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Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Faith and motive the two key factors

“After the preaching of the Word, signs and wonders do follow. If we believe they will follow they do follow.”

“The basic reason I feel people’s prayers don’t get answered is simply the fact they don’t believe God is going to answer them.”

“If you can find a promise of God from the Word about your particular need, and when you find that promise… God will respond because He’s committed to His Word.”

But beware, there are obstacles. Author and speaker Nick Watson is about to impart his knowledge and insight on prayer in this article.

Signs and wonders

Firstly, some of us can recall being moved after hearing certain speakers. Something happens in the hearts of believers. The experience has been likened to faith being birthed in their hearts.

It’s accepted that signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Gospel and the fallout after Nick Watson has delivered a message is no exception. His messages are heard across the world, wherever the Lord takes him.

Nick said it’s a privilege to serve God in this way and a joy for all concerned.

“Just on a recent trip to Canada there was quite an amazing thing. A couple of ladies in a church had felt a witness from the Lord a month earlier that on a certain date God was going to do something,” Nick recalled.

“It turned out that I was going to be in that church on that precise date.”

‘She danced around the carpark’ – healed!

It was during the evening service a lady with hip problems who’d used a cane for support for a number of years was among the worshipers.

“That night she felt her hip click back into place. She put aside her cane and walked down a flight of stairs to get to the carpark.”

“Then she danced around the carpark waving the cane over her head!”

Nick said she wasn’t the only one who was touched by the Lord at that particular meeting.

“They came expecting. A man can’t do anything, and it’s no good expecting anything from me. It’s only Jesus and connecting with Him the way people did in the Gospel era,” Nick said, saying there are two factors at play; faith and motive.

“The Bible says faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. So when you’re preaching from the Bible it does excite faith for the people who are listening.”

‘What we ask is important. It’s about the motive’

“Then after the preaching of the Word, signs and wonders do follow. If we believe they will follow they do follow,” Nick stated saying it’s the reverse when we don’t affirm that.

“It really gets down to a matter of our own faith as to whether we believe God can be as real today as what He was in Jesus day.”

But, the way we pray and what we ask is important. It’s about the motive. Nick Watson quoted from James.

“You ask and you have not because you’re asking with wrong motives. But the basic reason I feel people’s prayers don’t get answered is simply the fact they don’t believe God is going to answer them.”

“They’re basically praying in hope rather than in faith, and that’s the difference.”

Nick admitted to praying many prayers in hope that weren’t answered, before giving a key to praying prayers that are answered.

God wants us to have an abundant life

“If you can find a promise of God from the Word about your particular need, and when you find that promise – Romans 10:17, it will give you faith, that a prayer based on that promise, will touch God and God will respond because He’s committed to His Word.”

But an obstacle could be selfishness, or when off on a tangent, and what about the Lord’s prayer? – ‘Give us this day our daily bread’.

Nick said it’s not as if we’re not allowed to ask for our daily needs, or that we want various good things to happen in our lives, and Jesus having said He wants us to have an abundant life.

“Again it gets down to the issue of motive,” was Nick’s comeback. “What’s the motive behind our prayer.”

“So there’s two factors in play. One is, do we believe, and the other is, what is our motive?”

‘I want to be blessed in order to be a blessing’

“If we can get both of those right – that we are truly believing and not just hoping and wishing, and thinking we’re in some kind of divine lottery and one day our number will come up and a prayer of ours will get answered,” Nick explained saying Christians are not going to get answers to prayers thinking that way.

“Also if the motive is, ‘Yes, I want to be blessed but I want to be blessed in order to be a blessing.’ Not, I want to blessed in order to keep up with the Joneses or better and be able to say, ‘Well look at my resources compared to yours’, that’s not a good motive at all.”

But Nick’s confident most Christians have the right motives. That they want their children’s marriages to succeed and their friends healed etcetera.

Nick Watson believes the real key is in the simplicity of what Jesus said.

“Ask and you will receive,’ and Jesus spoke about the need to have childlike faith. Innocent faith but trusting faith that says, ‘Well, if you said it Daddy you’re going to do it so I’m going to believe it.”

One of Satan’s great weapons

The attitude of the heart is significant to realise answered prayer.

Nick Watson said there’s no doubt people have been discouraged from praying following past disappointments of prayer not answered.

“I believe that’s one of Satan’s great weapons he uses against Christians. Discouragement, disappointment, and he really crowds in upon that,” Nick declared saying some Christians then start to judge the character of God.

“God doesn’t really love me, God plays favourites, He wants to bless somebody else but not me.’

“But as they go down that path of deception they’re no longer operating in faith. What happens is they’re exalting their experience above the promises of God’s Word.”

Past experiences and failures

“Whereas what we have to do is to somehow take the Word of God as truth, as real, and by faith bring our circumstances up to be in line with the Word of God.”

Nick said people do the opposite. “They rely on their past experiences and anecdotes of other failures and getting a negative ‘glass half empty’ mindset and that’s not faith,” Nick outlined before explaining the most important value and reason for prayer.

“It’s to develop a relationship with God,” he stressed. “It’s to talk to Him the way we talk to one another.”

In other words, it’s to build a relationship with Him.

‘My sheep hear My voice’

“I’ve been emphasising in my ministry lately that prayer is a two-way street. It means we should expect God to respond when we pray. But He will only respond if we spend time worshipfully waiting and listening.”

“He doesn’t over-talk us. He waits for us to be still to know that He is God, and to listen.’

He said, ‘My sheep hear My voice’, and it can be translated, ‘My sheep listen to My voice’.

“A lot of people are praying too much and listening too little.”



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Nick Watson and his wife Lynne have three adult children and (so far) four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.



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