Understanding the Times We Live In – Kameel Majdali and Bill Muehlenberg

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

‘We need to be like eagles soaring above the fray’

“If we go in that direction, post government, what on earth are we going to substitute in its place? Tyranny? Totalitarianism?” Kameel Majdali.

“There was disillusionment at the last federal election. A third voted neither Labor or Liberal and I expect that trend to continue.” Bill Muehlenberg.

“If we become penitent and revived, then God will come and heal our land.” Kameel Majdali.

“We should be prayerful and respectful of politicians even the ones we don’t agree with or don’t particularly like.” Bill Muehlenberg.

Dr Kameel Majdali has been criss-crossing the continent on his latest Understanding the Times tour.

Although not part of the tour, this is not the first time Christian apologist Bill Muehlenberg has teamed up with Kameel to comment on matters national and global that are making headlines.

Firstly, on the latest change of Prime Minister making it five PMs in five years for Australians, Kameel brushed aside the tabloid hype to put Australia’s political ructions in perspective.

I believe Australia has a very good system of government and while some voices are talking about the chaos in Canberra we are pretty stable.

Kameel was making a comparison to the cultural downstream flow of global politics.

“We’re relatively in smooth waters in comparison to other places.”

When Kameel referred to ‘other places’ you could say the 2018 tour has much to do about these ‘other places’ – the global upheaval a major focus of the content being unraveled and explained for those attending the meetings.

‘Know what we believe, and why’

“The nations in general are beginning to be more turbulent, tempestuous and the antithesis of stability, and I believe there’s a prophetic reason for all that.”

According to Kameel Majdali, we’re living in a time of redefinition when it comes to describing terms such as conservative and liberal.

“You might think it means one thing while someone from a different generation will think it means something entirely different,” Kameel said.

This is why it’s incredibly important that we not only know what we believe but why we believe it and we can define it and defend it as such.

Onto the battlefield of leadership, a topic Kameel has been hearing about since he got off the plane as a new migrant to Australia decades ago.

He admitted leadership is important but there again, one person’s idea of a leader is not another’s.

“As Bible-based believers who define what conservative, liberal and progressive means, we need to define what we mean by leaders as well.”

Post-truth, post politics, post- government culture

These are some of the terms used to describe the age in which we live. A time where respect for leadership has been thrown out with the trash. Certainly the church as a whole is on the nose to progressives, the left and their main stream media cohorts.

Anti-establishmentarianism running amuck? Apologist and CultureWatch writer, Bill Muehlenberg seems to think so.

Respect for government and political leaders has been taking a nose-dive for quite some time.

“People are beginning to wake up but it took a while. They expect with a change of government everything will be great, they change the government and things stay the same.”

Three or four years later they keep changing the governments hoping this will be a panacea.

“But things pretty much stay the same, including parties of the left or the right become sadly indistinguishable.”


Bill’s observation is the consensus of disillusionment with the major parties – Christian and non-Christian.

“A lot of non-Christians are waking up to this as well. Take the disillusionment with the major parties at the last federal election. A third of voters voted neither Labor or Liberal and I expect that trend to continue.”

Bill included offshore events. Donald Trump’s US presidential election, Brexit in the UK, but on the whole stability in Australia is reasonably good when compared to other nations.

“Hungary, Poland, Austria – many of these countries are moving away from the usual European pattern of secular leftism and often proclaiming the importance of the faith,” stated Bill, before affirming it’s a good time to be a Christian.

Post government was the two-word title for Dr Kameel Majdali’s comeback to Bill Muehlenberg’s comments.

With regard to an increasing disregard and disrespect for political leaders, Kameel warned Christians not to become cynical.

Tyranny, totalitarianism, or….

“We should be prayerful and respectful of politicians even the ones we don’t agree with or don’t particularly like. They are public servants and we need to still see it like that,” Kameel advised.

“We also need to be like eagles soaring above the fray just like the governor-general.”

Also if we go in that direction, post government, what on earth are we going to substitute in its place? Tyranny? Totalitarianism?

Kameel acknowledged the current Westminster based system of government with its democratic component that still gives the public a say as to who governs.

“It may not be as loud as we want it, but we do. If we go into this post government mind-set, where we can’t stand the government we have, who or what will replace it?”

Gridlock! A word Kameel used to describe the political landscape.

“Even if our politicians want to do the right thing, they may be hamstrung because of special interest or other powers out there pulling the strings.”

“That’s why we need to be more than ever a prayerful people. Because I’m seeing it happen in the United States, and it must happen here in Australia.”

God will come and heal our land, if…..

“When Christians come together and pray, the miraculous happens, a major positive change happens.”

Kameel quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 saying it’s a classic.

If we become penitent and revived then God will come and heal our land.

That’s the best possible outcome for Australia. And as Kameel noted, the ascendancy of a more pro-life pro-Christian leadership in the USA and the relentless attack being waged against it.

For Bill Muehlenberg, Australia’s future is for Christians to take a long term, big picture outlook rather than the not so promising short term prospects.

“It will probably get worse before it gets better. After all, things weren’t looking too good 2-thousand years ago when the church first erupted on the scene. It took hundreds of years!” Bill declared.

By the First Millennia Europe and therefore civilisation was effectively Christianised. All the benefits and rule of law flowed out of a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Christian civilisation… remember when?

“Now we’re losing it! So if you look at the big 2000-year picture it took centuries and centuries to get to where we are now.”

“But sadly overnight you can lose it. So the question is, if the Lord should tarry and He may well, we may be in for another long-term building process.”

Bill said it’s a new situation we’re never been in before.

“So much of the globe was effectively a Christian civilisation even though everybody in it was not a Christian.”

“But now, to see that being lost before our very eyes, this is where the value of history comes in.”

We need to see the big picture including the Old Testament and the prophets.

“They saw empires come and go, including God’s own people come and go. So it’s in that perspective that we have hope,” Bill Muehlenberg opined.

Hope for the big picture maybe one thing, but what of the rise in anxiety running rampant against a backdrop of increasing instability as the pillars of society and its institutions continue to crumble?

Dr Kameel Majdali admitted he would be surprised if people are surprised that this is even happening. That’s because he sees a relative amount of stability because of Australia’s constitution.

Stability built on the Rock of Christ

Despite the upheaval in the Liberal Party the rest of the country is continuing to function quite normally.

“But when there is change it’s always unsettling, even if it’s change for the better.”

“I’ve always taught we build our lives not on the transient circumstances of fleshly life, but on the Rock of Christ Jesus.”

We don’t worry about the winds, the waves and the floods that come our way because we’re on a Rock.

“We’ll keep standing even if other things begin to fall.”

Ideally the person of faith should be praying about everything and not worrying about anything. As for the pre-believer, Kameel put out a challenge.

“There is a God in heaven, He does hold the nations in His hand, He does have plans not only for His Kingdom but even for you as an individual and it’s really time to come under His wings and put all your trust in Him.”

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Bill Muehlenberg is an American-born apologist and ethicist in Melbourne, Australia. He has a BA with honours in philosophy (Wheaton College, Chicago), an MA with highest honours in theology (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston). He has his own ministry called CultureWatch, which features Christian commentary on the issues of the day:billmuehlenberg.com. He is a prolific author, and a much sought after media commentator, and has been featured on most television and radio current affairs programs. Bill teaches ethics, apologetics and theology at several Melbourne Bible Colleges. He is the author of Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality, Dangerous Relations: The Threat of Homosexuality,and The Challenge of Abortion. ( go to: http://store.vision.org.au/) Bill is married, with three sons.

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