Our Culture Is Driving The Marriage Debate

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

What’s at risk if the definition of marriage changes

“We have allowed the separation of church and state to diminish our influence in the institutions of the nations.”

“The freedom that we really want to defend is the freedom in Christ to do good, the freedom to love, the freedom to care, the freedom to think of other people and what is the highest good of other people.”

Quotes from Peter Kently from the Christian Federation in a recent marriage debate discussion on Vision radio.

The conversation came about with consideration to the biology and the religious foundations that for centuries have supported marriage between one man and one woman.

So why the need for change? And how did we arrive at this place – a place where the consequences of change are likely to threaten freedoms – the freedom of thought, conscience, speech, and religion.

Christian influence peaked in 1964

Peter Kently from the Christian Federation said the change to the traditional marriage status is not a recent move but hearkens back to the 1960s.

“This is something that has been developing and growing since 1964,” was Peter’s response.

“If you read a wonderful book called ‘Spirit of a Nation’ by Stuart Piggin, you’ll find it was Stuart who mapped out the spiritual history of Sydney and Melbourne.”

“He puts the peak year of spiritual and Christian influence in our nation as 1964.”  This was the year the spiritual wave crested following the Billy Graham Crusade in 1959.

Peter said there were two competing cultures – the Christian culture and the culture of the world.

“In the 1960s we started out with The Beatles, (the musical) Hair and its hit song, the Age of Aquarius. Then we went into contraception, Sunday shopping, football on Sundays, abortion and so on.” Peter described them as markers that have become embedded and irreversible since the 1960s.

The master strategy of the LGBTIQ

“The morality of the Judeo-Christian heritage has been in recession and receding over all of those years.”

Peter Kently says the marketing undertaken by the transgender LGBTIQ movement has to be congratulated.

“I want to give great credit to the master strategist of the LGBTIQ who wrote a book outlining how they were going to shift the culture in their favour.”

They began what he described as ‘a long march through the institutions’. In Victoria it started with former premier Joan Kirner and since then have become progressively influential in education, business, sport, and media.

“What we’re seeing today is at least a 20-year journey with an intentional strategy to become influential in the institutions of the nation.”

“The church has not understood”

This doesn’t bode well for the church. according to Peter. It’s as though the church did not see it coming.

“The church has not understood that and we have allowed the separation of church and state to diminish our influence in the institutions of the nation and what we’re seeing and feeling today is an outcome of that journey,” Peter confessed.

Questioned about the way culture has changed, with the ‘Sunday fun’ and pleasure activities having overrun what was traditionally the church’s space for centuries, Peter said the worldly describe it as ‘the wowsers verses the free’. He said it’s a perception that disappoints him personally.

“The freedom that we really want to defend is the freedom in Christ to do good, the freedom to love, the freedom to care, the freedom to think of other people and what is the highest good of other people,” Peter shared, saying that was the freedom we fought for in two world wars.

Our freedom is at stake

“The fight against Japan in the Second World War, the Cold War fight against Communism, and now we’re seeing freedom turned in on us. It’s reverted. LGBTIQ for the last decade has been demanding tolerance.”

“But now we know there is no tolerance given back to anyone who has a different view to theirs. And the extreme Left? They demand tolerance for their way of thought and their way of influence, but if you have a view which is Right or not of their view, zero tolerance is given in return.”

“So the manifest danger of the loss of freedom is in our hands. And how we vote in this Same Sex Marriage survey is going to have a manifest impact on how we and our families and our children and our grandchildren will be able to walk in freedom for good in the coming decades ahead,”

So is the LGBTIQ community simply a pawn in the game for power hungry cultural Marxists and their agenda to bring about change in the nation.

“The struggle is actually between the activists who are trying to create a different culture – and now we have the feminists who are on board with Islam. It’s crazy but it’s the reality!” Peter says, adding that the activists want to  destroy the status quo, namely 200 plus years of a nation with a Christian heritage.

Homosexuals already have freedom 

“People may be aspiring to what they think is freedom – ‘free to marry who I want to marry.’ But behind that is a lack of understanding of the consequences.”

Peter Kently then gave some population statistics on the actual numbers of homosexuals in Britain, Canada and New Zealand. In total they amount to a very small percentage.

“There are only about 1.5 to 1.7 percent of the population who are homosexual or queer, to use their word, not my word. And of that 1.7 percent, only about 13 percent of that small figure want to get married.”

“The law as it stands has already given them de facto relationships and civil unions and discrimination has been removed. So they actually have the freedom already!”

“You can’t take 1-percent of the population and upset 99-percent of the population with a whole range of very serious consequences that are only now becoming apparent,” Peter declared.


Christian Federation is a coalition of Kingdom Partners comprising individuals, local Churches, Christian Organisations and Marketplace Groups who are of the same heart to glorify Jesus in every domain of our nation. Through “netweaving” different nodes of the Kingdom are linked together to function collaboratively in the will and ways of God (Matt 13:47, Matt 18:20, Psalm 103:7).

Guiding Principles
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Peter Kently founded Australian Marketplace Connections which in turn developed Integrated Leadership Groups which provided facilitated peer mentoring for business owners, managers and CEOs in Melbourne and Sydney. He also developed the Cre8 Christian Business Conference.

Peter is on the pastoral staff of Grow Church in Ringwood and is Executive Director of the River of Life Conference Inc. He currently works with churches, Christian networks and organisations in contributing to bringing a 21st century re-formation to church and marketplace. Peter is married to Robin and has three adult children and six grandchildren.


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