The Prayer Bond of Sisterhood  –  Sally Burke

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

….and the power of praying mothers

“After that very first week we saw one prayer after another answered. We thought we were in a revival with a spiritual awakening happening on each school  we prayed for.”

“Two of my boys have life altering life threatening lifelong diseases. And yet as the sisters stand with me week by week and praying we’re watching miracle after miracle happen in their lives.”

“God unleashes His power to do His will through prayer. He tells us we have not because we ask not. So when we ask He moves mightily,” Sally declared.

God answers prayers for children

How many women train to become space shuttle engineers? This became Sally Burke’s career.

But it wasn’t until after her marriage and her two children came along that Sally and her husband came to faith in Christ.

That’s when God began to change her priorities.

Sally Burke was to discover how faithfully God works in children’s lives in answer to prayer. It was from this revelation that the bond of sisterhood emerged – a bond that develops between those mothers who are praying for schools and one another’s children.

The momentum for Sally Burke and other mums who were praying for schools began to grow, and it came to a point where there were 60 new mums in prayer groups just in their California location alone.

Sally was to become the regional coordinator for these praying mums in 25 school districts – a total of 700 schools and half-a-million students.


Moms in Prayer International

In 2008 she made another momentous decision and armed with her website Moms in Prayer International, the former shuttle engineer’s ministry skyrocketed.

Since its beginnings 30 years ago, moms in prayer is now in 145 countries and requires 60 language translations for mothers worldwide.

Sally, who’s now president of Moms in Prayer International and author of the book ‘Unshaken’, spoke of the early days when prayer for schools was birthed in 1984.

It was a mother, Fern Nichols, with two sons having difficulties at school, who linked up with another mother and together they began to pray.

‘Teach me to pray’

“Soon God grew this life-changing prayer ministry to what you see today around the world. And a few years after it began I called out to the Lord, ‘Teach me to pray.’”

Fern Nichols

Sally said the Lord answered the prayer. A mother invited Sally to hear Fern Nichols speak after which she realised that God answers prayer.

“I knew my kids would be blessed if I prayed for them!” Sally exclaimed.

“I went to that first prayer meeting and I never prayed out loud, I didn’t even think about that.”

Sally said the women welcomed her into the group where they used four very simple steps that included putting their children’s names into a prayer.

Space shuttle engineer turns pray-er

“After that very first week we saw one prayer after another answered. We thought we were in a revival with a spiritual awakening happening on each school that we prayed for.”

Sally felt God move in her heart that very first week and said she knew she’d be back.

“It took me about six weeks before I eventually prayed out loud what was in my heart.”

So, there was Sally Burke, a space shuttle engineer  knee deep in rocket science, blasting off the launch pad into the universal world of prayer. Could there be any similarities?

For Sally there was quite a few.

“God unleashes His power to do His will through prayer. He tells us we have not because we ask not. So when we ask He moves mightily,” Sally declared, saying it simply amazes her how God spoke into being the heavens and the earth.

‘We’re praying according to His will’

“And there’s us as rocket scientists trying to get the shuttle into outer space and we think about how God holds everything together. He tells us by His Word and by the power of His Word.”

“When we pray His Word, that’s powerful. Nothing can stop it. Nothing can stop His hand. And we know we’re praying according to His will when we’re praying His Word,” Sally shared.

Sally recalled when Focus on the Family’s Dr James Dobson interviewed her and said he was excited about the space shuttle. But Sally was more excited about something else.

“I said it was a lot more powerful for me to witness and to see women whose lives were going from fear to courage, for children coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour then to a campus where others were struggling and in trouble before coming back to the Lord and revival and a spiritual awakening happening, and that’s inspiring and miraculous! Sally highlighted.

‘It will be done for you’

“What we did on the space shuttle man can do – what we do when we pray only God can do, so it’s much more powerful much more exciting.”

Sally is strong about God’s Scriptures when it comes to praying corporately saying two is stronger than one and three is even stronger.

“He tells us in Matthew 18:19 ‘Again truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.’”

“For two or three gathered in My name’ – that means according to His will who He is – ‘There I am with you.’”

Sally related further with a picture of Moses with Israel in battle and Moses was interceding for them and as long as he had his hands up with that staff they would win the battle.”

‘As mums, we grow weary as Moses did’

But Moses grew tired and every time his arms came down the tide was turned and the Israelites were losing.

“So Aaron and Hur came alongside him and they lifted up his arms until the children of Israel were victorious.”

Sally continued to tell the story how God told Moses to tell this to Joshua who was on the battlefield just like the children were in the schools.

“This was so Joshua would know this as he grew up. And sometimes as mums we grow weary as Moses did. We see what’s right in front of us. We see the battle that’s going on for the lives of our kids.”

“And another mum comes alongside of us and she says, ‘Sister, I am here with you and I am here for you and I am going to hold up your arm until you see victory.”

‘You need other mums to come alongside you’

Sally said there were many times she would come to her mums prayer group, weary and tired, and another mum would pray with incredible faith.

“I would agree in Jesus name Amen. And then we would see victorious answers to prayer. Miraculous answers to prayer that only God could do,” Sally said.

“You don’t want to be alone. You need other mums to come alongside you.”

Sally has been praying with these women for more than 20 years and every week they come together for an hour.

“Every week we would pray and now our kids are impacting this next generation for Christ,” Sally shared saying these children themselves have become mighty prayer warriors.

The power of this sisterhood idea under God, has been fully realised by many thousands of mothers worldwide, who when in crisis are no longer have to face it alone.

They fall in love with them

Sally Burke says it is very powerful, and for very personal reasons.

“Two of my boys have life altering life threatening lifelong diseases. And yet as the sisters stand with me week by week and praying we’re watching miracle after miracle happen in their lives.”

Sally also admitted that what happens when they pray for other children other than their own they fall in love with them as though they’re their own children.

“And I never want to miss my prayer group because every week the Holy Spirit prays through me for this other child. So think about that. When another mother prays for my child she’s giving an eternal gift to my child. Something I would never know or think about.”

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Sally Burke

Moms in Prayer International President Sally Burke’s introduction to the ministry in 1990 was life changing. As a young mom and a new believer, she discovered how faithfully God works in kids’ lives in answer to prayer. She discovered the bond of sisterhood that grows between praying moms. Compelled by joy, Sally began to reach out and share with other moms the hope God gives as we pray for our children and their schools.

God has led her step by step, first as a group leader and then as area coordinator for her hometown, Temecula, California, where He raised up 60 new Moms in Prayer groups. She later became the regional coordinator for all of Riverside County and its 25 school districts with 700 schools and half a million students. Once again God showed Himself faithful, and every school district was eventually covered with the mentorship of an area coordinator and hundreds of students accepted the Lord.

In 2008, Sally “took on the world” for Moms in Prayer International as the Director of Field Ministry, providing spiritual and strategic direction to the ministry worldwide. During her tenure, God doubled the number of nations where Moms in Prayer groups can be found meeting and praying. Sally stands amazed at God’s mighty power through moms’ prayers and His miracles big and small that could never be counted.

In her early years, growing up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Sally was fascinated with the space program, and eventually became a space shuttle engineer. It wasn’t until after her marriage and the birth of two children, that she and her husband came to faith in Christ, and God began changing her priorities.

Today, in her role as president of Moms in Prayer International, Sally is carrying on the legacy begun over thirty years ago. Her vision remains unchanged, that more children and schools and moms might experience God’s life-changing answers to prayer.

Our vision is that every school in the world would be covered with prayer.

What if you could change the world – not just for today but for generations to come? At Moms in Prayer International, we believe that a mom can be the single greatest force for good in the lives of her children and the children around her. We believe that lives and whole communities are changed forever when moms gather together to pray to the only One who can change a human heart. Moms can make the difference as they reach out to God in prayer- moms just like you.


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