Pop Star Meets Pastor in Las Vegas

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

FINDING FAITH – Andrew Tierney & Timothy Dunfield

A Pastor and a pop star, not exactly a likely duo you would think.

But that’s what it is and Vision radio has been playing Finding Faith’s first single ‘Good Hands’.

The singing song-writing twosome are Andrew Tierney and Timothy Dunfield who were ‘Downunder’ recently.

But here’s what happened when the pair first met. Andrew the pop star rocked up to Tim the pastor at his church, (Sin City Church – true story) and asked if he could join the worship team.

‘Good Hands’

“You’ll have to audition,’ said Tim, ‘and go through the interview process.”

Tim said Andrew’s response was very gracious and he said, “Well I’ll send you some clips of me singing on the internet.

Tim, who’s heard this many times from wannabes just shook his head and went, ‘Oh No!”

But was he in for a surprise. That story coming up.

Finding Faith’s Andrew the Aussie and Timothy the Canadian have been doing the rounds, performing their song Good Hands on commercial television and radio here in Australia.

And from all accounts the boys have been having a ball.

Human Nature

“It’s really amazing, I feel so honoured to have this opportunity. I’ve been blessed with an incredible career with Human Nature so far,” commented Andrew who said he feels he’s had media support.

Just to have them (Human Nature) support me on this new project with Tim has inspired me.

A question Andrew asks – he says he knows how faith looks to him but he doesn’t know what it looks like to others when they’re hearing their music.

“It’s a conversation that has to be had,” said Andrew who related to a particular conversation with a girl he’s known for ten years from the Sony recording company.

“She finally said to another girl in the car, ‘Do you believe in God?’ It’s moments like that that blow my mind.”

This is the reason Andrew believes why God has given them this platform.

‘We’ve been very blessed by the media’

“It’s to start a conversation and shine a light on our faith and people can decide if it’s for them or not.”

Tim’s also been gobsmacked by all the media attention they’ve received.

We’ve been very blessed by the media here and also to be embraced by the Christian community. A very humbling experience,” Tim shared.

The boys were also taken aback when they attended a Hillsong creative night, an event that included a thousand strong number immersed in praise and worship.

“The next day we appeared on mainstream radio. We’re just very blessed and very humbled to be able to speak into both worlds,” Tim acknowledged.

Interest in the pair was also heightened by those curious to know how the two came together that led to the pastor meets pop star one-liner.

‘I sing a little bit’

Tim said they first met in church.

“I was the worship pastor at a church in Las Vegas and Andrew and his wife had been looking for a church.”

“He came up to me after a service one day. God had put it on his heart to use his gift and so he said, ‘I’d like to join the worship team.’

And I said, ‘Well, what do you do?’ and he said, ‘well, I sing a little bit.

“And I said, ‘Well, I’ll have to be the judge of that because lots of people think they can.”

In fact Tim gave it to Andrew, the full rundown with all the ground rules.

‘Would Andrew make the cut?’

I said, ‘You’ll have to audition and go through the interview process and he was very gracious and said, ‘Well I’ll send you some clips of me singing on the internet.

“I just shook my head and went, ‘Oh No.”

But that ‘Oh No’ from Tim wasn’t a ‘You’ve Got Talent’ moment. He was accustomed to having amateurs forward him their home-baked karaoke internet clips.

“People send me clips of themselves singing on the internet all the time.”

‘The beginning of a friendship’

The next day was a defining moment for Tim. He was about to discover whether or not Andrew’s audition would be good enough for him to take that giant leap and join the worship team.

I clicked on the link he’d sent to me and I was introduced to Human Nature and introduced to Andrew and his talents, and so we had coffee the next day.

(Coffee with the worship leader? Wow! Does it get any better than that at Las Vegas’ Sin City Church? Hey, you’re in Andrew! Well done!)

More importantly for both Tim and Andrew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“The friendship started long before we started writing songs together, being on stage together and church on a Sunday singing worship songs together…”

“…and seeing his (Andrew’s) heart, his faith growing, and using his musical expression. And that happened long before we wrote any songs together,” Tim wanted it to be known.

A passion for Jesus

The fact that we met in church and just shared a passion for Jesus and a passion for worship.

So, if Andrew was in Las Vegas performing with Human Nature, then he becomes part of the worship team at Tim’s church, and now he’s in a new band ‘Finding Faith’ with Timothy Dunfield…the question to ask is, how does all this pan out? Has there been any problems?

“Not at all,” Andrew declared. “The (Human Nature) guys have been really supportive.”

“I was actually doing a show with them on Saturday night and next Tuesday I’ll be back with them again doing a show and through the rest of the year in Vegas.”

“But they’ve been completely supportive and it’s something they knew was on my heart. I’d sing in the church and people would come to the show in Vegas and say, ‘I’ll see you on Sunday’. Locals from the Vegas community.”

A record deal

“This was a step I’d taken in my life, to invest more in my faith. And when it evolved into the song-writing with Tim it was something again.”

Andrew has nothing but praise and respect for his long-time music colleagues.

Then, when we got a record deal for the album (Human Nature) just embraced it and have been nothing but supportive.

Andrew grew up in a Catholic environment and his wife was raised Presbyterian so they’ve always had the discipline of church in their lives. But there were some issues.

“Probably the greatest struggle of my life was with alcohol. It led to a low point of my life I obviously couldn’t get out of,” confessed Andrew, saying it was his faith that had been there his whole was there to turn back to.

“It was meeting Tim and the grace of Jesus that brought me back.”

‘I’ve been everywhere, man’

“My wife forgave me for the pain I’d caused her and she had continued to love me through it,” said Andrew.

Different journey for Tim. He got the call to go to Las Vegas and start a church. This is after stints in Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.

I’d kinda lived all over the place and Vegas just felt like the next right step.

“But honestly as a Christian when you think about where you wanna be in a church you wanna be where the action is. You wanna be where you can make a difference.”

“There’s broken people just like there are everywhere in the world. Vegas was just a very natural transition for us.”

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


For more about Finding Faith’s Andrew Tierney and Timothy Dunfield, go to their official website: http://www.iamfindingfaith.com/


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