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Thursday, April 5th, 2018

A total loss of 33-thousand US jobs

“I read somewhere that Toys R Us were donors to Planned Parenthood. To me this sounds completely insane.”

Why would a store that sells products for children donate to an organisation that specialises in killing unborn babies?

Firstly, to toys. In the United states as many as 800 Toys R Us stores are going to auction. And there are no shortage of bidders.

That’s a total loss of 33-thousand jobs.

The bidders are looking to take advantage of the liquidation of the company’s store assets.

Bankruptcy is the official reason

Also on the chopping block, a remaining 75 Toys R Us stores in the UK will close by the end of April with a loss there of around 3-thousand jobs.

But for the toy chain in Australia it’s business as usual. Despite the potential closure of all the US stores.

Bankruptcy is the official reason but it’s not the only reason.

There’s debt, online competition, cheaper stores, even bad service has been blamed.

But hidden in the small print for the bankruptcy is that it has its roots in cultural trends with a decrease in birth rates. In other words, fewer kiddies!

Babette Francis, a senior fellow in social policy at Macro Economics among other notable positions, pointed out an irony with Toys R Us that may have been a death wish to its demise in the US.

‘They’re killing their future customers!’

“I read somewhere that Toys R Us were donors to Planned Parenthood. To me this sounds completely insane.”

“Why would a store that sells products for children donate to an organisation that specialises in killing unborn babies?”

They’re killing their future customers!

“In fact any commercial enterprise that donates to planned parenthood or any abortion facilitating agency are cutting their own throats.”

“Your future and expanding sales base depends on a growing population of young people, so why would you want to kill your future base?”

Babette Francis described it as a contradiction in terms.

Not enough children being born

“They might feel progressive and get some immediate favourable left-wing media publicity but in the end you’re killing off your own customer base. It’s suicidal. It’s ridiculous.”

While Toys R Us are open for business in Australia in the meantime, it’s not off the hook and is likely to meet the same fate.

Babette was disappointed saying our birth rate was a little bit healthier, but if there are not enough children being born then we’re all in trouble.

One example is Japan where its’ reported a task force has been set up to go into the homes of elderly people who haven’t had children to see if they’re still alive.

“In some cases they’ve died alone and they’ve got to clean up the apartment, arrange for the disposal of the body.”

“I think it’s tremendously sad that an elderly person just dies alone in a prosperous country like Japan,” Babette observed, adding that Japan has a rapidly declining population.

Wanted – 2.3 children per woman

“It’s the sad story of a dying population. There was a quip in the news that if you want to speak to a Japanese person then do so now because in 3-thousand years there won’t be any Japanese people left.”

To maintain the population of the dominant race of a country it’s estimated the replacement rate needs to run at 2.3 children per woman to ensure long term survival.

The current rate is 1.77 which is too low and makes the country reliant on immigration to keep the numbers up.

Babette Francis said she was a great admirer of former Liberal treasurer Peter Costello who introduced a substantial baby bonus for the third child.

“It lifted to the birth rate to around 2.1 but you need 2.3 children as there are many women who can’t have children for biological reasons and 2.3 children only gives you a stable population and no an increase.”

Australian abortions

Babette should know what these figures mean given her contribution. Eight children!

“I’m very blessed that I was healthy and able to have eight children and also my husband was a successful barrister and able to support us all. Not all couples are as fortunate as that.”

It’s ridiculous in this country that abortion is supported by the taxpayer.

“Women have to pay a lot to cover pregnancy and child birth and the related costs of bringing up children.”

“Many couples would like to have at least three children but they think they can’t afford to do that because the mother has to go back into the paid workforce if they’re to have their own house, and that’s very sad.”

France – 20 percent Muslim births

Babette mentioned the Muslim birth rate and said they tend to value children.

“They have two or more children and of course some Muslim men have multiple wives so the birth rate is very healthy among most Muslim communities,” Babette confirmed.

In France, it’s estimated some 20 percent of the births are to Muslim families and it’s forecast that will extend to 30 percent in a few years’ time.

“Whether this is something a westernised country such as France would approve of is dubious but it’s a very worrying sign.”

A Muslim country worried about its birth rate is Iran. The nation is predominantly Shia Muslim as a opposed to Sunni Muslim and Babette Francis said Iran is below its replacement rate.

“This curse of the replacement level does effect some Muslim countries but not all. But basically in Western Europe the Muslim birth rate is quite healthy.”

Childless breast cancer rates higher

“It is very sad and deplorable and quite alarming for the basically Judeo Christian culture of western Europe the Christian birth rate is as low as it is,” Babette again noted. She then pressed home the point that it’s in a woman’s best interests to have at least three children and breast feed them all for as long as possible.

“Breast cancer is a major killer of women other than heart disease and stroke.”

“Being childless and not having the opportunity to breastfeed is a major risk factor for breast cancer.”

Attention then turned to Israel, a new nation of 70 years where the birth rate is quite high.

“Most Israelis are very proud of their nation and are loyal to it. Here they were, a dispossessed people and have made a flourishing Garden of Eden in their little patch of the Middle East.’

Israel’s population blooming

“They’re really made the desert bloom, they’re in the forefront of technology and in a whole lot of areas. I’m full of admiration for the Jewish people and Israel and what they’ve accomplished.”

“I think if you’re proud of your country and you have a sense of nationalism you tend to have larger families.”

“You have an optimistic positive outlook on life and that leads to having more babies.”

That said, Babette warned Australians to take some pride in their country instead of constantly rubbishing it.

“To have a sense of loyalty and pride in their country and be like Israelis and be encouraged to have more families.”

“As Peter Costello said, ‘One for dad one for mum and one for your country.’ That’s a motto we should adopt,” Babette concluded.

If you would like to listen to the full interview click play below


Babette Francis is the Senior Fellow – Social Policy at Macro-economics. She is also the Vice President of the Melbourne Branch of the National Party, a Vice-President of the Family Council of Victoria, and Vice-President of the Drug Advisory Council of Australia.

Babette Francis, B.Sc. (Hons), (Microbiology & Chemistry}, mother of eight, was born in India, and lived there for twenty-two years. She met her Australian husband, Mr. Charles Francis, AM, RFD, QC, on a ship bound for London. They were married in London and came back to live in Australia. They have twenty grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Francis is one of the founding members of Endeavour Forum Inc., a pro-life, pro-family Australian women’s NGO which has links with similar groups overseas. Endeavour Forum aims to enhance the status of the uniquely female and the traditional women’s roles and to counter the ideology of contemporary feminism whose adherents believe there are no differences between the sexes and that abortion on demand will pave the path to equality.

In her pioneering Minority Report on Equal Opportunity in Schools, (1977), as a Member of the government-appointed Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools, Mrs. Francis highlighted that the aims of feminists are not merely to encourage girls to undertake non-traditional subjects such as mathematics and trades such as plumbing, the real objective is to create a unisex androgynous society.

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