Transgender: One Shade of Grey  –  Patrick J Byrne

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

The Transgender Agenda

There’s a plan to remove sex from birth certificates in Tasmania to respect the transgender community.

This is not just an Australian issue but also one of the challenges facing the Western world and while many conservatives and Christians would like to think thousands of years of heterosexual normality will prevail, its opponents think otherwise.

The transgender movement has been taking giant strides toward tearing down what was institutionally one of the bulwarks of Western society.

At the forefront of the fight to retain Judeo-Christian values, a leaked document in the US reveals pro-Trump conservatives are moving to protect the civil rights of their citizens from the transgender ideology.

For Australians, with main stream media firmly in the progressives corner, the fourth estate’s focus is about embracing and promoting the LGBTI agenda.

However, the US Department of Justice is soon to decide if agencies must follow biology when they describe the legal sex of American men and women, boys and girls.

Patrick J Byrne, the author of the book ‘Transgender: One Shade of Grey’, and National President of the National Civic Council, founded by B.A. Santamaria back in the 1940s, is following in his footsteps.

B.A. Santamaria

Bob Santamaria had a long history as a conservative voice on social issues.

Patrick Byrne, today’s voice on numerous controversial issues and the bearer of legal arguments on many of the directions our political parties are taking, said his transgender book has been well received despite the current liberal climate.

One Shade of Grey

“It’s had a very good response and I hope to have an upgraded version of the book out very soon.”

“It’s been most pleasing and it’s very timely because the issues are now biting in schools, churches, women’s sports, a whole range of areas,” Patrick Byrne explained.

“One of the arguments put forward and written into law in the Federal Sex Discrimination Act – a person is defined no longer as a man, as a member of the male sex or a woman is a member of the female sex, but by their self-defined gender identity.”

And there’s been pressure from the federals on the states and territories to bring other laws into compliance with that particular worldview.

Those other laws Patrick Byrne is alluding to if implemented, would impact on faith-based schools. Even Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to side with Labor’s pro-transgender ideology at the time of the Wentworth by-election.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison came out and said he wanted legislation to ensure faith-based schools would not discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation; that is gay and lesbian pupils and teachers.”

Section 38 of the Sex Discrimination Act

Patrick, who’s a regular contributor to the National Civic Council’s magazine News Weekly, said it would take away the freedom of faith-based schools to select students and staff in accordance with their own ethos.

This contradicts with political parties who select candidates who will stand for their policies, yet independent schools would not be able to do the same; select pupils and teachers who align to their faith-based principles.

“It appears that both the prime minister, Scott Morrison, and Labor leader Bill Shorten want to remove Section 38 of the Sex Discrimination Act.”

I have a feeling that neither of them understand what that would really mean.

“I don’t think they really understand what the word gender-identity means.”

“If they remove that section of the act, you’re not just dealing with the issues of gays and lesbians involving schools, you are dealing with the issue of transgenders,” Patrick described.

Boys using girls toilets

The example being, a boy who decided to self-identify as a girl, would have to be given access to girls changing rooms, showers, toilets and sports.

“Is it fair to have boys playing in the girls’ sports? Girls train hard to become the top athletes in their sports. Should they be penalised by having to compete against boys?”

It effects policies on dormitories, girls only schools and girls only camps.

Patrick Byrne’s research reveals the whole transgender agenda in all its out-workings, for instance to remove all sex identification from birth certificates, particularly takes away the rights of women.

“It’s by virtue of a woman being a woman, she gets to play in women’s sports. She’s not having to compete with men who on average at elite levels have a 10-percent advantage over them.”

By advantage Patrick means the obvious strength, distance, height and speed a male can have over the opposite sex.

“It also gives them protections by having female only safe spaces. But under the federal law and what they want to apply on birth certificates, self-identification becomes the only criteria.”

No medical assessment required

“A person’s not required to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, nor a man having lived as a woman for several years. It doesn’t require any of that,” Patrick said.

“That’s where the laws are leaving it wide-open for men to basically take women’s spaces and create a whole array of conflicts across the culture.”

It begs the question as to why women choose to remain silent including those who claim to be feminists and who’ve been very supportive of the LGBTI agenda. Yet if women are the big losers why are they not speaking up?

Well, a few have according to Patrick Byrne who described feminism as having a very broad brush.


For example, Germaine Greer and others have produced a very extensive book on this whole issue.

“It’s called ‘Female Erasure’ with Ms Greer stating transgender women are not women.”

“There are women very opposed to this but they’re afraid to speak up for fear of being labelled as bigots and fear of potential legal action under some state anti-discrimination laws.”

Certainly the current US leadership and its Justice Department want biology to continue to determine the sex of babies, boys, girls, men and women.

Male and female – immutable biological traits

Patrick Byrne mentioned a law in the US called Title 9 which is much like Australia’s Anti-Discrimination Act.

“It was the Obama administration that interpreted the word sex to mean ‘fluid gender identity’.” Not so the Trump administration. It wants to restore it back to its original meaning.

That means sex is defined as a person’s status as a male or a female based on their immutable biological traits identifiable either before or at birth.

As with all things Trump, this has caused palpitations with the left-wing press. The New York Times wrote it would erase as many as 1.4 million transgenders. Patrick disagrees.

“It doesn’t erase them because people have always had the liberty to be transgender if they want to be. Liberty means the freedom without any political interference. The freedom without a law interfering with that freedom.”

Since the change to the laws redefining marriage in Australia just about all sides of politics wanted to ensure religious freedom. What followed was the Ruddock inquiry that has yet to be released.

Politician: ‘What is gender identity?’

PM Scott Morrison

Patrick Byrne, who’s gone to great lengths to understand and inform the public as to what the transgender worldview really means, especially when bills supporting the transgender agenda are made law, thinks the politicians who support the legislation don’t understand what they’re doing.

I don’t think there are many who do understand what the Sex Discrimination Act says. That’s the first biggest problem.

“Secondly, I think if a political leader did stand up and say, ‘No. We’re not going to impose this on faith-based schools, and better than that and not impose it on state schools as well, which it is at the moment, I think there would be enormous political electoral support for them.”

In short, the politicians don’t understand what gender identity means.

“The thing is to get them to understand it and then we test their courage.”

If you would like to listen to the full audio interview click play below


Mr Patrick J. Byrne is the National President of the NCC (National Civic Council).

Holding degrees in arts and education, Patrick Byrne is a foremost analyst and writer in the areas of economics, particularly in relation to promoting policies to support rural industries and small business and to secure the economic independence of the country.

He is also a regular contributor to the NCC’s magazine News Weekly.

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