Man Up and Legacy – Matt and Katrina Christie

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

A mission to save Aussie men and women

What happens when you’re dealing with the dysfunctional elements within your wider community?

And what happens in your local church when those dysfunctional people come looking for answers and breakthroughs?

Matt and Katrina Christie run a program called Sons of God ministry whose purpose is to find hope for wholeness and transformation for their clients.

“There are many dysfunctions within our community and we believe if we can address a lot of those dysfunctions with the man then we can fix the household.”

“And by fixing the household we can begin to fix our communities,” Matt Christie said.

Building better men

Matt’s heart is firstly fired up for his ministry with men. He knows full well if you get the man right then that will flow through to the other elements that make up our communities and suburbs.

It’s about building better men to be better fathers. That’s the whole concept of Man Up through to the next generation.

And just as Matt was sharing, Katrina broke through with a cry from her heart for women.

“What we are finding in our communities are those women who are dysfunctional or separated.”

“They’re searching for really good men who can lead the way for them and their households.”

But, as Katrina explained the issues go much deeper than the problems visible on the surface.

Dysfunctional people, homes, communities

“There are many grass-root issues that have stemmed from generational matters. Maybe the parents divorced or the environment wasn’t good for fostering family values and principles,” Katrina suggested, saying it’s boosted strong interest in the Man Up and Legacy programs.

In brief, there’s the spiral downwards to a broken person, a broken home, to a troubled community that started with a dysfunctional person.

That’s followed by their negative influence in a home, followed by others becoming dysfunctional, followed by the home breaking up and the stress impacting on the local community.

What has been encouraging though are the many testimonies of lives changed and the families and homes that have been made whole again.

This is a big motivator for Matt and Katrina.

Gangs and drugs

“The changes in the men’s lives have filtered down into the family,” Matt said before telling the story of one man who had hit rock bottom.

“He’d been addicted to the gangs, addicted to ICE, and dealing drugs interstate.”

He’d got to the point where he’d had enough and wanted to commit suicide.

But it’s out of these traumatic stories that miracles can happen. It did in this case. Matt called it one divine moment.

“He was standing on the balcony ready to end it and jumped, but his foot became caught on the balcony below. As he got up he realised he had to make a change,” was how Matt shared this indescribable moment.

One divine moment

Short story, the man moved to Queensland and came to church on Sunday as part of the search that was to change his life.

The man later went to a rally where he realised he needed to deal with the issues in his life.

“But the good thing about it he also met other men who had gone through or were going through similar experiences, and he began to release stuff that was deep within his heart.”

Moving forward to who this man is today. He’s changed. Dramatically. The change that’s taken place in his life is nothing short of miraculous.

This gentleman is now one of the biggest facilitators throughout Man Up. He’s now married and now has a purpose for his life.

“But in finding God he found himself and he’s found a purpose that he believes in,” Matt confirmed.

Here was a prime example of God’s reconciliation and restoration process when a person comes to know Jesus Christ.

Legacy for women

For the women there’s the Legacy program and no less amazing are the stories of women’s lives who’ve been turned right side up by the same miracle working God.

Katrina spoke of lady who experience many years of abuse as a child with the abuse continuing when married and in her own home.

She too came to the realisation where she wanted to not only take her own life but also the lives of her children.

But, as was the case with Matt’s gentleman, a miracle was about to happen for a woman who had been abused throughout her life.

It was Divine intervention. Katrina reported how the mother came to the Lord through the Legacy program.

“She now shares her testimony and many women are finding freedom and forgiveness, not only for those who’ve hurt them but have also carried the hurts and pains from their past.”

“It’s really powerful to see that freedom come,” Katrina testified.

Inspired transformation

Man Up and Legacy are specifically designed Christian-styled programs. They’re not just about the mind but they’re also addressing what’s happening in the spirit.

This is about a God divinely inspired transformation.

“It’s a supernatural thing and that’s all I can put it down to,” Matt described.

“Only God can move like this and change the heart of man.”

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Matt and Katrina Christie are Man Up and Legacy program coordinators of Sons of God ministry. They’re connected to a church on the southside of Brisbane called Destiny Church.

To connect with Matt or Katrina, contact Destiny Church, 20 Brennan St. Slacks Creek QLD 4127. Phone (07) 3209 3400

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