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Monday, June 25th, 2018

Angela Hunt

Miracles, ‘We don’t expect them!’

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t see as many miracles today in our ‘civilised’ society is because we don’t expect them anymore.

“So that’s why we asked the people who told us these stories – ‘Write them up for us, we’ll edit them and make sure they flow very smoothly, but we want every single word to be true.”

These were the parameters. If you know of a miracle, please make it truthful.

Authenticating the Gospels, let alone a miracle, is always going to be a big challenge given that stories of miracles go against the tide of the secular humanist mindset.

When God Happens

In a world of coincidences miracles are often explained away, but for many church-goers, the testimonies can tell us a different story. Miracles still happen!

A new book, ‘When God Happens’ confirms exactly that, as it’s full of true stories of modern day miracles.

Prolific American author of fiction and non-fiction works, Angela Hunt already has a truckload of books of her own making. 140 books is a lot of books.

When Angela shared her story with us recently she was in Tampa Bay, Florida where she said it was warm and hot and muggy outside.

Maybe that’s in keeping with Angela’s writing temperature – always warm, hot and muggy with no cooling off period.

Fascinated by variety

With a library of books already on her shelves, her story had to be a little different to most and Angela wasn’t about to deny that.

“Most writers are told to find a niche – your own little area and stick to it and get to be well known in that area.”

But I’ve always been fascinated by variety. I started out writing children’s picture books because my children were small and my husband is a middle school youth pastor.

That was the cue for Angela’s next writing project to start writing non-fiction books. She felt there was a need in the lives of this age group of children to read books with content that included love, sex, and dating, and other thought provoking topics for adolescents.

For example, ‘How to keep your act together when your parents pull apart’ was a definite starter for content material.

‘Why don’t you try adult novels’

“So many of our kids were in homes where they were either victims of divorce or were going through divorce.’


Then I thought kids like to read novels. I grew up on Nancy Drew so I started writing fiction for kids. Then my editor said why don’t you try adult novels.

For Angela it was about walking through the different doors that opened and there was no denying it has made her life a literary adventure.

Now to her latest book ‘When God Happens’, Angela wasn’t prepared to take all the credit and referred to her co-author Bill Myers in this instance.

Bill Myers

“Bill and I have been writing for more years than we care to count.”

“Bill came to me at a conference and said, ‘Hey, I know lots of people who’ve been telling me these stories that are amazing miracle stories.”

The website for miracles 

“What do you think about we put them together in a book and we also take a multimedia approach?”

What if there was a website where they could put their stories and we did some video and audio?

Angela thought it was a great idea and the word went out for people to populate the website with their miracle stories.

The first batch was more about God working through circumstances, answered prayers, and healings where He worked through doctors. Angela admitted these were wonderful stories and they praised God for them, but….

“We were really looking for the traditional definition; when God breaks the laws of science and nature to reveal Himself,” Angela explained, with the attention on God answering the prayers of His children.

As the story-sifting progressed they found some really amazing testimonies of how God is alive and well and at work in the 21st Century.

Cynics and skeptics

“It tickles me that God is still doing miracles today but no one is writing them down.”

“So that’s why we asked the people who told us these stories – ‘Write them up for us, we’ll edit them and make sure they flow very smoothly, but we want every single word to be true,” Angela instructed.

This is to be a witness to the cynics and the skeptics who think God is sort of an outdated idea.

Angela confessed finding miracles that were authentic and beyond the realms of science and nature, was not an easy task. And this brought Angela to a conclusion of sorts.

“Sometimes I wonder if we don’t see as many miracles today in our ‘civilised society’ is because we don’t expect them anymore.”

“Why wait on God to provide when we can just whip out a credit card or do something else to work our own miracle so to speak,” Angela queried before opening another gate to the miraculous.

‘You have not because you ask not’

“I’ve heard missionaries tell stories of amazing miracles that are happening in Third World countries and overseas, and I kept thinking, ‘Why don’t we have miracles like this in America?”

Jesus healing the sick

“Part of it is because the Bible says, ‘You have not because you ask not’. And secondly it’s because we don’t expect them anymore. We think we can handle this.”

That’s why it was imperative the authenticated real miracles could be proven as miracles and that fill Angela’s book, would have the necessary medical records and evidence to confirm their validity.

Angela gave an example.

The burning cars miracle

“We had evidence from one couple who had come across a fiery crash on the highway.”

They struggled to get a man and a woman out of two separate burning cars and realised they could not do it.

“Then suddenly after praying they saw two men they’d never seen, who hadn’t been there a minute before. They reached in and got out those victims of the crash.”

“They laid them on the grass and then suddenly they were gone. The scene was left with this husband and wife who had to go to the emergency room because they’d inhaled all the hot smoke.”

“She’d been wearing a jacket that had melted from the heat of the flames. They could not get those people out without being in the flames themselves,” Angela revealed.

“And yet those people survived and they were laying safe and sound on the side of the road.”

‘Your baby has died’

“So, stories like that, they just give you goose bumps.”

The burning cars story is in Angela’s book ‘When God Happens’.

Another story involved a Christian college professor whose wife was pregnant with her first child. But they received some very bad news.

I’m sorry to tell you this, your baby has died in the womb,’ the doctor informed the husband.

“He was in the labour room when they induced the labour. There was no heart beat and the baby came out and the nurse had already filled out the death certificate and written stillborn on the certificate.”

They took the baby and set her on the tray, and suddenly the baby breathed.

“So the nurse picked up the certificate and crossed out stillborn and wrote ‘miracle of God’ instead.”

Angela said the miracle is absolutely verifiable.

“We have a stillborn death certificate and medical records to back it up,” reported Angela.

These are just two of the stories that can be found in Angela Hunt’s latest book, ‘When God Happens.’

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


Christy-Award winner Angela Hunt is a versatile author who writes for readers who have learned to expect the unexpected.

With almost four million copies of her books sold worldwide, Angela is recognised as the best-selling author of 140 books ranging from picture books (The Tale of Three Trees,) to non-fiction books and novels.

Angela has earned a Masters of Biblical Studies degree in Theology, completed her doctorate in the same subject, and has also completed her Th.D.

Angela is married to Baptist minister, Gary Hunt. They have two children, a daughter, Taryn, and a son, Tyler.


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