annual contribution to the United Nations amounts to over $40 million, a spokesman for the mission told JTA in an email in January after Israel said it would withhold $6 million following a Security Council resolution the previous month condemning settlements.

‘Evidence of God’s promises’

Ron said the museum will be a Bible representation of promises made to Israel through the centuries.

“It will serve as wonderful evidence of God’s promises to Israel in the face of the UNESCO decision,” Ron announced.

Another major decision was the Syria ceasefire negotiated by US President Donald Trump and Russia’s president Vladimir Putin at the recent G20 conference in Hamburg, Germany.

‘Syria ceasefire’

At the time of this discussion the ceasefire was still holding. That in itself was quite extraordinary according to Ron. But he said prime minister Netanyahu doesn’t want the ceasefire to allow Iran and its proxies to establish a military presence in Syria, in particular southern Syria.Image result for Syria ceasefire war images

But as far as Ron Ross is concerned, the more Christians who can make the pilgrimage to Israel the better their understanding of their faith will be for doing so.

“Even to take people out on the Galilee and to visualize Jesus walking on the lake. I remember being down there and near where Peter’s house was, and we walked into a chapel with great big concrete walls and Steve Grace was with me,” said Ron telling the story.

‘How Great Thou Art’

“We began to sing ‘How Great Thou Art’ and the words were echoing back off the walls to us, and the next minute the whole place just filled with voices.”Image result for Ethiopian Christians images

“I thought angels had joined us but they were visitors from overseas. They were Ethiopians who were behind us and they began to sing with us,” Ron recalled, saying a relationship with them sprang from that encounter.

“We went out with them and had a great time, and the next thing they were taking photographs of Ethiopeans walking on water!”

Ron said the Ethiopeans had taken a tree stump, put it in the Galilee and when walking on the stump it looked like they were walking on water.

‘It’s so inspirational!’

“They said the people back home would be so excited when they saw the photos.”Image result for Jerusalem streets images

Ron said Israel’s an amazing place.

“You can’t walk down any street without visualizing Jesus walked this way or the disciples were in this place. And to sit on the steps where the apostle Paul preached and visualize that situation, it’s so inspirational!” Ron exclaimed.

“It brings the fact of the Bible into the reality of what we believe.”

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


Ron Ross is a former national director of Bridges for Peace, Australia and worked in Jerusalem for five years. Now he’s the Middle East correspondent for Vision Christian Radio and a popular speaker.

Genesis 13:15, He said, “for all the land which you see, I will give it to you and to your descendants forever.”

Judges 2:1 “Then the Angel of the Lord said, ‘I bought you to the land of which I swore to your fathers; and I said, ‘I will NEVER break my covenant with you.’” Israel, the apple of His eye, is the prized possession.

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