Slowing Down to Hear God’s Plan – Susie Larsen

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Susie Larsen

Creating balance and finding peace

“I just think there are millions of Christians racing around trying to prove something that Jesus has already proven.”

“We serve out of a place of love. We can’t strive to get God’s love. He loved us first.”

“We must know that God loves us so much that He wants to heal those things – but we’ve got to slow down long enough to let Him heal those things.”

What those things are most of us either have or have had, the things that have affected our lives.

Susie Larsen knows what those things are as she shared her own personal testimony as to what those things can actually be.

In Over Your Head

Author, speaker and radio talk show host Susie Larsen was speaking about her latest book, ‘In Over Your Head’.

In today’s helter skelter action-packed world it’s very easy to forget to seek God’s plan for our lives.

Slowing down to hear God’s plan was the message Susie wanted heard.

On that subject, Susie chose to bring the book into focus by recalling things that have marked her life that could be common to many of us.

“If we look back over our shoulders every one of us has things that have marked our lives. They’ve framed our perspectives and drive what we do.”

For Susie it was a few significant experiences that shaped her thinking.

Susie – severely traumatised as a child

“They totalling affected what drove me and how I used the things that God offered me, the time treasure and talents.”

Susie recalled some terrible events that took place during her childhood when growing up in a large family.

“When I was about nine years old I was pinned down by some boys in our neighbourhood, ankles and wrists to the ground, and I won’t say more than that.”

“I was very traumatised by what happened at the hands of those boys. What that did was open up a canyon of insecurity and fear.”

“I would have constant nightmares of being attacked. I never told anybody what happened.”

“But about a year later, I’m ten years old at this point, still a little four-foot thing, a girl and small, and walking home from school.”

Kari Jobe & Susie

‘I didn’t know Jesus was accessible’

“And a different group of boys jumped me and beat me up really bad, and I just remember as a little girl, screaming and covering my head as they punched me in the face and kicked me in the stomach, pulled fistfuls of hair out.”

“I got up from that place and I was part of a denomination that knew God was real but I didn’t know Jesus was accessible.”

“And when I got up from that beating, my lip was bloody and bruised and my hair was snarled and my ribs hurt and I was so traumatised of course.”

“These big boys had jumped me for no reason and I just remembered hearing in my ear – ‘I can get to you anytime anywhere and God will never stop me.’”

“I knew that was the enemy of my soul even though I had no theology, no understanding of the Bible, but I felt my whole life that the enemy was nipping at my heels.”

Susie’s middle school years

“I was this out-there performer. I was a decent athlete and sunk myself into that. I strived to be the teacher’s pet. I did everything out of striving, trying to prove myself out of a hole.”

“I felt like such a lost cause and such damaged goods. So when I came to Christ as a young teenager I just transferred all that striving into Christianity.”

“I became a super server. I served in every which way you could imagine. I was on all the committees and I was this super hero.”

Susie then moved ahead a number of years to when she was into her third pregnancy and on bedrest for six months.

“A few months into my bedrest my doctor said that I could get up and test the waters to see if I would be OK to be on my feet for a little bit.”

“It was on my one day up I met some girlfriends from college and we went for a walk and I was being very careful, but it wasn’t good enough and I ended up contracting and I had to go back to bed that night.”

Lime disease 

“Within two weeks of that outing my face started to go numb. My memory started to go, I was only in my twenties.”

“I had this crawling numbing feeling in the base of my skull that went around into my face with dizziness and horrifying symptoms.”

Three months went by to the birth of her son. And then it was a year later Susie found out she had lime disease.

“I’d actually been bitten by the deer tick, and on my one day up from bedrest there again was the voice in my ear – ‘I can get to you anytime, anywhere.’”

Susie relates the story in her book ‘In Over Your Head’ – how she went on to battle lime disease.

“I was a fitness instructor so to lose my health to the degree that I did. I was so weak I could basically take a shower once a week, just because it took so much out of me.”

‘I’m going to seize the day’

“I had three little boys and I would just lie on the floor and play with them. I had no strength to do much else.”

“So once I got my life back and started to get my strength back, that’s when I became again a super server and I was sinking myself into church in every which way.”

“This was with passion, thinking, ‘I’m going to seize the day’. Once you’ve been sick you want to make your life count,” Susie shared.

This was when Susie realised everyone has their limits and Susie had found hers.

“What happened, as I drove myself right into a burnout, this book is the fruit of coming out of that place and really respecting our limits and knowing.”

“First of all we serve out of a place of love. We can’t strive to get God’s love. He loved us first.”

“So when we get that settled and we live from that place, then the places are about love, about stewardship, they’re not about trying to prove something.’

Unresolved grief

“I just think there are millions of Christians racing around trying to prove something that Jesus has already proven.”

“When we live in response to God’s love everything changes. And then the tweaks we need to make for our spiritual and physical health make all the difference because they’re coming from a place of fullness.”

“One of the great epidemics affecting the church is unresolved grief,” said Susie.

“If we don’t take time to sift through our losses, our traumas and our hurts, they will drive us in the bad direction.”

Susie’s passionate about this because of what the Word says.

“Scripture says there will be a day when we give an account. Now Jesus paid for our sins so we don’t go before the Great White Throne judgment.”

“The people who have rejected Christ will have to pay for their sin because they rejected Christ’s payment.”

Time treasure and talents

“Our sin is paid for but there is a day of reckoning for us, and it’s the day when we reckon what we did with our time, treasure, and talents.”

“When we are misusing our time, treasure, and talents to prove something that Jesus has already proven, there’s no redemptive value.”

“There might be a little bit of fruit in that, but when everything gets put on the altar, what we did in response to God’s love out of the abiding life, that’s what will last.”

“We must know that God loves us so much that He wants to heal those things – but we’ve got to slow down long enough to let Him heal those things.”

“We’ve got to slow down long enough to give Him time and space to speak to us about our story.”

“We will find a loving Father and Saviour ready to untangle all this for us so we can live from a place of freedom.”

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Susie Larson is a radio host, author and national speaker. She hosts her own daily live talk show, Live the Promise with Susie Larson. Susie connects weekly with thousands through her radio program and her daily faith questions on Facebook.

As a speaker, Susie has shared stage with such speakers as Ann Voskamp, Lysa TerKeurst, Jennie, Allen, and Liz Curtis Higgs, and with national recording artists like Kari Jobe, Meredith Andrews, and Christy Nockels. As a radio host, Susie has interviewed wonderful guests such as Anne Graham Lotz, Max Lucado, Craig Groeschel, John Eldredge, Dr. Warren Wiersbe, Lisa Bevere, and Gabe Lyons.

Susie is madly in love with her husband nearly 30 years, her 3 grown sons, her beautiful daughters-in-law, and, her pit-bull, Memphis.

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