More Miracles and Salvations in Venezuela

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

‘Steve Ryder returns – God pours out His Spirit’

“They actually examined the people to make sure they had tumours. 22 miracles took place, one after another. I’ve never seen anything in my life like that before.”

“Imagine what that does to the crowd?”

“Next March we are going to a state where they said there would be 200-thousand people coming out to these meetings, and it could go to 400-thousand.”

Evangelist Steve Ryder, founder of Reach Out For Christ based on the Gold Coast, has returned from Venezuela recently with reports of another huge response to the Gospel.

A nation of 30 million people is sinking into chaos. Its running out of essentials – food and medicine. It’s running out of time.

The Marxist socialist government of Nicholas Maduro has drained its once overflowing oil coffers to pay down debt.

Local leaders learn how to move in ‘The Spirit’ 

The regime has been condemned around the world and the country classed as the most miserable on earth.

120-thousand decisions for Christ were recorded on an earlier mission Steve made to the beleaguered nation.

So what happened this time, Steve? “It’s a miracle, it’s absolutely supernatural, it’s our God,” was Steve’s response.

He said the purpose of the visit this time was to meet with Venezuelan pastors who wanted to know how to move in the Spirit.

“Hundreds of pastors were there. We did End Time seminars, how to move in the Spirit, and then they’d all want prayer.”

“In every one of those conferences genuine miracles were taking place,” Steve Ryder confirmed.

When miracles take place

Venezuela is a Catholic nation and one Catholic nun was converted at one of the meetings.

“Now that’s an amazing thing to say isn’t it?” Steve quipped. “She came to the meeting, she got a miracle. She said, ‘I’m going to sit in some of these churches now.’ Churches that had been totally foreign to the Catholics.

The message this sends out is that there is no difference between Catholic and Protestant when miracles take place.

Steve Ryder said he makes it very clear at these meetings that the healer is Jesus and the Holy Spirit working.

“There’s no miracle without the name of Jesus,” Steve emphasised. “And when you tell the people Jesus healed them all, you’d better back it up.”

On this latest journey, miracles were no exception.

 “Jesus heals everybody, shall we see if He’s here?”

“The last meeting we did, the place was terrible. The week before they’d had floods and people had drowned. Really the poor of the poor. They’re desperate. No food, anything,” said Steve.

Steve’s team had been told to expect a large crowd of around 2-thousand people at this meeting. Wrong! About 9-thousand turned up.

“I said to the people, ‘Jesus heals everybody, shall we see if He’s here?”

“We brought 22 people up on the stage. Ladies with breast tumours. People who were deaf and dumb and people with cancer.”

Steve said they had doctors wearing white jackets there.

“They actually examined the people to make sure they had tumours. 22 miracles took place, one after another. I’ve never seen anything in my life like that before,” Steve confessed.

Miracles first, preaching second

“Imagine what that does to the crowd?”

“They’re desperate. They want it. That’s why the whole nation has opened up to us,” Steve explained.

That was before Steve Ryder preached. That’s the pattern. Miracles first, preaching second. That’s how Steve does it and now with a genuine reputation as this was his third visit to Venezuela.

Next long lines form as the organisers try to keep the crowds in order. And this means a long night ahead for Steve and his team.

“We stay and minister to everybody. That’s we are now starting to take more teams and people with us.”

“Next March we are going to a state where they said there would be 200-thousand people coming out to these meetings, and it could go to 400-thousand.”

The early rain the latter rain

If anyone is thinking about joining Steve next March, a reminder Venezuela is not a safe place.

“People have been shot wounded and healed. I really believe we’re in the End Time revival of God,” Steve declared, tying it in with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and 100 years since the Light Horse charge on Beersheba.

“I believe we’re going to see the Lord. I’ve always believed in my heart there would come a time when God would pour out His Spirit.”

“The early rain the latter rain together. I heard Derek Prince say that. I believe we’re touching it now because to see miracles like we’ve been seeing is just out of this world.”

A nation spiraling downhill fast, rampant inflation, people trying to get out of the country, desperate and poor people. These are the people Steve goes to.

“We’re buying land for them”

“We don’t ask for any money. There are no offerings. We pay for everything from Australia. Everything.”

“Buses to take people to the meetings, children living on rubbish tips, we built classrooms for them, it only costs $5,000 to build a classroom. We started getting food for them, coming from Colombia over the border,” Steve shared, saying the food is cheap and they were able to feed these children for a year.

“The school’s gone from 112 to 220 students and there are more coming in after Christmas.”

“So we’re buying land for them because everything’s fallen apart there. For a few thousand dollars we can buy 18-acres to grow their own crops, so we’re helping them. That’s what we’re doing,” Steve confirmed.

Meantime the political situation is untenable. The suffering of the people living under a dictatorship with US President Donald Trump threatening military intervention.

Steve Ryder said Venezuelans don’t believe the US will invade their country.

“The Glory of God is going to move”

“Over 20-years ago they were the richest country in the world. Free petrol, just 4-cents to fill up a car. The communist system does that.’

But for Steve it’s all about the people.

“The people are beautiful people. They have no choice. If they had a choice they would live the way they used to live.’

“The Bible teaches us, as the earth is getting darker and darker the Glory of God is going to move. And I believe this desperate situation in Venezuela has opened a door where we can go in a spread the Gospel.”

“Even the government don’t see us as a threat. We’re helping the people and that satisfies them.’

“They’re desperate and we’re feeding them”

Steve said the government has given him documentation that gives him freedom.

“It says I am free from the police, customs and everything. It’s a ‘get-out-of-jail free’ card.”

Steve Ryder said they don’t get involved in the politics. We just bring the message of Christ and the people are responding to it. They’re desperate and we’re feeding them and helping them. God’s provided the money,” Steve said.

“You could never ever explain properly what a beautiful thing it is to see God pour out His Spirit,” Steve shared.

“It brings you to tears. You see little children blind get healed. Limbs changed. It’s God!”


Pastor Steve Ryder … (founder of Reach Out For Christ)

On an earlier visit to Venezuela this year, preached the Gospel to 250,000 people in the riot fuelled, starving cities of Venezuela. The response was 120,000 decisions for Christ. While on parole for armed bank robbery in the 1960’s Steve Ryder was apprehended by God at a Billy Graham Crusade, where he gave his life to Christ.

Steve then became the first prisoner in Australia to complete a Doctorate of Theology by correspondence while completing his prison term. Since his release from prison in the mid 1970’s … Dr. Steve Ryder founded Reach Out For Christ Ministries and has planted Churches all around the world in Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Cyprus, Greece, Philippines, Portugal, Pakistan, United States and of course Australia.

Dr. Ryder has and continues to fulfill the work of an evangelist, preaching, particularly in the realm of Divine Healing – the blind have seen, the lame have walked and the dead have been raised!

Apart from doing the work of an Evangelist, Dr.Ryder continues to Pastor his local Church at Reach Out For Christ headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia – preaching faith and equipping the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry.

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