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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

In it for the long haul

People who are believers in Christ and under the blessing of God are ideally positioned to be entrepreneurs.

In a position to extrapolate on that is none better than Wes Leake, CEO of Business Blessings.

Wes is an old hand when it comes to the calling on his life to prepare would-be entrepreneurial Christians take their first steps into the business arena.

Accountant, business trainer, coach and spiritual advisor, Wes first pointed to Jesus.

“He was an entrepreneur as a carpenter prior to His ministry. He made things and people he was ministering to probably sat at tables He’d made or had His doors in their homes. All the woodworking stuff He did,” said Wes.

He then made another observation.

The Bible has the keys to being very successful

“If you look back through the Bible most of the major prophets were business people.”

That led to the acknowledgement Jewish business people are renowned for having a heightened business acumen with an uncanny knack of what you might call the Midas touch.

This has been passed down through the generations making them the people they are.

Wes Leake referred to a book he’s reading by Rabbi Daniel Lapin called Thou Shalt Prosper.

“This takes the idea the Bible actually has the keys to being very successful in business,” Wes informed saying business is all about relationship.

Relationships the key to success

“Business doesn’t actually happen unless you build relationships with people.”

Wes Leake is strongly of the belief that no matter how much marketing you might do, if you don’t have a relational attitude towards people they won’t buy from you.

But what about those Christians who believe that the best Christians are the poor ones. Could that not be justified by the increasing graft and corruption permeating the marketplace? True or false?

“I think it’s fair to say we need to be in the world and not of the world. God calls us as people to take the Kingdom of God and our light into places of darkness.”

“If we’re not in business showing the way forward then we’re allowing that corruption to take place.”

Church and business relations

Moving on to the theory of being a good Christian attending church on Sunday and not necessarily so good a Christian in the workplace during the working week.

Wes Leake gave a barebones explanation for church and business relations. They are not close buddies. The bad news is…

“The majority of Australians don’t attend church anymore. That’s the reality for what it is.”

“The average business would have four to five hundred customers. So the impact a business can have on a community is way beyond what a local church can have,” was Wes’ lament before delivering some good news.

“However, when the local church equips people to do the work of the ministry, and business is ministry – getting out and doing that extends the work of the church into the community.”

We need to be where the people are

That’s where church and business connects.

“People come into your business who will never go to church and I think our job is to be out there in the world.”

Wes Leake said he’s very conscious about this and he’s taken some steps to make sure he’s no longer in a Christian bubble.

“It’s very easy to associate with Christians all the time. But what I’ve seen during the marriage debate is that we’re not the majority anymore.”

Wes said that’s why we need to be where the people are.

“Jesus was where the people were. They complained about Him all the time because He was partying too much. He was in the homes of sinners!” According to Wes that’s where Christians need to be and history confirms that.

The importance of rest

“It is actually Christian business people who have transformed industry to a much higher level. They have laid the foundation to what we have today,” Wes commented.

Barring the fact that Christians may be influenced by the surrounding corrupt practices, Wes Leake gave an example of how one of his Christian connections has gone about applying Christian principles to his working environment.

“A good friend is a real estate agent whom God challenged about not operating on Sunday in his local city area. That was a big thing because they would do many sales on Sunday.”

“So they stopped trading on Sunday as a real estate agency.” And…?

“And all the other agents in the area stopped trading on Sunday as well!”

Time for family, friends, and refresh

He said he stopped trading on Sundays because God is very clear about taking a Sabbath rest, a day’s rest.

Wes said a community can be transformed by everyone resting on the Sabbath.

“It means those people now have time with their own family and friends and they can refresh and be in a much better frame of mind.”

So, hyporthetically, we want to start a business, make it successful, but there appears to be a whole heap of rules and principles we need to adhere to. It looks restrictive so how is this going to work?

“The basis of a Kingdom business comes down to your relationship with God,” Wes clarified. As for excuses, like – ‘I haven’t got time to take time out every day to spend that time with God.’”

Making the God connection

Wes said there shouldn’t be a problem with giving God some of your time.

“Think about it. You are connecting with the Person who created this world. The Person who knows business better than anybody else.”

Wes said He wants to speak to you, guide you, and direct you.

“And save you time and energy, and give you new ideas!”

“That is going to transform your business more than anything.”


Wes Leake’s passion is to see kingdom businesses raised up, established and supported in Australia and worldwide.

He is very conscious that a new day has dawned in terms of the God’s people being equipped to serve God where they are, the marketplace.

Raised in a Christian home, Wes gave his life to the Lord when he was nine years old.  Since then it has been a time of growing in God’s grace through many different circumstances and challenges.  He watched as his parent’s business went through bankruptcy; saw the family rebuild, only then to face the death of his mum.

Wes studied accountancy, in some way to ensure that he could learn the principles needed so that his family would not go through we he had.  But along the way, God has revealed through study, his work and times alone with God, that it is through God alone that success comes.

Success is not as the world views success but as God views success, a life of relationship with the living Lord.  Professionally Wes is an Accountant and has held positions with Guide Dogs Queensland, Scripture Union Queensland, Scripture Union Australia, Willow Creek Association and was the founding Australian Directors for Crown Financial Ministries.

Apart from Business Blessings, Wes works with Co.starters in helping people establish businesses, plus is a Small Business Mentor with TAFE Queensland.

He is married to Pam and have four children, Johanna, Bethany, Samuel & Elijah and attends Worship Centre in Carina, Brisbane.



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