The Courage to Fight for Freedom – Dave Pellowe

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

‘Freedom of conscience belief and religion’

“The time is coming when we’re either going to have to fight for that freedom or live in a nation without it.”

“Jesus told us the world would hate us and we shouldn’t expect an easy path.”

“The thought that we’re going to need courage isn’t novel around the world and we should get used to it and get a spine.”

Dave Pellowe

Online conservative commentator Dave Pellowe is well aware the erosion of religious freedom is underway, more so since the recent change to the definition of marriage.

It appears that those who do not conform to the new LGBT agenda since the legislation, are going to meet with opposition.

‘If the state controls a conscience the state controls everything.’

The issues surrounding religious freedom have been relegated to a committee headed up by former Liberal minister Philip Ruddock – the Ruddock Freedom Review is scheduled for Friday 23 February.

Talk truth – expect trouble

Protection is the major concern. There are no apparent protections in place for people who hold a counter position to the LGBT agenda.

Dave Pellowe said for the secular mainstream media the marriage battle is over and it’s expected the church should now let the matter rest.

“You can’t communicate even to your denomination members the truth about what the Bible says about certain issues such as marriage without getting into trouble.”

Dave gave a reminder that before the same sex marriage legislation freedom of religion was already diluted and weak in Australia.

“This extra legislation has given them extra ammunition to persecute Christians who hold to a Biblical value especially if they hold to that view publicly.”

Dave Pellowe mentioned there are some Christian leaders who have not watered down the Biblical truth on what defines marriage, only to say those leaders are few but growing.

‘The world wants us to make this stand’

“There’s an increasing number but there aren’t enough Christian leaders to make a public stand as simple as Margaret Court did.”

“Margaret wrote a letter to the editor of her local newspaper saying, ‘This is what the Bible says.”

Dave is adamant the world wants us to make this stand and not acquiesce.

“We have Andrew Bolt who’s agnostic, we have Mark Latham who’s agnostic or atheist – multiple people in the world calling the church to speak, to join the conversation…..”

“….to participate in our inclusive democracy where everybody’s voice is allegedly valued.”

The conscience of a nation

Dave said not only do we have the opportunity but it’s also imperative to shine our light and to be salt, a word he likes to expand upon.

“Salt is not just tasty, it’s a preservative. It actually preserves the value and the health of a society. It also attracts water and water in the Bible speaks of multitudes, of large populations, but salt also brings healing and if you’ve ever been in the ocean, the salty sea with an open wound, it can sting a little bit as it brings that healing to you.”

Some believe the church’s role is to act as the conscience of a nation. Freedom of conscience belief and religion. But if church leaders are not being the conscience and not prepared to stand for the truth, to speak up even if they get criticised, then somehow we are destined to defeat.

But Dave Pellow said it’s just not our self-preservation we’re speaking up for, it’s our nation.

“And it’s our neighbours. There are 25-million people the Bible calls our neighbours who we’re commanded to love. Withholding truth from somebody isn’t loving, it’s hateful.”

Ruddock Review – An exercise in futility?

Dave quoted Leviticus where it says to love your neighbour, and the adjacent Scripture, to confront your neighbour if they’re sinning.

Philip Ruddock

Meantime Christians await the findings of the Ruddock Review. Some say it’s farcical and a sham.

“As much as it’s an exercise in futility we cannot neglect to answer the question when asked. That’s our opportunity as the church, especially when we’re asked and even when we’re not.”

Dave highlighted previous occasions when Christians have voiced their concerns to the nation’s lawmakers – concerns that were glossed over. Today those risks are still at large and need to be regarded and guarded against.

“(The politicians) completely passed over every opportunity to do something about it at the same time they passed this ‘un-definition of marriage’ legislation.”

“It smacks of dis-ingenuity to now say, ‘Well let’s now have a look at how we can get the horse back in the barn’ when they had a chance to shut the gate before the horse bolted.”

‘The best solution – be very very vocal’

“But we now need to speak up,” Dave stressed but admitted that just getting a change to happen involves a huge bureaucratic process.

That process begins with making a submission to the Ruddock Review. Dave Pellowe gave his opinion on Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s values that led to the marriage legislation change.

“Malcom Turnbull’s value of the freedom of religion over redefining marriage wasn’t true in that he valued passing the legislation of homosexual marriage more than he wanted to see freedom of religion.”

Dave said the reason the prime minister didn’t do it was because it was in the too hard basket.

The best solution we have now according to Dave Pellow is to be very very vocal.

“To refuse to be silent. To refuse to leave a world to our children that is decidedly worse and more authoritarian than the one we inherited from the generation before us.”

‘Look for the best candidates’

When it comes to any form of political partisanship Dave said the only people we should align with are our neighbours. To that end Dave repeated the Biblical commandments, to love God and love our neighbours.

“It doesn’t say love the government, it says pray for the government. Pray for them to have wisdom and righteousness and submit to them.”

“But it doesn’t say be loyal to the Liberal Party in the Bible or the Labor Party. So we should be undecided at every election and look for the best candidates who will promise to represent us. And we are to be representatives of Jesus.”

“Jesus told us the world would hate us and we shouldn’t expect an easy path. We’ve been blessed to inherit a country that was built on Christian foundations where our legal traditions were based on Christian traditions.”

Dave shed further light on this to say at the time of federation 90 percent of people valued Christian sentiments and demanded that the constitution acknowledge our humble reliance on God. But that’s not the country we live in anymore.”

“The time is coming when we’re either going to have to fight for that freedom or live in a nation without it.”

The thought that we’re going to need courage isn’t novel around the world and we should get used to it, get a spine and just see how long we can protect freedom and the Gospel in Australia.”


Christian commentator Dave Pellowe discusses and debates with his guests the important public issues that are shaping the future of our nation.

Dave believes that genuine positive social progress has a healthy balance of steady improvements and has a mature regard for the traditions and history that we build upon.

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