Abortion Reddens White Ribbon Day – Robyn Grace

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017


White Ribbon Australia want abortion decriminalised

“A lot of the women who have gone to the abortion clinic that I have witnessed, I would say a good 90 percent do not want to have an abortion to kill their child.”

Before: ‘I’m a White Ribbon ambassador.’ After: ‘I am no longer a White Ribbon ambassador.’

“Our whole society has moved away from God and when you move away from God and your foundation you’re left with nothing, and that’s where our society has gone.”  Robyn Grace – Pregnancy Helps, South Australia.

White Ribbon Australia, known as the ‘Say No to violence Against Women’ organisation is under scrutiny for supporting late-term abortion.

White Ribbon is named alongside organisations supporting candidates in the current Queensland election who have made a pro-choice pledge to vote to remove abortion from the criminal code.

Ahead of White Ribbon Day on November 25, South Australian high school teacher Trevor Grace and his wife Robyn, who runs Pregnancy Help SA, are leading a national campaign to inform organisations of the charity’s pro-abortion stance.

Red spots on white ribbons – the blood of babies

Robyn told Vision her husband Trevor only found out about White Ribbon’s pro-abortion stance a day before a spokesperson for the group was to talk to students at the Christian school where Trevor teaches.

It ended up the school prefects recognised White Ribbon for its stance on violence against women but not for its support for abortion.

“But they also put red texter spots on all their ribbons that meant the blood of the babies.”

“The prefects said, ‘We do not support violence against women but we do not support the violence against unborn babies in the womb. So we do not support abortion,” Robyn reported.

The alignment of the White Ribbon charity with abortion is expected to cause a backlash from the churches. Robyn, who’s a pregnancy counsellor with Pregnancy Help SA revealed she’s aware of men dragging pregnant women into South Australia’s abortion clinic to have abortions when they don’t want to have them.

A good 90 percent do not want to have an abortion

“Here is another contradiction with White Ribbon’s policy, that you have to be supporting abortion to be a White Ribbon man,” Robyn said, saying that’s a contradiction in itself.

“A lot of the women who have gone to the abortion clinic that I have witnessed, I would say a good 90 percent do not want to have an abortion to kill their child.”

“They just need someone to help them and support them. That’s the biggest thing.’

But Robyn said it’s not all one-sided.

“I’ve witnessed a number of times where the woman is dead set on having an abortion and the father doesn’t want their wife or girlfriend to have an abortion,” Robyn admitted saying she’s seen both sides of the story.

In essence the woman’s decision to having a baby terminated could be described as denying the father the right to his child.

Violence against women increasing

Robyn gave an abrupt answer to that scenario.

“The father has no rights to be honest. It takes a mother and a father to make a baby. It doesn’t just happen with a woman.”

An overriding factor to White Ribbon Day is violence and as Robyn reported violence against women is increasing in our society and one of the triggers is pornography.

“Pornography and the sorts of things males are getting into leads to more violence. It’s how they treat their wives or girlfriends.”

“Our whole society has moved away from God and when you move away from God and your foundation you’re left with nothing, and that’s where our society has gone,” Robyn commented.

Humanity of a child’s beginnings

White Ribbon is a heavily tax-payer funded charity that wants to end men’s violence against women and girls, but at the same time supports the legalising of abortion.

But there are some schools where students have been given the opportunity to be shown how a baby develops while it’s in the womb.

Robyn Grace said it’s great that they get to see the humanity of the child at its beginnings.

“When you’re a teenager everything can be thrown out the window. So if you’ve still got those thoughts in your head if you end up getting pregnant as a young teenager, you still know you are carrying a child.”

Robyn said when a teenager or a woman goes to an abortion clinic they refuse to tell you you’re a mother and that you’re carrying a child.

“They also refuse to show you an ultrasound because you might actually change your mind.’

“I’ve been in the abortion clinic in Adelaide with a young woman. So I’ve seen exactly how they speak to the women and how they counsel them.”

Most churches don’t know

“There is nothing positive said about their pregnancy and about being a mother,” Robyn stressed.

But numbers of churches support White Ribbon Australia including the Salvation Army. Will they be embarrassed to know of White Ribbon’s support for abortion?

Robyn Grace said she’s received an email from the Salvos on the matter.

“No comment from them for now but they’ve said they’ll pass it on. The thing is most churches don’t know White Ribbon does support the decriminalising of abortion.”

Robyn said they’ve contacted every church in the country. Every denomination they could think of to inform them.

“We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of responses back saying they had no idea.”

‘I am no longer a White Ribbon ambassador.’

“Sadly the Uniting Church supports them and doesn’t have a problem with it at all. The decriminalising and support for abortion. But not the other churches.”

“The Lutherans, the Baptists, the Anglicans, Hillsong have pulled from supporting them, so it’s growing.”

Robyn shared about a pastor whom she informed about the White Ribbon abortion issue at a funeral.

“The man came to me and said ‘I’m a White Ribbon ambassador.’ They go to whole communities with white ribbons and push the agenda.”

Robyn said she passed on to him the abortion information. This pastor’s response. “I am no longer a White Ribbon ambassador.”




Pregnancy Help SA is a not for profit Christian organisation. We are about supporting pregnant women and their families through their pregnancy and beyond. We believe every person – no matter his or her race, sex, colour, capability or size, is a unique individual created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). And because of this we uphold the view that every baby in and out of the womb has the right to life.
Pregnancy Help SA was formed by a group of men and women, including medical and business professionals, who were concerned with the high level of abortions and the lack of real assistance given to pregnant women in South Australia and other states.
Pregnancy Help SA offers women facing an unplanned pregnancy with relevant information and a variety of help and support. Pregnancy Help SA’s overall mission is to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual lives of women and their unborn children.
We further advocate that more than 90% of pregnant women would keep their unborn children if they are provided with practical and emotional support during this time.
Pregnancy Help SA does not refer women for abortions.

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