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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Melissa Lipsett

A free ‘read and share’ toddler Bible

The Bible for babies. Getting the Bible into ‘the hands’ of newborns. Really?

Yes, this will be a reality as the Bible Society undertakes this new initiative.

Obviously babies cannot actually read the Bible but that’s not stopping the Society’s dedication and gifting Australia’s newborns into the world with a Baby Bible.

An incentive to start the Baby Bible ball rolling, the Society is presenting a thousand children born in Australia from 1 January 2017 to 7 March 2018 with a free ‘read and share’ toddler Bible.

Operations Manager Melissa Lipsett said the Bible Society is passionate about placing a Bible in the hands of everybody who wants one.

 A Bible reading habit

“As a Christian mum my greatest desire is to see my children develop a faith of their own, to see them develop a relationship with Jesus.”

Toddler Bible to Share

“So I want to help other Christian parents like me by offering them a toddler Bible for their new precious one born in our bicentenary year,” Melissa shared, and said the Society would go the extra mile and follow up with another Bible for the family at the five-year mark.

But times have changed. Not as many Australian Christian families have a regular Bible reading time or even a Bible on their shelves these days.

This was an incentive for the Bible Society’s toddler Bible.

“It’s a Bible story book rather than a full Bible and it’s incredibly engaging for young children.”

“We really hope it will ignite a passion for parents to read the Bible to their children and to also develop that Bible reading habit in children from the very, very earliest age.”

Special tips for parents

Melissa Lipsett is aware of the need to keep the family engaged with the Word.

“Not only will the family and new baby see the beautiful toddler storybook Bible, but they’ll also be receiving from us in their birthday month a special birthday card.”

“It will contain some special tips for parents to help encourage and nurture faith and family Bible ready,” Melissa informed before mentioning what the Society is offering on the child’s 5th birthday.

To receive your free Toddler Bible visit

“They’ll be receiving as a gift our Big Rescue Bible.” Melissa said this is a perennial favourite for primary school aged children.

“It’s a big kids Bible for children as they’re starting school and we know this particular Bible will take them right through their primary school years.”

Two wonderful gifts

Back to the Bubs Bible and Melissa said there’s more to it than just giving it away as a free gift for a new baby.


“We’re actually saying we want to invest in your life, your child’s life and your family life for the foreseeable future. That’s why we have these two wonderful gifts. One for now and for when your child turns five.”

“The Bible Society loves to put the Bible into the hands of people, and we know there are less people professing Christianity in Australia than ever before. The last census tells us that,” Melissa explained.

“So we want to say to people who might not have ever engaged with the Bible before, ‘here’s an opportunity – this is a great start for you and your new family with your new baby, and we would love to walk alongside you and your family in this way,” Melissa outlined.

And there’s no catch.

“The payback for us is that we do get to encourage that Bible reading habit on our very youngest children.”

Fruits of a Bible reading habit

Melissa described the fruits of having a Bible reading habit.

“It’s the single biggest contributor to growing faith in any person. Certainly the case in adults and no different for children.”

Melissa said current research shows that if you teach a child to be able to read and engage in the Bible at an early age then they’re much more likely to continue to do that.

“That’s throughout teenage-hood, adolescence and into adulthood. We just want to help families start that habit early,” Melissa confirmed.

And once again, a repeat of the Bible Society’s offer of the baby toddler Bible.

“We would be delighted to make that gift available to any baby born throughout 2017 and the reason we’re going out to March 2018 is because that’s the day the Bible Society Australia turns 201.”

“We just want to keep the party going a little bit longer.”

Melissa Lipsett

Melissa Lipsett



Bible Society – What We Do

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In order to pursue our mission, Bible Society Australia undertakes a range of activities.

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