Melted Hearts As One – Donny McGregor

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

A generation called to carry and spread the fire of God

Donny McGregor

“We’ll be seeing this land, this nation, taking its place in terms of God’s purposes on the earth.”

“We’ve seen how God is actually bringing together both indigenous and non-indigenous people in worship and in prayer.”Related image

“And then God spoke to me and He said, ‘I’ve adopted all of you into My tribe.”

Statements from Donny McGregor, the founder and International Coordinator of Generation Fire.

‘Melted Hearts as One’

The year 2017 is significant for a number of reasons, mainly anniversaries involving celebrations and commemorations.Image result for light horse Beersheba images pics

In October it will be the 100th anniversary of the charge of the light horse at Beersheba that saw the liberation of Jerusalem and a forerunner to the re-formation of the nation of Israel.

2017 is also the 500th anniversary of the beginning of what’s known as the Reformation.This was Painted by Dianne Taylor - The Vision of a Heart being melted by Fire in the Centre of the Nation , which releases living water and healing over the land.

Less known on the global scale is a special gathering taking place in October and called Melted Hearts as One; an event to be held in Central Australia to run over three days, October 9 – 12.

‘A Convergence’

Donny McGregor is a Crosslink endorsed minister and the international coordinator of this historic gathering at Uluru.

Donny said the best way to describe the gathering was to call it a ‘Convergence’, with people coming together from ten or more regions from across Australia.

“They’re coming together to gather as representatives of the Body of Christ for three days and nights of united worship and prayer,” Donny announced, saying it goes beyond denominations and age.

‘Something beautiful’

“We’re actually describing it as inter-generational, inter-denominational, and it can be international as well.”

Donny noted that something beautiful is taking place with the event attracting both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians who’ll be joining together at the nation’s centre.

“Over the last 12-months we’ve seen how God is actually bringing together both indigenous and non-indigenous people in worship and in prayer.”

‘Culture and race’

“We realise we can’t do things without each other,” Donny declared. “When we do things together there’s something beautiful that happens and we see the blessing of God in that when we can worship and pray together.”

20Twenty host Neil Johnson wanted Donny to give his thoughts when an occasion like this brings together a mixture of culture and race.

Donny said the event is significant in itself. There’ll be those attending for a first time and others won’t have gathered in this manner for some time.

‘God’s purposes’

Image result for Donny McGregor Generation Fire images pics

Elcho Island team

“We’re seeing it as an opportunity for us where we can come together as one, to worship Jesus, and together we’re actually being a part of history.”

“We’ll be seeing this land, this nation, taking its place in terms of God’s purposes on the earth,” Donny McGregor commented, having said that God adopts all of us into His tribe.

“We were visiting Elcho Island late last year where we saw an extraordinary move of the Holy Spirit.”

‘Elcho Island’

According to Donny, John chapter 17 was very prominent.

“That whole chapter where we read the prayer of Jesus. His prayer was that we would be one just as He is one with the Father,” Donny stated as he shared about the friction between the families on the island.

“There has been a lot of cursing between the families but what really struck a chord was the loving way in which we were made welcome on the island.” Donny recalled.

‘I’ve adopted all of you’

“God used that to speak to my heart. That these people understand adoption. And they adopted all of our team into their own tribes.”

“And then God spoke to me and He said, ‘I’ve adopted all of you into My tribe.”

“It was like bingo, the lights switched on and I realized just as God has used this whole custom of adoption, He has adopted us all. Now we’re part of just one family, His family,” Donny declared, saying we’re all brothers and sisters and we have the same blood, which is the blood of Jesus.

‘We’re all one big family’

“If we could understand that and be able to function in that reality, because it’s not about the colour of skin and it’s not about tribes because once we accept Jesus we’re a part of His and that overrides everything else.”

Donny highlighted how beautiful it is when we realise, ‘Hey! We’re all brothers and sisters, we’re all one big family’.

Danny said on Elcho Island they use the word ‘mob’.

Neil Johnston wanted to know why the Melted Hearts event could not have been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Hobart, Perth, Brisbane or Darwin.

‘Why Uluru?’

“You’ve chosen to hold this celebration in Uluru,” Neil observed. “Why have you chosen Uluru, one of the most sacred places for Australia’s indigenous people?”Image result for Uluru images

Donny said the decision to go to Uluru came about through prayer, seeking the Lord as to where the right place would be.Related image

“We had an oversight team and many people had sensed over many years there should be a gathering at Uluru,” Donny said, saying it was all a matter of when the time was right.

‘Right time, right place’

“It was earlier this year when a number of people got together and prayed and sensed that October was the time. And that resonated with others, that it was the right time and Uluru was the place.”

Donny McGregor said he was at Uluru in 2006 with the children’s prayer network.

“There were 300 children who gathered to mark the 400th year of the Pedro Fernandez de Quiros prophecy,” Donny said, saying it was a powerful event.

‘A sacred special moment’

The McGregor Family

Donny, Kate and children

He added that there has not been a gathering of that scale since that time.

“So to have a gathering to mark 500-years of reformation and 100-years since the charge on Beersheba is of great significance.”

“Then to invite our indigenous brothers and sisters and including non-indigenous, this is a sacred, a special moment in time, where we can all come and worship God together.”


Donny McGregor is a husband, father, speaker, and author.Cover.jpg

Donny is also the Founder and International Coordinator of Generation Fire, and a Crosslink Endorsed Minister since 2005, since Meeting Jesus at the age of 18 in 1993.

That same year Donny received the call from God for the ministry and in 1996 began a 2-year Diploma of Ministry at Aquila College.

In the last 20 years Donny has planted 3 House Churches, 20 Prayer Furnaces, and pioneered 2-movements: Youth Arise in NSW and later on Generation Fire which just celebrated 10 years.

Most recently Donny had led a team to Elcho Island over 14 Days, and witnessed 150 Salvations, 75 people baptised in a community with the population of 2500 people. Nightly attendance of meetings went from 100 to 500 by the end of the time spent.

Between 1998 and 2016 Donny has ministered in the following Nations:   Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Bulgaria, Finland, Indonesia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Nepal, UK, The Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, and The United States.   Thousands have heard the Gospel, encountered God, been healed, and have been commissioned and sent to advance the Kingdom of God.


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