The Science of Microchimerism – Dr Kathy Wallace

Friday, October 19th, 2018

The Chimera Effect

“In Greek mythology Chimera were fire-breathing monsters with lions heads goats bodies and serpents tails.”

Where the name of a mythological creature and science have collided in the new millennium is all to do with the choice for either wonder amazement and awe or possibly multiple risks galore.

Microchimerism is derived from the principle of having more than one person’s DNA inside a person’s body or a person made up of more than one set of DNA.

Dr Kathy Wallace, a medical doctor qualified in neuropathology, believes we’re on a new frontier of individualised genetic medicine.

This is the why the where and the how of Kathy’s work and research and its connection to a much versed Scripture from Genesis:

‘The two shall become one flesh’

Most are familiar with weddings where this particular Scripture is heard as two people are united together in marriage.

However, we would be unaccustomed to hearing the two becoming one flesh and women’s health in the one sentence.

Taking this a step further, this is about the value of a mother, a baby, and a father, with the father’s DNA being integrated into the mother’s body for life.

This medical breakthrough takes the depth of intimacy achievable for the male and female union to a whole new level.


To describe what this heightened level of intimacy reveals, pioneer in scientific research Kathy Wallace explained a father’s DNA integration referred to in this context as Microchimerism.

Microchimerism is an expression that refers to the coexistence in the same organism as two cellular populations derived from two different individuals.

When cells are derived from another person they may persist in another’s body for a lifetime.

Or as Wikipedia puts it: Microchimerism is the presence of a small number of cells that originate from another individual and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host individual.

Individualised genetic medicine

Dr Kathy Wallace, a medical doctor qualified in Neuropathology, believes we’re on a new frontier of individualised genetic medicine due to Microchimerism.

Kathy, a GP with a practice in Adelaide, described Microchimerism as the presence of male DNA in a woman’s body as a result of a woman bearing children.

This has been well-known for a number of years but only recently has there been an explosion in medical literature regarding this topic.

As to what this means Kathy hearkened back to Greek mythology.

“In Greek mythology Chimera were fire-breathing monsters with lions’ heads goats’ bodies and serpents’ tails. (Manticore is another name for this mythological creature.)

“In other words, creatures made up of biologically different species or different organisms,” Kathy explained.


“Chimera is where these creatures in history learned to be made up from different organisms, and they’re considered to be mythology or mythological.”

“This term Microchimerism was first coined by a French teacher who found cellular populations were derived from two different people and wrote about it a long while ago.”

“But George Small in 1893 discovered the presence of fetal cells in the maternal circulation of a mother’s bloodstream and he reported on the importance of this.”

It was in regard to a nasty condition pregnant women can be afflicted by called Preeclampsia.

As for the term Microchimerism, Kathy said it’s derived from the principle of having more than one person’s DNA inside a person’s body or a person made up of more than one set of DNA.

“But when we consider what the Bible teaches us, when a man and a woman come together as in Genesis, when the Lord basically brought Eve to Adam, it’s understood they became one flesh, and it’s also thought to be spiritually one flesh.”

The covenant of marriage

Kathy quoted Genesis 2:24 ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh.’

“What science is finding now is that actually happened and it’s actually a physical one flesh covenant relationship. And we know that covenants are very critical to our Lord.”

God has created us for this covenant relationship in marriage.

“Where two become one flesh and this principle is being well supported by the science that is coming out in medical literature and the number of researchers who are commenting on this.”

Kathy said researchers are finding that when women bear babies by more than one partner, or when there is exposure to more than one sexual partner for women, health issues can occur.

“This is actually well known that changing sexual partners can trigger subsequent pregnancies.”

In fact, a risk factor has been identified in hospitals and obstetrics when a woman is having a baby by a new partner.

Eclampsia mortality risk

“The risk to that pregnancy goes back to the same risk in the first pregnancy in terms of miscarriage and Preeclampsia which is uncontrolled high blood pressure where there’s a danger of that condition developing into Eclampsia which is a very frightening condition.”

Eclampsia can result in both the baby’s death and the death of the mother.

All of these conditions can occur in pregnancy because of exposure to new DNA from the mother’s sexual partner.

This goes back to the 1960s with the onset of social change and the prevalence of women increasingly have more sexual partners and health issues that have followed.

Kathy referred to The Kinsey reports on sexual behaviour saying the quality of research done by Kinsey was found to be erroneous and debatable.

“But it was utilised by people to initiate the process of sexual revolution. Feminists have also created this milieu (social environment) where women are forced to believe they are just like men and can do what men do.”

‘Women vulnerable to diseases’

“Medical science has found that’s not the case and women are far more susceptible and vulnerable to diseases.”

“But coming back to this question of children by multiple partners, it’s shown in research papers from Scandinavia that basically women who have children with more than one partner have a higher relative mortality rate.”

The mortality rate increases with women who have children by more than two partners.

Researchers were surprised by this and actually said so in their paper.

“They could not believe that such a large difference existed between the mortality rates in the women they studied.”

“This was based on whether women had children by single or multiple partners.”

The studies undertaken by Dr Kathy Wallace are based on facts and centres her findings on evidence-based medicine and research.

Provide the evidence

“I like to provide my patients with the best care possible in terms of the best evidence possible,” Kathy declared.

Armed with scientific knowledge on the subject Kathy and others have found there’s a variance between fragmented or contrived media driven information and the diagnoses her patients receive.

This could be the medication they’re starting or it might be a lifestyle change.

“I try not to harangue my patients about their choices and I make a concerted effort not to be judgmental.”

I provide them with the evidence and let them make up their own mind what to do.

But Kathy admits many patients are ignorant when it comes to the facts, the science and what’s in the medical literature.

“They believe the media-driven principles of living life and very often and they’ve expressed considerable regret when they realise what the truth of the matter is,” Kathy revealed.

Multiple partners infections

Dr Wallace also discovered a lack of knowledge among patients she spoke with during her time at a pre-admissions clinic for surgical procedures.

“They were coming in for procedures to their cervixes because they had contracted Human Papillomavirus infections from having sex with multiple partners.”

They said no one ever told them that the cervical cancer route was associated with sex!

Dr Kathy Wallace is aware of the gap between people’s knowledge and feels dutifully bound to inform her patients about the risks.

“In the same way we do about smoking or the use of illicit drugs, especially for women and men. They need to also be aware of the problems associated with not following certain rules and regulations.”

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Dr Kathy Wallace


I am a conventionally trained GP who has an interest in integrative medicine. I have been working in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. I completed my undergraduate studies at University of Adelaide, obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in Pathology. After commencing graduate-entry medicine at Flinders University, I joined the RAAF as a medical officer and served 9 years.

I have travelled extensively to Europe, the Middle East, and to a few destinations in North America and Far East Asia, but my true love is Australia. Ever since moving here 27 years and 9 months ago, I have felt I am home.

Presently, my interests have taken a turn into the world of natural and integrative medicine. I enjoy delving into my patients’ genetic ancestry in order to determine potential strengths and inherent susceptibilities. I consider preventative medicine important and I strive to obtain the best results for my patients. I believe the intersection between genetics, environment and diet is where health issues can manifest, and this is where targeted supports can make a difference. I have an interest in breast cancer prevention, women and men’s health, and all general practice related problems as well.


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