How To Go To Church – Greg Laurie

Haylie |
Thursday, June 7th, 2018

"Church is not just a place to attend, it's a place to participate. You become a family. It's in the church that you find accountability. Church is a place to develop and use your gifts, and you need a pastor and a consistent theology. Other pastors will agree with me on this statement."

Greg Laurie continues to share in the above video about greeting visitors at his church in California, and asking about their pastor back home. Unless they attend a problematic church with false teaching, he recommends people regularly attend their local church and not 'shop around'.

"Generally I would say 'be a vital part of your church.' I will not say 'leave your church and come join our church, please.' That's not something I would ever want to do."

"I just want to encourage believers to be plugged into the church. When they don't do that, they miss out on so much, and they are not able to be part of what God is doing."

How Often Should You Go To Church? (1 Minute)

Why Church Hopping Doesn’t Work (2 Minutes)

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