Does a mother ever forget her child? – Julie Borger

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Can killing a baby be a pleasant experience?

“These post abortion women are six times more inclined to commit suicide,” Julie revealed.

“Does a mother ever forget her child – the child she carried in her womb?”

“The issue for us is the fact there are two victims here…and as in all losses, the range of grief and loss, the emotions will come through over the years.”

Julie Borger, who leads Cherish Life, a pro-life group in Queensland, admits women’s initial feelings post abortion are those of relief.

Julie was responding to claims certain Christians support abortion.

The dispute centres on a story that tells of Christian women having a pleasant experience after undergoing abortions.

No lasting relief after an abortion

“If she was looking down the barrel of difficult personal circumstances or if there was potential difficulty with the foetus, so relief can be one of the experiences, but no, not ‘pleasant’,” said Julie, saying that relief does not last.

“As in all losses the range of grief and loss, the emotions will come through over the years.”

It be accepted that Christian pro-life organisations such as Cherish Life would tend to overstep the mark and exaggerate the harshness of the abortion industry.

Julie Borger doesn’t believe that to be the case at all.

“When the state government was doing an enquiry into abortions last year, even pro-choice gynaecologists and obstetricians were saying the termination of a pregnancy should always be a rare procedure because of the trauma for the woman involved.”

As for the pleasant experience claim, Julie said any business would work toward that ideal to make it a viable enterprise.

“I’ve never been in an abortion clinic but I would imagine they would be doing a lot of things to make it  pleasant and comfortable for a woman.”

Abortion – ‘a brutal experience’

“I know they always turn the ultrasound equipment away from the sight of the mother so she cannot see the wriggling human life within her that the abortionist is targeting,” Julie mentioned. A trick of the trade to make the experience more comfortable.

“All I can say, it was recent experience for her, relief that it was a comfortable process to go through and that she was still in that phase.”

Criticism for her stand against abortion is to be expected and for Julie, describing abortion as a brutal experience is not an exaggeration.

“There are two victims in an abortion – one is the mother and the other is the child.”

“No one could deny for the child it is not a brutal experience. That child’s life is terminated.”

“For the mother, I think there is long term trauma and harm to the woman as all the research leads us to believe.”

Anxiety, depression, suicide

“These post abortion women are six times more inclined to commit suicide,” Julie revealed, saying they also have a 31 percent greater risk of having major depression afterwards.

“They have a 131 per cent risk of anxiety disorder, the risk of alcohol and drug dependency rises by about 180 percent.’

“We know that many women find it difficult to live with from having had the (abortion) experience,” Julie informed.

Julie spoke about the ability to block the mind from the things that are traumatic.

“We don’t focus on them, we don’t look at them and we won’t allow ourselves to experience the feelings we are having,” is how Julie described it.

From a Christian perspective comes the value we place on a little life because there is a God. And that little life is created in the image and likeness of God.

‘Just a lump of tissue’

With that understood how could there ever be a way of killing a baby that could be described as a pleasant experience?

The moment of the abortion aside, where the possibility of a pleasant experience may have a place, Julie quoted Isaiah 49. “Does a mother ever forget her child – the child she carried in her womb?”

“The overall experience that will linger on cannot ever be described as pleasant,” Julie declared.

She said Cherish Life has had conversations with women who’ve had abortions. These women were encouraged by staff at the abortion clinic for making the decision.

They’re told the baby is just a lump of tissue and that it’s a straightforward medical procedure.

The dehumanisation – ‘It’s just a medical procedure’

“They accept that lie because they need to accept it at the time to do it.”

“But come two or three or five years later and they’re now married and ready to have a child, and they go and have their first ultrasound, and they see on the screen this ten-week old child….”

“…and they see it really, really is a human being and it has a heartbeat…”

“Sometimes it is not until that point that the awareness of what they so willingly accepted, comes to haunt them and then cause great pain and trauma,” Julie explained.

“But of course (the abortion clinic experience) is the whole dehumanisation, it’s just a medical procedure, it’s just a lump of tissue at this stage, it can very easily be terminated, and no long term effects for you – these are the messages that the women receive.”

But from a Christian perspective abortion is portrayed as being a cold and callous, money-making business. On the other side are the pro-choice lobbyists who say anti-abortion groups, such as Cherish Life, will be telling women who have had abortions, they’ll suffer from guilt for the rest of their lives.

There are two victims here

Julie Borger said Cherish Life doesn’t talk about how abortion occurs or that it’s a cold and calculating money-making business.

“The issue for us is the fact there are two victims here. There’s the loss of a human life for one, and there was the potential, long term harm, suffering and emotional well-being of the mother.”

“These are the messages we give out,” Julie outlined before putting out the Cherish Life shingle to hopefully engage more supporters.

“Cherish Life Queensland has fourteen branches across the state. With 94 state electorates it would be wonderful to have a branch in each electorate.”

Julie hopes the day will come when Cherish Life will have representatives in each electorate to talk with their MPs on life matters.




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