Islamic Kidnappings of Nigerian Girls – Muhammed Ibrahim

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Nigerian men grieve for kidnapped girls

More Persecution – More Souls for Christ

One of the hot spots for conversion to Christianity continues to be the volatile nation of Nigeria.

Nigeria was reportedly the world’s most dangerous place for Christians last year by the US congress.

The great divide in the troubled country are the Muslims to the north and Christians to the south with the tension often erupting in the middle.

The Reverend Muhammad Ibrahim is the founder of Passion for Converts International.

It was in April 2014 that Muslim extremist group Boko Haram kidnapped the Chibok Christian school girls.

Muhammad said the kidnappings are continuing and the Chibok girls have not recovered from their traumatic ordeal.

They have never recovered and unfortunately the persecution has gone to another dimension.

“And this time around (Boko Haram’s) mission was even uglier than the 2014 incident.”

Muhammad is referring to the recent kidnapping of 110 girls.

Girls moved to an unknown location

“This one was something we cannot explain. The first one (in 2014) we were aware of.”

“But this one the children were moved out of the school premises without a single military or security intervention.”

They were moved to an unknown location and after a period of time we were told the girls would go back – 105 of them. But tragically five others were left behind.

What Muhammad was referring to, and as reported in the New York Times, security officials in Nigeria failed to act after being alerted that Boko Haram militants were on their way to a town where they kidnapped the 110 schoolgirls.

The report said the Nigerian Army and the police received at least five calls up to four hours before militants raided a boarding school in Dapchi last month, but they did not take measures to stop the abduction or to rescue the girls after they were gathered into vehicles and driven away.

Captured girls screamed as trucks sped away

Confused students, some as young as 11, thought the militants were soldiers trying to help them, and many scrambled to get inside the trucks. Residents reported hearing the captured girls scream as the trucks sped away.

Amnesty International reported police officers in the town had fled because they feared they would be overpowered.

Muhammad Ibrahim said the military checkpoints had been removed before the Boko Haram militants arrived to carry out the abduction.

But Muhammad said the girls did not abandon their Christian faith.

The most important thing about this abduction was that the schoolgirls refused to confess Islam as a religion.

The Vatican News reported that when Nigeria’s Boko Haram militants returned the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls to their families, they held-on to one girl Leah Sharibu.

The freed schoolchildren then told her parents that Leah had been held-back because she had refused to renounce her Christian faith and convert to Islam.

More coming to Christ

Five other students died during the five-week-long captivity at the hands of Boko Haram.

But there was some good news that Muhammad had to share.

The more the church is persecuted in Nigeria the more people are coming to Christ.

“What I am seeing now is God opening great doors for His people to get some vision.”

“We are seeing people coming to Christ – it has been a wonderful experience for me.”

“We pray that it will continue and that the Kingdom of God will expand in this part of eternity,” Muhammad concluded.

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Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammed Ibrahim is a former Nigerian Muslim who was converted to Christianity and is now an Anglican priest. Muhammed is also founder of a ministry called “Passion For Converts International” and is ministering right in the midst of the violence and working to help Christian converts from Islam in very difficult circumstances. In part 2 of our chat he shares his own story of conversion to Christianity and his passion for helping former Muslims who have converted to Christianity. In the final part of our conversation he talks about “Internal Persecution” which includes rejection in almost every area of life in Nigeria.

Passion For Christ

We started by opening a website Through this site, we provide online discipleship to converts from various parts of the world such as Afghanistan, India and others. We have been doing this for the past six years now with great result to the glory of God.

Passion has had the privilege of traveling to Uganda where souls were saved through an open air crusade in Jinja region. Today we partner with ‘The Master Ministry International Church Uganda’. This is beside other ministration here in Nigeria.

Recently, Passion established a partnership with Covenant Baptist Church Akute, Ogun State. I had a teaching session for a group of MBBs who are part of the Church. I also conducted deliverance prayer for them (Deliverance Prayer & the Spiritual Life)

Passion For Converts’ account of the latest abduction:

On 19th February, 2018, 110 Dapchi Federal Government Science and Technical College boarding school students were taken to an unknown destination without any security intervention. The North East region of Nigeria has been under the danger of adoption and Islamic terror attacks since 2014.

One Christian girl named Leah (15) was asked to accept Islam while in captivity. Because she refused to accept Islam, she was not released. After almost 5 weeks, all (except 5 who did not survive the ordeal and Leah), were released.

Passion celebrates with young Leah who, even at the point of death, defied the threat and stood her ground, maintaining and retaining her faith in Christ Jesus.

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