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Vision radio’s Robbo and Becci were all abuzz recently when Jereton Edwards made a live appearance on the Rise and Shine show. Jereton Edwards

The main purpose was for Jereton to explain why he has presented three ways of looking at covenants in his video. It was also to point out that no matter how you look at it, the issue of homosexuality is not justifiable in any covenant.

This all came about after a well known Australian actress and same sex marriage advocate Magda Szubanski made comments on Channel Ten’s ‘The Project’ that inspired Jereton to respond in support of traditional marriage and the postal NO vote.

According to the early bird hosts Jereton Edwards had appeared out of nowhere, so it was Robbo who dared to ask the obvious question.

“Who are you?”

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Becci and Robbo

A question Jereton was ideally positioned to answer.

“Well I work at a Worship Centre Christian Church and I’m in charge of the media department. But to people who’ve seen me on the video they might ask what’s this guy’s nationality.”

“I’m half Australian and half Filipino and my parents were missionaries to the Philippines and also to America, in LA and New York, so I’ve moved around a lot,” said Jereton, who has a total of 16 schools notched on his belt.

“Four schools in the fourth grade. That’s pretty much me. At the end of High School I tried a couple of different things but ended up working for a church,”

Both Robbo and Becci were in a mad scramble to do the sums and the 16 schools had Robbo flummoxed.

“That’s amazing!” Robbo exclaimed. “That’s a lot of getting to know new people only to be taken away to meet more new people.”

‘I gave my life to Jesus when I was 8’

“Yeah, but it really broadens your thinking,” replied Jereton. “I ended up interacting with people from different cultures. Also in America where there are many, many cultures.”

Jereton’s mother is Filipino and he said the only time he hears his mum speaking the language is when she’s angry with him.

“You obviously have an amazing Christian faith and the knowledge that you have,” Becci said before asking him how old he was when he received Jesus as his Saviour.

“I was eight years old when I gave my life to Jesus but it wasn’t until I was 16 or 17 that I decided to make sense of this,” Jereton recalled.

“I was 18 when I realised I was a son of God a child of God and that really clicked in my spirit.’

“That was a time when I told myself I had to be responsible and serious about my relationship with Jesus. That’s when I started studying the Bible and studying these topics but I didn’t go out to study intentionally,” was how Jereton described it.

‘Do Christians pick and choose?’

That began a period of asking the questions and seeking the answers for Jereton. The results of which are causing more and more people to take notice of what he has to say on his uTube site. Then came the Project episode and Magda Szubanski’s remarks attacking Christians.

“On The Project Magda said things about the Sabbath and homosexuality and how Christians pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to live by.”

Jereton was watching the program and thought to himself what Magda was saying wasn’t true.

“That’s because we have a different understanding of how the Bible works because we live it. So I decided to respond to this.”

The challenge for Jereton was how to say what he wanted to say and in the process he confessed that when attempting to make the video he gave up three times.

“In a nutshell if you want to understand one part of the Bible you need to understand it in light of the whole.’

‘The New and Old Covenants’

“So whether you’re studying grace or the Trinity or any other topic, study it but in light of the whole,” advised Jereton.

He gave an example. That being the theme of God’s nature and how it’s consistent throughout the whole Bible.

“Or you can look at the whole as the redemptive story and that’s what we’re doing here. We’re looking at what the Bible is as a whole and it’s the redemptive story of humanity.”

Jereton said God went about His redemptive process by way of covenants.

“He made an agreement between man and Himself so that we would be able to live in redemption,” Jereton informed adding that if the Bible is true it should be able to be explained.

“And I think that’s what people like Magda Szubanski were missing. They were missing the explanation for that.”

‘Dispensational theology Jereton style’

Next the Sabbath, and Jereton said there are different ways to view how things change in the Bible.

“We’re in a different covenant now so the rules and regulations from different covenants may or may not apply to us. The previous rules apply unless specified in the New Covenant.”

“So if the New Covenant is silent on an issue the old rules apply,” Jereton shared.

“So if they don’t talk about dietary requirements we go back and see what the Old Testament says. That’s the first school of thought.”

The second one is called dispensational theology.

“This means that the Old Covenant is completely done away with and you just refer to what the New Covenant says. So if the New Covenant is silent on an issue it means that issue is not relevant.”

‘The three ways of The Cross’

Jereton said he also uses the illustration of a cross.

“Some things will go through the Cross and continue, some things will encounter the Cross and be done away with like lamb sacrifice, and some things will go through the Cross and be modified or changed like the Sabbath.”

Jereton explained why he presented three ways of looking at covenants in his video, was to say that no matter how you look at it, the issue of homosexuality is not justifiable in any covenant.

“The second point is we don’t just pick and choose what we want to live by in the Bible. And the reason why we view the Sabbath the way we do in the New Covenant is because of these reasons.”

‘Videos for clarification’

Robbo then weighed in with a lashing of Biblical wisdom in support of  Jereton’s Sabbath video.

“You talk about how Jesus spoke about the Sabbath. ‘The Sabbath was made for man and not man was made for the Sabbath.’

Both Robb an Becci encouraged Jereton for standing up for traditional marriage and the stand he’s made publicly, even though it has received a negative response from high profile persons appearing on a national television program.

Jereton responded to say the video was about clarification.

“The video can be summed up in one word and that’s clarification. This was not to come at Magda Szubanski with bigotry, to berate or to belittle her.”

“It was literally to say Magda, you don’t fully understand the situation here and this is what you need to understand and let’s move on.”

And if you would like to listen to the audio interview click play below


Australian actress Magda Szubanski spoke out against Christians on Channel 10’s The Project.  She claimed Christians are hypocrites, saying that we ‘pick and choose’ which parts of the Bible we do and don’t follow.  The example she cited was that Christians say no to same-sex marriage, but don’t follow the Old Testament practice of people being put to death for working on the Sabbath.

Jereton Edwards, a 22-year-old from Brisbane, decided to make a video response to Magda’s comments and speak the truth of what the Bible actually says about these topics.  He uploaded the video to his Facebook page, and it soon went viral. At the time of publishing this article, the video has been watched 200,000 times.

Christian Response to The Project Goes Viral

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