Great Aussie Date Night – Dennis Outred

An occasion to top off Marriage Week and Marriage Sunday this weekend.

But Saturday night is expected to be the highlight of the week due to a special event called ‘Great Aussie Date Night’.

On Saturday evening married couples are culminating the end of Marriage Week with a night out.

The founder of Marriage Week nine years ago, Dennis Outred, said the week has expanded over that time and is now celebrated across the entire country.

The idea of the Date Night was to give couples no excuse for not making an attempt to celebrate their marriages.

“They could say, OK that’s going to be our date night. We’re going to put a stop on our fast lives, we’re going to have an intimate time together, share our dreams and help to build our marriage,” Dennis explained.

‘The Spark to Ignite the Romance’

But dating is associated with what you do before you get married and the responsibilities of children can take away any notions of rejigging the romance.Image result for Dennis Outred Great Aussie Date Night

Will the Great Aussie Date Night be the spark to bring back the romance?

“That’s right. It’s to bring back the intimacy and the romance and in doing that, build better relationships for ourselves, our families and in our community.”

And a bonus date night experience for Dennis Outred and his wife Ann, the couple flying to Perth where they’ll be hosting a date night there.

‘Pull out all the stops’

“We’re going across to St Luke’s Church in Maddington and it will be a special outing for all those who attend.”

Dennis said it will be special for them to meet and share with other couples.

“Hopefully to create that fun environment for couples to learn about each other.”

So the message going out to all married couples is to pull out all the stops, and if you need to find a babysitter do so.

“Go the extra mile,” Dennis stressed. “There may be ways around that situation so that you can create that time yourself.”Image result for Dennis Outred Great Aussie Date Night

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