President Donald Trump’s First Year – Kameel Majdali

Friday, February 9th, 2018

‘178 accomplishments in 384 days’


“God uses all kinds of flawed people for His purposes. After all this is a God who used Samson, and the God who used Rahab, and this is the God who used the bully Saul of Tarsus.”

“People seem to find Scriptures related to America. I frankly have not been able to do such. I’ve looked from Genesis to Revelation and there’s nothing there.”

Quotes from Dr Kameel Majdali with an insightful analysis of Donald Trump’s first year as president.

The Christian perspective

Kameel is from Teach All Nations, a global Bible teaching ministry with a prophetic edge. He’s also described as a futurist who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible.

Kameel said the Christian perspective on Donald Trump is very, very different to the one coming from the mainstream media. President Trump being the first president in the post-modern age whom the media has not been able to control.

“It’s head-scratching for Christians who recognise Donald Trump as a New Yorker and organically with his mother’s milk he would have been raised in a left-wing progressive mindset. That just comes with the territory in New York.”

Instead he turned it around in his campaign for the presidency and championed conservative values.

“This has had a heavy Christian influence in the White House,” Kameel admitted.

Saudi Arabia ‘They applaud him’

“There are regular prayer times at the White House, Bible studies, Christian voices in President Donald Trump’s inner circle, and he’s also doing something we’ve needed for a long time and that’s advocating for the persecuted church worldwide.”

Kameel noted that it’s not something we’ve heard other western leaders doing for some time, and president Trump’s activity in this area was likely influenced by his evangelical vice president Mike Pence.

“Donald Trump goes into a place like Saudi Arabia and lectures 50 Muslim heads of state on how we must fight radical Islamic extremism and they applaud him,” Kameel said, adding how it’s remarkable what he’s done from that perspective over the last year.

But what of the president’s faith given his pro Christian stance not recognised prior to his march to the White House?

President Donald Trump & Vice President Mike Pence

“Only God knows the heart. God has the x-ray vision, we don’t. But he has not only assiduously courted evangelical votes, he has pretty much won them over.”

Christians align with Donald Trump

But in some pockets of the church in America there are a few leaders who consider these Christians have aligned with Donald Trump, a man they consider is very flawed.

Kameel said those Christians who criticise Donald Trump need to be cautious.

“God uses all kinds of flawed people for His purposes. After all this is a God who used Samson, and the God who used Rahab, and this is the God who used the bully Saul of Tarsus.”

Kameel said the fact President Trump has won over key leaders of the evangelical church is significant.

“They’re relatively happy with what they have seen so far. So what can we say about his sincerity. He seems to be delivering the goods from that agenda.”

But what’s really significant from Kameel’s perspective are the voices the president has been listening to.

Donald Trump’s first year – ‘It’s rather amazing!’

“He seems to not only be listening – he actually delivers in the areas that matter to the people of Christian and conservative persuasion.’

“The fact is there’s been no howling on the side of the conservatives in terms of what he has done in his first year. It’s rather amazing!” remarked Kameel.

The opposition from the Democrats in Congress notwithstanding, the president has still managed to do a lot of things despite it all.”

President Trump with cabinet

One very significant factor to Donald Trump’s accomplishments has been his positive effect on the US economy.

“but I think it’s important to emphasise that no president actually controls the economy. But they can have an influence and markets can react,” Kameel observed.

‘Not just words but actions’

Kameel likens Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan saying he’s the most conservative president since Reagan’s 80s presidency.

“Reagan came in and talked about a positive future. Donald Trump is doing the same thing perhaps not so eloquently.”

“He has been such a strong cheer leader for his nation and that has had a very positive effect. That’s not just his words but his actions. For example, slashing regulations which has been a major major issue.’

“He says, ‘Let’s cut the red tape’ with pithy phrases – ‘Drain the swamp, great again, lock her up,’ these little catchy phrases that people remember and this has helped the economy from what we can see.”

From a Biblical approach Kameel Majdali spoke of the people who have attended his Australia-wide meetings in recent years – Understanding the Times.

“They will know that by necessity I had to bring up Donald Trump. In 2016 I did the tour around Australia with Vision and the topic had to do with Seven Keys to Understanding the Future.”

President Trump, Israel and Jerusalem

“I had no choice but to bring up Donald Trump as well, simply because that’s what people wanted to know,” explained Kameel.

This was during the campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Last year I had the topic ‘Jerusalem and the Middle East in the Age of President Trump.’ And the fact is he is putting a very strong highlight back on Middle Eastern affairs and especially dealing with Israel and the topic of Jerusalem.”

“This of course is prophetic because of what is taught in Zechariah 12 and 14. The fact is even without Trump there would be an accent mark on the Middle East, but with him it’s come to a fever-pitch especially since he has declared America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

Kameel emphasised the Jerusalem factor as being highly symbolic and while it ignited  unrest in the Middle East, it hardly caused a ripple elsewhere.

The president visits the Western Wall

“He’s putting an accent mark back on this part of the world which I believe Bible prophecy puts the accent on too.”

Genesis to Revelation – ‘Nothing about the USA’

Kameel Majdali stressed he’s not in the Last Days camp among those who try to find Biblical significance in everything that happens.

“I don’t do that. I look for Biblical and prophetic significance where it’s clearly stated in Scripture and there are a lot of things not stated in Scripture about the Last Days – for example the United States of America.”

“People seem to find Scriptures related to America. I frankly have not been able to do such. I’ve looked from Genesis to Revelation and there’s nothing there.”

Kameel stated he only addresses those things which he believes the Bible says something. And while the Bible says a lot Kameel said its focus is narrow geographically.

“That narrow focus is on the Middle East. For example, many are looking for an anti-Christ within the corridors of power in Europe. I was taught to do the same, but let’s face it, the Bible says almost nothing about the anti-Christ coming out of Europe.”

Jerusalem – the capital of Israel

“Yes there will be an anti-Christ but the place names I find associated with him are more in the Middle East. Where the Scripture clearly speaks on such a place at such a time, that’s what I focus on,” Kameel informed.

Kameel also made a further statement on President Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. ‘Donald Trump did not rule out a two state solution.’

This solution harkens back to the historic mandate from the days of British Palestine.

“What that implies are two Jerusalems. One for Israel in the west and one for the Palestinians in the east. He left the door open for all that,” Kameel highlighted.

“The truth is both parties don’t really want it but they might go along with it if they have to or need to. In that sense nothing has changed.”

“But the fact that Donald Trump even dared to put Jerusalem and Israel’s capital in the same sentence, that’s where the tidal waves have begun.”

(Quote from online Christian news service WND:) ‘With mainstream media and establishment politicians stacked against him from the moment he announced his run for the presidency, Donald J. Trump has been in an ongoing pitched battle to communicate his plans – and his eventual successes – to Americans. Through public rallies and social media, he has managed to bypass the traditional information gatekeepers and has spoken directly to the people.’ (Unquote.)

Read the full article from WND – titled ‘Big List of 178 Trump accomplishments in 384 days’ 


Kameel Majdali is a Bible scholar, author and speaker who draws large crowds across the nation with biblical insights into current events during his Understanding the Times tours of Australia. Like the “sons of Issachar” who understood the times and knew what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32) the many who attend are informed on what’s happening with Israel, Turkey, Iran, mass migrations to Europe and the rise of populist politicians like Donald Trump. Dr Majdali has dedicated his life to studying the intersection of Scripture and world trends.

Kameel is an ACC ordained Bible Teacher, former Principal of Harvest Bible College in Melbourne, has a ministry called Teach All Nations, and travels regularly to the Middle East and Europe.

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