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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

An Aussie Legend’s Lifelong Mission

“In a culture that can be sometimes very indifferent and very negative towards the simple Good News truth of the Gospel, I felt very honoured to receive that award, so thank you very much.”

As you would expect, there’s much more to this story.

The story about a music marathon still in progress – from the artist who never tires to the artist we never tire of.

There’s never a let up on the demands for the presence of this Australian musical maestro.

Jordan, Kerrie, Steve Grace and locals – Kalgoorlie, WA.

The Will Graham Goldfields celebration at Kalgoorlie this weekend is just the latest Steve Grace appearance to throw on top of a very huge pile of Gospel events stretching back all of three decades.

How does this most gifted, eminent, luminary, pacesetter keep on keeping on?

The John the Baptist thing

And besides, there’s not a space in his conscience where he feels the urge to bang a drum about himself.

“First of all I really appreciate Will Graham and his vision to come to some of the more remote regions of Australia and share the Gospel,” said Steve Grace.

I love doing the ‘John the Baptist’ thing and going out there and preparing the way.

“I’ve spent the last few weeks along with my son Jordan visiting remote communities. I think we clocked up about 4-thousand kilometres on the dirt…”

“All the way up from Kalgoorlie to communities like Cosmo, Newbery and Mulga Queen. Out to Warburton and Jameson and had a fantastic night at a community called Blackstone.”

“Busloads of people came from across the border in South Australia.”

A million miles of concert tours

It just blows me away our indigenous brothers and sisters sure don’t mind travelling distances.

“A part of all that has been inviting people to come to Kalgoorlie.”

This is the bush busking life of Steve Grace – Australian country Gospel singer songwriter. So imagine boiling it all down to a couple of long sentences on Steve’s homepage. Now that would have to have been a feat in itself. But here it is.

The Church in Minnipa, South Australia


‘Thirty years ago he was driving trucks and singing in pubs. Today, Steve Grace is an international award winning Country Gospel artist with twenty albums and a million miles of concert tours behind him.

Communicating to thousands of people each year, his tours literally go anywhere and everywhere, from remote villages on South Pacific islands to remote communities and country towns across Australia.’

‘Thank you for visiting our son in prison’

There you have it. The rest is a music marathon still in progress – from the artist who never tires to the artist we never tire of.

As you can gather Steve’s covered a lot of ground just on this recent outback interior jaunt, with an itinerary that included the prisons.

But it’s the heart of the man that speaks volumes.

Everywhere we went it was amazing. Mums and aunties and uncles come and say thank you for visiting our son in prison.

“You realise sometimes just doing the little things can mean an awful lot to people.”

“Lots of miles and lots of campfires just doing the hard yards around Western Australia. It’s a big state this one!” Steve admitted.

‘The Singalongs’

Steve and Uganda’s Watoto Children’s choir

“This week we’re in Margaret River and down to Albany, across to Esperance and then back to Kalgoorlie with Skypilot doing a bunch of stuff in some of the schools.”

But what many fans enjoy about Steve’s performances are affectionately known as the ‘Singalongs.’

Anyone’s invited to get up and share a few songs or a story about what God’s done in their life.

“Sometimes these meetings can go on for hours. And at this time of the year going into winter the sunsets are absolutely spectacular.”

“I get the privilege of getting to visit some of these communities. It’s amazing, just the power of music and Vision has been so much a part of that over the years.”

“Getting good music and God’s Word out to remote places around this big country of ours. I love it.”

‘It’s never an easy road’

Another major milestone for Steve Grace took place at the recent Christian Media and Arts Association conference held at the Gold Coast.

Steve received the Legacy Award in recognition of his mammoth contribution to the spread of the Gospel through his singing and song writing ministry.

Here’s a part of what Steve had to say about this achievement.

“To be awarded the Legacy Award by many, many people who I’ve got a lot of great respect for in the industry.”

It’s never an easy road when you’re promoting the Gospel.

“In a culture that can be sometimes very indifferent and very negative towards the simple Good News truth of the Gospel, I felt very honoured to receive that award, so thank you very much.”

‘We’ve got to keep doing it’

But for Steve Grace, this is not the end of the trail by a long shot.

The Graces at Meekatharra, WA

There’s still a lot of work yet to be done and we’ve got to keep sharing the simple, profound, absolute truth of why Jesus came and what He’s done for us.

“When a society stops recognising that, things start going backwards really quickly.”

“So we’ve got to keep doing it and I sure hope I can keep doing it for a few more decades,” Steve said as he concluded his wrap up of the Legacy Award tribute.

However, when you consider the amount of time he’s spent in the Outback throughout his music ministry, if there’s one person who can call the shots it’s Steve.

The incredible response

And when it comes to the Gospel reaching the country’s First Australians, Steve has an excellent read on just how it’s best done and by whom.

“I’ve noticed over the years that the people who are most effective are South Pacific islanders.”

I’ve just seen the incredible response and the amazing connection between indigenous cultures of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and all of the South Pacific nations.

“Even Maoris in New Zealand are incredibly effective at discipling and mentoring and building churches in remote communities.”

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


Steve Grace is one of Australia’s leading contemporary Christian musicians. In 1996, the Gospel Music Association of America voted Steve as the International Artist of the Year and the Australian radio industry has awarded him two Pater awards for song-writing.

Steve’s album Children of the Western World (1988) achieved gold status in Australia. It was the first Christian album by an Australian artist released on CD. The album, Follow, was recorded in Los Angeles and features members of the Franklin Graham Festival Praise Band. Steve’s music has been released in the USA, New Zealand (Parachute) and Australia (Word Australia), and is available to order online or download on the iTunes Music Store.

 True to his missionary upbringing, Steve pioneered a concert touring ministry to Australian country towns in the early 90’s, traveling the vast expanses of the Australian continent to serve local churches in their task of reaching people with a contemporary message of hope and faith.

Whether it is small outback town halls, concert halls in large cities, or the international stage, Steve’s love for God and people shine through his music and life. He is strongly committed to serving the church and its task of evangelism.

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