Stan Walker Faces His Biggest Fear

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

A Health-Plagued Mountain Conquered by Faith

All I’m going to say is that I’m blessed to be alive and well.

As reported, in January 2018 fans of Stan Walker expressed concern for his health after photos appeared on social media.

Proud of my mama ❤️❤️❤️

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The Australian Idol winner was diagnosed with a stomach cancer gene that had previously killed more than 25 of his family members.

The photo revealed Stan in a recovery phase after having undergone surgery in September 2017 to remove his stomach.

‘Will I be  able to sing again?’

It’s in the documentary ‘Stan Walker, the Fight for His life’ the Australian idol winner opens up about his terrifying ordeal in his battle to beat the cancer.

The recovery part was hard, just physically, and it became mentally hard when I knew my voice was at stake.

At the time Stan didn’t know if he’d ever be able to sing again.

“But everything else was painful and I couldn’t wait to get over it,” said Stan.

“The physical pain dies down but it’s the other stuff you have to deal with that takes a while to get through and to get over the psychological issues.’

Mum’s breast cancer

Those issues included what he called little moments.

“I called on God and said, ‘If my voice doesn’t come back I’m done.’”

As Stan was reacting to his predicament, memories of his mother’s ordeal with breast cancer came flooding back.

Stan Walker & Jessica Mauboy

It was easier me going through it but it was hard for my mother going through it eight months before me.

“She had breast cancer and that was hard for me – a testing time.”

While Stan admitted he could deal with his cancer experience, that wasn’t the case when having to watch his mother go through it.

Faith played a part as the family united around their mother at this crucial time of need.

‘What are You up to God?’

“It was a no-brainer for us. When our mum found out she had cancer we would have conference calls and pray together every morning just to make sure God was at the centre of everything,” Stan shared.

An easy and lovely time it wasn’t as Stan put it. They could only trust God through the whole ordeal.

I definitely questioned God saying, What are You up to? This is not supposed to happen is it?

But Stan confessed his faith was certainly being tested through this painful period, both with his and his mum’s health struggles.

“It was more as though God had our backs but my faith was up and down.”

“It wasn’t to the point that I don’t trust Him or don’t believe in Him or love Him any less,” said Stan before confessing that God’s love keeps blowing him away.

‘He comes through for me no matter what’

That’s the thing that buzzes me out is how much He loves us and His grace.

“Then there’s my humanness that loves Him. It’s a wavering love we have but His is unconditional.”

Stan Walker’s grand-father was one of those 25 family members who succumbed to the ravages of this particular gene mutation known as CDH1.

It’s these sorts of memories that can hover over the lives of descendants and Stan Walker no less being one of them. One of Stan’s challenges associated with this infirmity was patience.

You see, Stan had lost his voice. That had been the ticket to his career, his vocation, his calling in life.

‘I wanted my voice to come back’

It was something I dreaded. But my biggest problem and issue was patience. Even now I’m moving too fast and moving ahead of my body.

“My mind’s already there and I’m trying to race ahead but my body can’t keep up. That’s the frustrating thing for me,” Stan testified.

“I wanted my voice to come back when I wanted it to come back, and it wasn’t.”

It’s not all there yet.” (Stan’s voice.)

“There are times when I sing better than I used to but there are still parts of my voice that haven’t come through yet that I’m waiting on.”

But as Stan has admitted he wants things to happen now. Fortunately, because of his faith Stan’s fall-back position is to go to God, but with a caveat.

Humility shines through Stan’s life

“God You’ve got a plan for this. But it better not be no voice!”

One of Stan’s attributes would have to be a humility that shines through his life and conversations.

He’ll be the first to tell you he’s had some black moments, which there’s no denying he has. But one of the many things Stan does very well is to quickly get back on track.

And on the matter of tracks, namely vocal tracks – Stan has composed a song that he’s dedicated to his wonderful mum who has been with him every inch of the way.

I went into the studio one day and said ‘I want to write a song about my mum.

“There’s not much I could give my mum for everything she’s given me and done for me,” Stan said before highlighting a significant event that took place the very next day.

“The next day after I wrote the song I found out I had cancer which made everything much more meaningful.”

“It was like we’ve really been going on this journey together in a whole another way.”

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


Stan Walker was born on 23 October 1990 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Stan is an AustralianNew Zealand recording artist, actor, and television personality. In 2009, Stan was the winner of the seventh and last season of Australian Idol. 

Stan has compared his early life to that portrayed in the 1994 New Zealand film, Once Were Warriors, which tells the story of an urban Māori family and their problems with poverty, alcoholism and domestic violence. 

At the age of 15, Stan started going to church, after hearing a testimony of a girl who had a similar family background to his. 

Stan says his passion for music and church made him a “good boy” again. 

Stan says that moving to Australia helped him get over the ‘shame buzz’ and pursue a career in entertainment.

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