The Rebirth of Pro Life Politics – Ed Martin

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

“President Trump and Vice President Pence, this is the most pro-life administration since Roe v Wade, even more than Reagan.”

“There’s something extraordinary the Lord did by giving us Donald Trump.”

 “Donald Trump is appointing hundreds of conservative pro-life judges. It will transform the country for decades.”

‘Young people…don’t be afraid of politics’

“I get excited to tell people, don’t be afraid of politics. Don’t believe them when they say it’s an ugly business. Lots of things in life are hard and ugly.”

This is Ed Martin. Ed Martin is a well-known conservative US politician who was invited to Australia by Endeavour Forum to speak about the pro-life movement in America.

He is also a strong advocate for younger people to enter politics. More on that topic coming up.

Ed is remembered as a close associate of the renown Phyllis Schlafly, who for 45 years was one of the most effective defenders of conservative issues in the US.

Phyllis passed away in September 2016 at the age of 92.

One of Ed Martin’s public appearances in Australia was The March for Babies that took place in Melbourne recently. Ed said in America he does a lot of work on pro-life issues.

March for Babies

“The March for Babies was wonderful,” Ed shared, “And that strikes me when you march is when you meet the families.”

“When I gave my speech I could see in the crowd the young people, the boys and girls, the families. It gives you great hope when you get together and the focus on why life is so central, the gift from the Creator and what God’s done for us,” Ed Martin shared saying he was very encouraged and will take that back to the US.

As for the political upheaval in the US, the extreme swing from Obama socialism to Trump conservatism, also the surge in the pro-life movement, it didn’t take Ed Martin long to use the words Trump and Spence in the same sentence.

“President Trump and Vice President Pence, this is the most pro-life administration since Roe v Wade, even more than Reagan.”

“I say that carefully, I’m not saying that because I like Trump. He put a Supreme Court justice on the bench who’s pro-life. Trump has been unafraid to talk about abortion, unafraid to talk about the cost.”

Downs Syndrome abortions

“Donald Trump as president has issued a statement on Downs Syndrome and an appreciation for Downs children and adults. That is something no politician has ever done,” Ed observed, saying politicians hide from the ‘PC politically correct.’

“It’s really a statement on abortion. The Downs Syndrome babies are aborted nearly 100 percent. You don’t see them anymore because there’s such pressure from society, and he made this comment,” Ed confirmed.

Ed tabled how Donald Trump sent Vice President Pence to the pro-life march in Washington DC two days after Trump was sworn in as president.”

“We’ve never had a president or vice-president speak at that event and we had the vice president. There’s something extraordinary the Lord did by giving us Donald Trump.”

“It’s not perfect but it’s extraordinary from the life standpoint.”

Hundreds of pro-life judges

Was that all Ed Martin had to say on the topic of pro-life to Vision listeners? No. He had one more very important point to make.

“Everyone in America knows and I bet you do in Australia, the power of judges. The Supreme Court in America is very powerful obviously. But in the day to day life of Americans, federal judges at every level are powerful.”

And now here’s the punchline. “Donald Trump is appointing hundreds of conservative pro-life judges. It will transform the country for decades.”

“This an extraordinary moment in America for pro-lifers regarding the power of the president and the government.”

But Ed Martin said there’s a question hanging over the future of the pro-life movement in the US.

He said the middle-aged people are busy with families and perhaps working too much, whereas the young people are on fire.

Young people on fire

“The reason they’re on fire is because of technology. When you hear a heartbeat or you see a photo of an ultrasound, and you’re a young person who’s not been conditioned to hear about women’s choice, that’s something special,” Ed revealed, saying it’s made a big difference in the fight for life.

Whilst in Australia Ed Martin made the call for young Australians to enter politics. On that topic he spoke about a meeting he had with two young people, a male and a female, who’d caught his attention.

“One is in Uni still and one is a young lawyer. They’re on fire and as I’ve said in my talks, politics is where the action is.’

Ed said we need to have better prayer in our churches, along with a pro-life focus and better teaching before he repeated, ‘politics is where the action is.’

“For example in Victoria in 2008 it was politics, it was politicians that enacted that abortion law that really leads the world in terms of the brutality and the barbarity of that law.”

The conscience of life

Ed said politics is where you make a difference in doing two things.

“One is educating your members at whatever level on what you care about and what your neighbours care about and therefore building relationships.”

“And two; holding them accountable in office.

“When they’re in office you need to have people that live up to what they say. A conscience vote here and a conscience vote there. They need to take the side of the conscience of life!” Ed exclaimed.

“I get excited to tell people, don’t be afraid of politics. Don’t believe them when they say it’s an ugly business. Lots of things in life are hard and ugly and difficult, but you can make a difference.”

Everybody knows what a heartbeat means

Ed Martin said while the life issue is so important, so central and attractive, he admitted it’s hard to get young people to engage in the marriage question.

He said younger people are confused by the question of tolerance but you talk about life to young people, everybody knows what a heartbeat means, and everybody knows what a baby looks like when he’s cooing.

“It’s a gateway to politics where we need to be smart and encouraged about.”

But how do you draw young people away from the entertainment culture and the digital devices. Ed Martin acknowledged there are plenty of barriers and many people won’t be persuaded by all the arguments.

“They’re too busy, maybe they’re too shallow, maybe they don’t mind, but what they want to do, every human being every person wants to be part of something, they want to be part of communities.”

Politics – ‘They’re fascinated by it’

Ed was moving towards the positives. The need for people to be in community firstly with their families and their faith communities.

“But there’s also all these other communities. The people that come together to do politics, to make their voices heard, to come together, and every leader is called to lead the group, the tribe, and this gives meaning to your life.”

Ed Martin said that when it comes to politics, people say they don’t like politics and yet they’re fascinated by it.

“They know the power of it and they see the impact. Donald Trump has fixated America on details of our democracy, of our republic that people never realised and they’re talking about it.”

“The presidency, the Congress, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and that’s the point of being a leader. You have to find people where they are and have them understand what’s going on.”

Ed Smith said there’s plenty of room for a full life for young people to become engaged in politics.


“Phyllis Schlafly Eagles”

Phyliss Schlafly & Ed Martin

Phyllis Schlafly wished that her organization would identify that it was in fact her work, so she chose the name of Phyllis Schlafly American Eagles in May of 2016. This is the name of the organization Phyllis designated to carry on with her program and future work.

Phyllis Schlafly left a great legacy and much work to be done. Phyllis, before her death, designated Ed Martin to be her successor, and she included her sons John and Andy in key roles in the work. In January Ed Martin convened the 2017 Gathering of Eagles to plan for the upcoming year. At this meeting included representatives of many of Phyllis’ organizations including her Eagle Forum organizations as well as RNC for Life and America’s Future. The work is plentiful and the hands were many!

Ed Martin was a co-author of Phyllis Schlafly’s book, ‘The Conservative Case for Trump.’

This recent anthology devoted to explaining How the Republican Party Became Pro Life, which incorporates parts of Phyllis Schlafly Speaks. These works form a substantial contribution to an understanding of America’s recent history.

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